WWE RAW Preview & Match Card February 20, 2023

Austin Theory vs Edge WWE RAW February 20 2023

WWE RAW episode of February 20, 2023, comes around with just WrestleMania 39 being the big event in front now. Two matches are already announced for the show.

Edge has answered to Austin Theory’s open challenge for United States Championship. Mustafa Ali and Dolph Ziggler will battle it out after weeks of grudge between them. Expect to hear from Becky Lynch, Bayley, Seth Rollins and Lashley on the road to WrestleMania. Check here for match card and preview from WWE RAW February 20, 2023.

Can Edge Win US Title?

His win might have come through an intervention from Logan Paul, but Austin Theory was buoyant with his successful title defense inside the Elimination Chamber. Theory was so high in spirit during the post-show press conference that he himself asked who will be stepping up to him next and put out an open challenge. WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who got a win himself at Elimination Chamber, was quick to answer to his challenge. Will Edge win the United States Championship in Canada?

What’s Next for Becky and Bayley?

We thought that the rivalry between Becky and Bayley was over with Becky’s win in the steel cage match. However, they once again crossed path last week as they clashed in a triple-threat match which Bianca Belair ended up winning. All signs are pointing that this will rivalry will continue further. What will be next for them?

Mustafa Ali Gets Ziggler Finally

Mustafa Ali has multiple reasons to pick a fight with Dolph Ziggler. First, Ziggler interrupted and caused a DQ in Ali’s United States Championship match against Austin Theory. Later, as per his own admission, Ziggler refused to team up with Ali when they were offered a place in RAW Tag Team Championship contender guantlet match. Ali has been after getting a match against Ziggler ever since, and his wish will come true on RAW February 20, 2022 episode.

What Else to Expect?

Logan Paul attacked Seth Rollins during the Elimination Chamber match, which ended up costing him Rollins the match and the title. How will Rollins respond?

Bobby Lashley might have got the win over Brock Lesnar, but it will be safe to assume that he might not be too happy with Lesnar choosing to get disqualified instead of tapping out. Bray Wyatt had already declared that he would be coming after the winner of this match. Will we get to the reason behind it?

Asuka became the #1 contender to challenge RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 39. Will we hear from either woman on RAW?


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a confrontation between Asuka and Bianca on Monday night RAW! Bianca tweeted Asuka post EC match to tell her “I’m ready for Asuka”. Asuka tweeted this morning mocking the EST, suggesting Bianca thinks she’s a comedian? Having won her first EC, she is now the first woman to win the EC, RR and MITB in WWE history. Now, the only milestone Asuka hasn’t achieved is winning a WM title match!!?? After 3 lamentable prior losses, she deserves to finally win a title match at the great wrestling event of the year!! If Triple H has any honor, he will push Asuka over the EST at WM 39 and this will go a long way in cementing her legacy as one of the greatest female wrestlers in WWE history!

  2. i thimk that cody rhodes should beat roman reighns for the undisputed wwe universal heavyweigth championship ar wm 39

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