WWE RAW Preview & Match Card May 22, 2023

Imperim vs Owens Sami WWE RAW May 22

WWE RAW May 22, 2023, will be the go-home episode for Night of Champions 2023 PLE and will feature the continuance of Seth Rollins’ interview before his World Heavyweight title match.

Imperium trio will face Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and a mystery partner. Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar will be under the same roof while Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus will sign a contract for their match at Night of Champions. Check below for the preview and match card for WWE RAW May 22, 2023 episode.

Becky & Trish Contract Signing

After she returned to attack Trish Stratus, Becky Lynch challenged her to a match at Night of Champions. They will make the match official in a contract signing segment this week on RAW. Will it just be the contract signing though? What more does Trish has to say to Becky? And is there any more twist in this storyline?

Seth Rollins’ Interview Continues!

Seth Rollins is set to face AJ Styles in the final of World Heavyweight Championship tournament to crown the inaugural champion. But since he was away shooting for a Marvel movie, WWE ensured his appearances on the show via pre-taped interviews. Part 1 of Rollins’ sitdown interview with Corey Graves aired last week which addressed his Shield days and his opinion regarding Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Part 2 will air this week.

Cody & Brock Under Same Roof

Ever since Brock Lesnar turned on Cody Rhodes, they could help but attack each other whenever they had been under the same roof. They will be in the same building once again on May 22 RAW episode in Hershey, PA. Do they collide once again before their match at Night of Champions? Will we see any stipulation being added to their match?

Imperium Does The Bloodline’s Budding!

When Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci of Imperium were announcing Gunther arrival two weeks back, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn took offense. This led to Owens and Sami beating Imperium duo in a tag team match that week. When Gunther arrived to RAW last week, he went to the tag team champions and asked to treat his colleagues with respect. When they did not reply in kind, Gunther challenged them for a trios match this week.

The story does not end there though. Following their argument, Paul Heyman went to Imperium to ask them to distract Owens and Sami. Heyman also connected a call between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Gunther. The topic of their discussion is not known but Imperium ended up costing Sami and Owens the match against Judgment Day. Now, will the tag champs beat Imperium once again? And who will be their mystery partner?

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