WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 9 December 2019

WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 9 December 2019 – Page 4

Buddy Murphy vs Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder is already in the ring with Curt Hawkins. Buddy Murphy makes his way to the ring as we get the backstage promo from Aleister Black to hype their match at TLC 2019. Murphy kicks Ryder in the midsection to start. He takes Ryder to the corner and unloads. A kick on the back of the head gets him two-count. He continues to dominate in the match for some time.

Ryder turns it around and plants him face-first in the middle of the ring. He stomps onto him with his knees and sets him up in the corner for a running knee strike. Murphy moves out of the ring and kicks Curt Hawkins. Ryder hits a dropkick and brings him back into the ring. But Murphy gets the upper hand once they are back in the ring and hits a few kicks. He finishes the things off with Murphy’s Law.

Winner- Buddy Murphy

Kevin Owens fins AOP’s SUV in the arena. He breaks the SUV’s windows with his steel pipe and manages to open the back door. He finds a man sitting on the back seat but before he could grab him, AOP attacks KO from behind. They beat down on him for some time. The hooded figure turns around and it is Seth Rollins. He throws away his hood and hits a stomp on KO. Kevin Owens is down on the floor as Rollins and AOP leave the scene.

Seth Rollins Explains!!

Rollins heads out to the ramp and cuts a promo from the entrance stage itself. He asks the fans what they want from him. The fans used to get along, used to see things eye to eye but somewhere it went wrong. Rollins goes on about doing everything right- fighting through injuries, laying it all on the line and taking the Universal Championship back from Brock Lesnar, not once but twice. Fans boo him and Rollins continues to talk about getting yelled at and spit on.

Rollins says that he told us the truth but the truth wasn’t good enough. He goes on about fans believing Kevin Owens calling him a liar. He tried telling us he didn’t have anything to do with AOP, and that was the truth but once again, the truth isn’t good enough. Rollins goes on and says he’s standing with Akam and Rezar because they understand. The music hits and AOP come out to join him on the stage. Rollins looks at them and smiles before turning to the back. AOP turn and follow him without speaking.

Becky Lynch vs The Kabuki Warriors- Handicapped Match

Asuka starts off with Becky as the bell rings. Becky rocks Asuka with a right hand and takes her to the corner. Asuka sends Becky to a corner but Becky comes back with a big suplex, sending Asuka to the floor. Sane distracts Lynch as Asuka returned to the ring and rocks her. Asuka works Lynch over and beats her down. Asuka puts boots to Lynch in the corner and follows with a running Hip Attack in the corner. Asuka with strikes and a takedown out of the corner. Asuka kicks Lynch in the back and covers for a close 2 count.

Sane in control of the match. Becky hits an elbow out of desperation but Asuka gets the tag. Becky sends her through the ropes and hits a basement dropkick. Becky takes on both women at once and gets the upper hand. She hits Kairi with a Bexploder and hits a double DDT to both women. Lynch avoids the InSane Elbow and hits Asuka with another Bexploder. Asuka puts her in the Asuka lock but Becky is able to break free and run her into the top turnbuckle.

Becky puts Asuka in her own hold but Kairi pulls her partner out of the ring. Lynch jumps right into a knee to the face from Asuka and all three women are down at ringside. Asuka hits a shining wizard for a two count. Sane gets the tag and The Kabuki Warriors hit a double team move for a close two count. Lynch blocks the InSane Elbow and plants Asuka with a side slam. She puts Kairi in the DisArmHer but Asuka saves her partner. Asuka ends up using a steel chair to get herself disqualified.

Winner- Becky Lynch(via DQ)

Asuka and Sane pull a table out from under the ring. Kairi puts Becky through the table with an InSane Elbow. Officials help Becky while The tag champs celebrate on the stage.

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