WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 3 February 2020

Seth Rollins comes out for the main event match. He cuts a promo first and says good things come to those on the right side of history, as he asks the fans to give a round of applause to AOP and Buddy Murphy for their victory earlier tonight. Rollins says it is now his time and he will dethrone Brock Lesnar.

He says it’s interesting as he made this same statement last year and got a totally different response from the fans. He says he took the title and defended it all across the world and came home expecting a heroes welcome, but instead the fans crucified him.

Seth says he doesn’t hate them for it, instead, he is here to say thank you. He says it’s because of them he is the man he is today, the man he is so proud of. Seth then says that Drew McIntyre will not be going to WrestleMania to face the Beast, but he will be facing the Monday Night Messiah.

Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley vs Ricochet- #1 contender match for WWE Championship

When the bell rings the match gets off to a lightning pace with Ricochet dumping Seth Rollins to the outside but he is unable to hit a suicide dive as Bobby Lashley drags his feet as he stands outside. Rollins then returns with a sling blade and then a springboard knee misses as Lashley returns and takes him down before charging into Ricochet.

Bobby Lashley takes complete control as he sends Rollins to the outside, however, he is then caught by a dropkick from Ricochet who then leaps over the top rope to take out Lashley.

He then wastes no time in flying over the opposite rope to attack Seth Rollins and as he aims to keep the momentum going, Buddy Murphy and AOP appear.

The three men assault both Ricochet and Bobby Lashley until Kevin Owens makes his way down and takes out Buddy Murphy at the top of the ramp. While AOP watches on, Erik makes his way into the ring and he and Owens take out AOP, using a chair to level the playing fields in the triple threat match.

As we return from the final commercial of the night the match is back to just being a triple threat as Ricochet and Seth Rollins go back and forth with strikes until Lashley once again returns to take out both men. Lashley hits a major splash in the corner to Rollins, but he takes his eye off Ricochet who hits a massive crossbody from the top rope.

Ricochet then catches Lashley with a kick on the outside as he follows it up by bouncing Seth Rollins’ head off the turnbuckle with a kick. He then hits a standing shooting star press, but Lashley is back in the ring to break it up.

Ricochet then begins lighting up Lashley with some strikes, but he then eats a spinebuster as Lashley plants down Seth Rollins face first, only for the Messiah to kick out. Rollins keeps fighting himself though with a blockbuster off the top rope to Bobby, and this time it’s Ricochet breaking things up.

Rollins sends Ricochet into the corner with a buckle bomb, but as he climbs to the top rope to continue the attack he takes too long with Ricochet joining him there. Bobby Lashley then also joins in and all three men go flying off the top rope with Seth landing the hardest, bouncing out of the ring. Ricochet is up first, getting back to the top rope and connecting with the 630-splash to Bobby Lashley and gets the pin.

Winner- Ricochet(will face Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown)

Speak of the Beast, Brock Lesnar is here! The WWE Champion hits the ring straight after the bell and absolutely destroys his Super Showdown opponent, Ricochet with an F5 to close the show.

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