WWE RAW October 4, 2021- Live Results & Updates- Draft Night 2

WWE RAW October 4 2021
Credit – WWE

WWE RAW will have a new episode on October 4, 2021, which will also be night 2 of WWE Draft 2021 process. No matches are announced for the show yet, but we can expect the storylines to build up towards Crown Jewel 2021.

Who will join the Red brand and which superstar will move to SmackDown and RAW as Draft Night 2 continues? Bianca Belair is moved to RAW now while Charlotte Flair is moved to SmackDown. How will this affect the title scene? Goldberg is also set to appear on the show to deal with Bobby Lashley.

Read on as we bring you complete information from WWE RAW October 4, 2021 episode with results, live updates, preview, match card, tickets, how to watch and more information.

Show – WWE Monday Night RAW
Date – October 4, 2021
Location – Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN, US
Time – 8 PM EST(October 5 – 12 AM GMT)

Draft 2021: WWE Draft will continue to night 2 on RAW. Which big stars will move from SmackDown to RAW and vice versa?

Goldberg Returns: Goldberg will return to WWE RAW for the first time since Summerslam where he got injured during his match against Lashley and saw his son being attacked by the former WWE Champion. Goldberg has said that he will tear apart Lashley. What will transpire on RAW?

Will Big E Respond to Drew?: As soon as Big E defeated Lashley, Drew McIntyre came out and pointed his sword towards Big E to make it clear that he is coming after WWE title. How will Big E respond to the challenge?

Who is Next Target for Shayna Baszler?: Shayna Baszler has injured Nia Jax and Eva Marie in the last two weeks with her signature stomp. Who will be her next target?


  • Damian Priest(c) defeated Jeff Hardy via pinfall to retain WWE United States Championship.
  • Shayna Baszler defeated Dana Brooke in a singles match via submission.
  • Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo defeated Mansoor & Mustafa Ali in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Big E & Drew McIntyre defeated Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Rhea Ripley & Nikki Cross(c) defeated Natalya & Tamina via pinfall to retain WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) defeated Hurt Business(Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Bianca Belair defeated Charlotte Flair by DQ in a singles match.

Live Updates

Ladies Trio

Becky Lynch comes out to open the show. She says she is the first pick for RAW tonight. Becky points out how she never lost RAW Women’s title and would like to become Becky 2 Belts again. She is interrupted by RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Bianca Belair also come out. All three women trade words. Flair gives Bianca props for winning Royal Rumble, main eventing Wrestlemania, but only after she paved the way.

Becky tries to ignite a fire between Bianca and Flair. Becky says Flair might be insulting Bianca, and that we never saw Bianca vs Flair match. WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville come out and announce Bianca vs Flair as the main event match for tonight. They also announce Women’s Tag Team and United States title matches.

WWE Draft 2021, Round 1

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are on the stage to announce the draft.

Becky Lynch is indeed the first pick from RAW tonight.

SmackDown picks The Usos.

Bobby Lashley will remain on WWE RAW.

Sasha Banks will also remain on WWE SmackDown.

Damian Priest(c) vs Jaff Hardy – WWE United States title

Priest starts with a few shoulder tackles to take down Hardy. Jeff comes back with a jawbreaker. Priest hits a big kick to send Hardy to the floor. Hardy misses a crossbody and crashes to the floor. Priest jumps from the steel steps for more attack. We cut to a break.

Hardy hits Whisper in the wind as we return. Priest hits a big kick again. They trade moves and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate. He hits Swanton Bomb, but takes a bit of time to cover. Priest turns it into a backslide pin to get the pin.

Winner – Damian Preist

Jeff Hardy is getting interviewed in the ring after the match. He talks about showing a new side on moving to SmackDown. Austin Theory comes out and talks about being his fans. He wants a selfie with Hardy, but then runs him over with a clothesline. Theory takes a selfie as Hardy is down in the ring.

WWE Draft 2021, Round 2

RAW picks Seth Rollins.

SmackDown picks Shinsuke Nakamura.

Damian Priest will be seen on Monday Nights.

Sheamus is moved to SmackDown.

Shayna Baszler vs Dana Brooke

Brooke takes Shayna to the corner and works on her arm. Shayna comes back with a takedown. She stomps on Dana for a while. Dana tries to roll her up for a pin but Shayna puts her in the kirifuda clutch. Dana tries to hang on but taps out after a while.

Winner – Shayna Baszler

After the match, Shayna looks to continue to attack Brooke and stomps on her arm on the steel steps. Doudrop comes out and warns Baszler. She goes to check on Dana and Baszler hits her with an elbow to the back. Doudrop continues to check on Dana as Baszler goes back.

Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo vs Mansoor & Mustafa Ali

Carrillo starts with a knee to the gut. Mansoor comes back with a side slam. Ali tags in and hits a dropkick to Garza. Garza drops Ali and rips off his pants. Ali tries to hit swinging neckbreaker but Carrillo interrupts. Mansoor takes out Carrillo with a dive. Garza counters a roll-up from Ali by sends him into the turnbuckle. Carrillo slams Ali’s face to the ringpost and Garza gets the pin.

Winner – Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo

WWE Draft 2021, Round 3

RAW selects AJ Styles & Omos in third round.

SmackDown selects Shayna Baszler.

Kevin Owens will return to RAW.

Xia Li is going to SmackDown from NXT.

Big E & Drew McIntyre

Big E has mic in hand in the ring. He talks about how Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are not on the same brand as him again for the second year. But he has made Lashley fall down to his knees. But he was soon challenged by Drew McIntyre. Big E says he does not want to waste any more time and calls for Drew to come out and speak his mind.

Drew says he was kept away from WWE title by tricks from MVP and Lashley. He also says that Big E deserves the WWE title and has earned his respect. Drew then challenges Big E for WWE title. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode interrupt them. Roode says they overheard this little story from Drew and congratulates Big E. They get in the ring. Ziggler says Big E forgot to thank him after winning the title.

Big E asks why he should have thanked him. Ziggler gets us a flashback of the time when Big E use to be his bodyguard. Ziggler says there would not be Big E if not for him. Drew agrees with Ziggler here. Ziggler then shows us his time with Drew as his tag team partner and how they became the RAW Tag Team Champions. Ziggler says he wanted a simple thank you from him in return.

Big E & Drew discuss something. Drew says Ziggler seems to have upgraded. Roode fires back but Ziggler interjects and again tells them that he just wanted a simple thank you. Drew asks the crowd what they want. The crowd boos. Big E says they deserve an ass-whooping. It will be a tag team match next.

Big E & Drew McIntyre vs Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

Drew starts with Ziggler and drops him with a suplex. Big E takes him down on the floor. Roode tags in and Big E drops him with a crossbody. Roode tags in Ziggler, who hits a dropkick to Big E. Ziggler puts on a headlock and a stretch. Roode comes in but misses a leg drop from the top.

Drew tags in and runs in with a big boot. Drew hits a few belly-to-belly suplexes. Ziggler is also dropped to the floor with a suplex. Drew misses a tackle in the corner and rolls to the floor. Ziggler hits him with a superkick as we cut to the floor.

Roode is in control against Drew as we return. Drew decks Roode but Roode kicks at his knee. Big E gets a hot tag and hits a trio of belly-to-belly suplexes to Ziggler. A standing splash follows. Ziggler rakes his eyes as he goes for the Big Ending. Big E hits Urigane in the corner. Roode hits him with a knee and Ziggler hits Zig Zag. Drew breaks the pin.

Drew hits Roode with a suplex on the floor. Big E drops Ziggler but Drew tags in as he comes goes for the Big Ending. Big E does not like that. Drew hits Ziggler with a Claymore kick to get the pin.

Winner – Drew McIntyre & Big E

Big E hits Rood with Big Ending to show his prowess. He then tells Drew that he accepts his challenge for title match.

Kevin Owens is in the ring for KO Show. Akira Tozawa interrupts him and welcomes him back to RAW. Tozawa says he is not here to fight him, but wants to win 24/7 Championship. Owens hits him with the Stunner.

WWE Draft 2021, Round 4

The Street Profits are back to RAW.

The Viking Raiders are headed to SmackDown.

Finn Balor is back to RAW.

SmackDown select Ricochet.

Rhea Ripley & Nikki Cross(c) vs Natalya & Tamina – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Nikki and Natalya start. Nikki takes out her knees with a dropkick. Tamina tags and manhandle Nikki. Tamina tosses Natalya around. Nikki jumps on her back but gets dropped again. Rhea breaks the pin. Nikki and Natalya colide in the ring. Tamina comes back and drags Natalya to the corner to get the tag.

Rhea gets the hot tag. Rhea with big forearm strikes. She drops Tamina from the apron. Rhea with clotheslines and a headbutt on Natalya. Natalya hits spinejammer but misses basement slide. Rhea hits Northern Light suplex. Tamina tags in but Rhea kicks her to the floor. Nikki takes them down with a crossbody. Rhea hits Tamina with the Riptide. Nikki tags in and hits a splash from the top of Rhea’s shoulder. Nikki covers Tamina for the pin.

Winner – Rhea Ripley & Nikki Cross

WWE Draft 2021, Round 5

Karrion Kross will stick to RAW.

Humberto Carrillo & Drew Gulak will move to SmackDown.

Alexa Bliss will remain on RAW.

Cesaro will still be on Smackdown.

Goldberg & Lashley Come Face to Face

Goldberg comes out to the ring. He calls out Lashley and brings up how he attacked his son at SummerSlam. Lashley comes out to the stage. He says Goldberg has been on a spree towards Lashley’s character assassination. Lashley adds that if Goldberg wants a match, he would give him at Crown Jewel, but it will be a No Holds Barred match.

Goldberg thanks Lashley for adding the stipulation and says he will destroy him. Lashley then asks Goldberg what will he do if someone jumps on his back just like his son did it to him at SummerSlam. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin attack Goldberg, but he takes both of them down. Goldberg roars to end the segment.

New Day vs Hurt Business

Shelton Benjamin hits Kofi with a back body drop. Kofi hits a Tornado DDT to come back. Woods and Alexander tag in. Woods hits a back body drop and a side Russian leg sweep. Double stomps to Shelton on the floor. Woods hits an enziguiri and then rope-walk elbow drop for the win.

Winner – New Day

The Street Profits come out for some fun with New Day. They promote the upcoming “Escape the Undertaker” movie which will also feature New Day. The segment ends with Street Profits announcing their return to RAW.

RK-Bro – AJ & Omos

Orton & Riddle are in the ring. Orton calls out Omos and asks whether Omos is AJ’s personal collosos or a AJ’s bitch. AJ’s music hits and he comes out with Omos. AJ is angry over Orton’s comments. He takes shots at Riddle and claims that they will defeat them at Crown Jewel and boast with the title in their faces every week. Randy drops AJ to start a brawl. Omos drops Riddle and goes to attack Orton. Orton ducks him and hits AJ with an RKO. Orton and Riddle leave to the stage while Omos checks on AJ.

WWE Draft 2021, Round 6

RAW selects Carmella.

Ridge Holland goes to SmackDown from NXT.

Gable Steveson is drafted to RAW.

Sami Zayn will stay on SmackDown.

Charlotte Flair vs Bianca Belair

Becky Lynch is on the commentary. They lock up and Flair takes down Bianca. Bianca wraps her legs around Flair’s neck and keeps her grounded for a few seconds. Back and forth action continues. Flair hits a dropkick and then slams Bianca’s face into the turnbuckle a few times. Bianca with a leapfrog and a dropkick on Flair. Flair ends up on the apron and catches Bianca with a knee. They work on the arpon for a while. Flair sends Bianca into the barricade as we cut to a break.

Bianca escapes from Flair with knees and a Pele kick. She hits a delayed vertical suplex. Bianca goes for a springboard moonsault but Flair gets her knees up. Flair hits a few chops. Flair hits a one-handed powerbomb for a two-count. Bianca goes for KOD but Flair counters and hits a spear. Bianca kicks out at two.

Bianca hits a spinebuster to get a two-count herself. Bianca goes to the top and Flair drops her from there. Flair goes for the moonsault from the top. Bianca moves away but Flair hits it anyway. Bianca hits KOD but Becky pulls her out of the ring before Bianca could get the pin.

Winner – Bianca Belair(by DQ)

After the match, Becky sends Bianca into the barricade with an overhead suplex. She takes Bianca back to the ring but gets attacked by Sasha Banks. Sasha hits Becky with a backstabber and stands tall to close the show.

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  1. make Bobby lashley should have another chance rematch for the universal champion title go after big e stole from Bobby lashley and hopefully big brother brock Lesnar should be able to beat Roman reigns for the championship belt back in to his hands

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