WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 9 December 2019

WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 9 December 2019 – Page 3

Rollins warns Owens that AOP is about to come and attack him. He tries to convince him that he has no association with them. Owens runs him down and Rollins leaves the ring trying to prove that he has no part in this. Owens calls AOP again and they appear on the big screen instead. They speak in their native languages where Akam tells him that weapon or no weapon, they are ready for a fight. Fans give them the “What!?” treatment. Owens mocks them and just wants them to come to the ring.

The music hits and out comes Sami Zayn with Mojo Rawley instead. Sami tells us that he was able to get a managerial license that gives him some freedom to go back and forth on RAW and SmackDown. Sami also says that he is more of a liberator. Sami says Owens humiliated Mojo by slapping him and asks Owens if he will apologize to Mojo. Mojo yells at Owens to look at Sami when he’s talking to him. Fans have been booing them all along.

Sami warns Mojo not to be so loud and take that tone with Owens when he has that look in his eye, and the pipe in his hands. Mojo taunts Owens some more. Owens tosses the pipe to Mojo and hits the Stunner on him when he catches it. Sami looks shocked as he exits the ring. Owens nails Mojo with the pipe several times while he’s down. The segment ends as KO stands tall.

Aleister Black vs Akira Tozawa

They lock up and Tozawa applies a wristlock. He takes Black down but Black gets right up and puts him in an armbar. They continue to work technically until Black trips him with a spin kick. They run the ropes and Black hits a few arm drags. Tozawa ducks Black Mass and back up to the corner as Black sits in the ring.

Black catches a running kick and hits a series of strikes. Tozawa sends him out of the ring with a hurricanrana but when he goes for a suicide dive, Black drills him with a knee in mid-air. He rolls Tozawa back into the ring and nails him with Black Mass for the pin.

Winner- Aleister Black

Humberto Carrillo was doing an interview backstage and gets into an argument after Andrade starts shouting at him. They quarrel in Espaniol and they will face each other later tonight.

Andrade vs Humberto Carrillo

Andrade hits a dropkick as soon as the bell rings. Carrillo comes back with an arm drag before Andrade puts him down with a big backdrop for a two count. El Idolo continues to control the pace and gets a quick two count with a running kick to the face. Humberto takes him down with a crossbody and sends him out of the ring with an arm drag. Carrillo hits a moonsault from the top rope to the floor as we head to a break.

Carrillo takes down Andrade with a crossbody and follows with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Humberto takes him to the top where Andrade gets him in the tree of woe and stomps on his chest for a near fall of his own. Andrade runs for a knee strike but Carrillo moves away. Carrillo botches an Aztec press but gets a two-count. Carrillo dodges a back elbow and Andrade dodges an Enziguiri.

Andrade hits the back elbow to get two-count. Nobody is home on the moonsault but Andrade manages to hit the double knee. Carrillo reverses an Irish whip and hits a dropkick. Zelina Vega tries to distract Carrillo as she comes to the apron. Carrillo avoids a splash and Andrade pushes Vega off the apron inadvertently. Carrillo rolls Andrade and gets the three count.

Winner- Humberto Carrillo

Andrade and Vega argue after the match as Carrillo celebrates on the ramp. The commentary is dubbing this as Carrillo’s biggest win on RAW. Also, this is the first time that Andrade has lost a singles match since coming to RAW in October.

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