WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 3 February 2020

Angel Garza vs Rey Mysterio

Garza moves out of the ring to protest to the crowd for a bit. He comes back and they circle each other. Garza takes down Mysterio and puts the headlock. Mysterio easily gets out and has put the lock on Garza now. Garza has to stomp on Mysterio’s feet to come out of it. They run the ropes dodging each other in a sequence that ends with Mysterio’s headscissor.

Garza asks for a handshake but Mysterio decides against it. Garza creates a distraction by ripping his pants off. Garza charges but Mysterio moves away but Garza is able to take him down from the turnbuckle. He mockingly shakes Mysterio’s hand while he was down. He takes Mysterio to the other corner and tries to take off Mysterio’s mask. Rey hits a kick coming from the ropes and drops Garza for 619. But Garza sends him to the apron and sweeps his leg from there as we go to break.

Mysterio keeps up his knee as Garza hits a springboard senton. They run the ropes and Rey kicks Garza in the face for another two-count. Rey hits a DDT and a senton. Garza grabs his leg to slow him down before he drives Rey with a big knee for a close count. Rey counters Wing Clipper and hits a Sunset flip.

Rey hits a dropkick on Angel to send him to the rope for 619. But Vega pulls Garza from 619 by pulling him out. Rey jumps on Garza down on the floor. Vega taunts and distracts Rey, which gives Garza the chance to hit a superkick. Garza sends Rey into the barrier and drops him on the exposed concrete with the Hammerlock DDT. The referee calls for Dq.

Winner- Rey Mysterio(by DQ)

Who does Charlotte Flair Face at WrestleMania?

Charlotte Flair out to announce who she is going to face at WrestleMania 2020. Flair says she has held both RAW and SmackDown titles multiple times and beaten both Becky and Bayley in the past. The fans start chanting “Rhea!” for Rhea Ripley. Flair says she has love for NXT but she still wants all the gold. Rhea Ripley’s music interrupts and she comes out with a huge pop.

Ripley enters the ring with “NXT!” chants going all around. Ripley reminds Flair that Flair hasn’t beaten her but she has actually beaten Flair. Ripley wonders whether Flair is going to challenge for any title at WrestleMania, and drops the mic and raises her title. Flair stares and walks around Ripley before exiting the ring. Ripley laughs at Flair as she exits. Flair’s music hits as she walks up the ramp. She delivers a “Wooo!” to Ripley from the ramp.

Asuka vs Natalya

Straight away the two women lock up as they bounce around the ropes until Asuka pushes her away. The two women then continue to go back and forth trying to gain domination until Asuka attempts to catch Nattie with a backhand, which picks up the pace.

Natalya immediately goes after her and ends up hitting a brilliant spinning sit-out powerbomb, but Asuka is able to kick out. Asuka then desperately avoids the Sharpshooter as she scrambles to the outside. As we return from commercial, the Empress of Tomorrow has regained control with a series of big kicks to the chest and then a brilliant little kick directly to the face of Nattie.

Asuka then locks in the armbar but Natalya attempts to fight out with some vicious strikes to Asuka as she then powers up with Asuka, hitting a suplex to break it up. Natalya then manages to drop Asuka and lock in the Sharpshooter, but Asuka crawls to the ropes to break the count, although she doesn’t let go until the very end.

However, as Natalya goes to the outside a brief distraction from Kairi Sane proves to be vital and it allows her partner to get the Asuka Lock applied to win what was essentially an all-out fight between the two women.

Winner- Asuka

After the match Asuka grabs the microphone and calls out Becky Lynch, claiming she wants a rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship. Becky Lynch then makes her way out and says that after ducking her for a whole year she now wants to fight her again.

The Man says beating Asuka gave her superpowers and she wants to drink from that fountain again. However, she then thinks why would she put her title on the line so close to WrestleMania. Lynch then says the only thing more fun than beating her ass once will be doing it again.

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