WWE RAW May 29, 2023 Preview & Match Card- Qualifiers, Tag Title

MITB Qualifiers WWE RAW

WWE RAW episode of May 29, 2023, will be the fallout episode for Night of Champions 2023 event and will start the build-up for Money in the Bank 2023 PLE.

Inaugural World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is set to appear. A fatal 4-way tag team match for Women’s Tag Team Titles and Money in the Bank Qualifiers are set for the show. Check below for the complete preview and match for WWE RAW May 29, 2023 episode.

New World Champion

WWE has a new World Champion in men’s division after 14 months since Roman Reigns unified Universal title and WWE title. Seth Rollins may have been busy in shooting for MCU movie, but he was in form to beat AJ Styles to become the first champion in the new World Heavyweight Championship lineage. Shortly after his title win, Seth announced that he will live up to his commitment of being a fighting champion and the Visionary will appear on RAW on May 29.

Money in the Bank Qualifiers

Money in the Bank is the next WWE premium live event and will feature men and women MITB Ladder match. WWE announced last week that qualifiers for these matches would start with these episodes. However, no participants are announced as of now. Who do you guess will be in these qualifiers? We already have reports of the likes of Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest, Chad Gable and Cody Rhodes being part of this match. Will we see any of them in the qualifiers on RAW May 29 episode?

Women’s Tag Team Championship

Liv Morgan’s injury led to Raquel Rodriguez and Liv relinquishing the Women’s Tag Team Championship. WWE then announced a fatal 4-way match to crown the new champions. Raquel is also in the match with her tag team partner in Shotzi along with the teams of Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green, Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler and Damage CTRL’s Bayley & Iyo Sky. Which team will emerge as the winner from this pack?

Ronda and Shayna have been the most dominant force together but will that be enough to win titles? Will Bayley and Iyo Sky be able to get on the same page? Will Raquel be able to adjust to Shotzi after teaming with Liv for the past 3 months?

What Else to Expect?

Zoey Stark aligned with Trish Stratus to help her beat Becky Lynch. How will this partnership affect the landscape of RAW Women’s division? Becky has vowed to get revenge.

Rhea Ripley decisively defeated Natalya in their match at Night of Champions. Is there any tough competition for her on RAW roster and will it be Trish?

Cody Rhodes suffered another setback as he lost to Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions, but he showed great guts in not submitting to Lesnar’s kimura lock. But as this Lesnar stuff seems to over, what is the next step in his career? Will it be Money in the Bank ladder match?

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