WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 3 February 2020

The Viking Raiders & Kevin Owens vs Authors of Pain & Buddy Murphy- Tag Team Elimination Match

Kevin Owens makes his way for the match as we head to the break. The Viking Raiders enter after the break. Seth Rollins is leading his stable in the entrance. Ivar and Murphy start the match. The Vikings Raiders make quick tags to dominate Buddy Murphy. Erik slams Ivar on top of Murphy as we go to break.

Ivar and Rezar are going at it as we return. Erik is tagged in and works on Rezar. Rezar explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Akam joins in for some double team action. Murphy tags in for another double team effort. Erik levels Murphy and tags in Ivar. Ivar splashes Akam and Rezar tags in. But Ivar fights him off Ivar with the senton on Rezar. Murphy also gets dropped and then clotheslined by Ivar as fans go wild.

Erik tags back in for a big double team clothesline combo to Murphy. Akam and Rezar get tossed out to the floor on opposite sides. Ivar takes out Rezar and Erik hits a suicide dive on Akam. Ivar’s shoulder is slammed into the apron board by Rezar. Owens comes to check on him. Rollins nails a big stomp on Erik on the other side of the ring. Murphy takes advantage and pins Erik to eliminate him.

Referees check on Ivar at the ringside injured. He is now escorted back by some officials, clutching his arm and is very upset over it. Owens is left alone once again against three opponents as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and the heels are working over Owens one by one. They keep him grounded for a long time. Rollins is firing instructions from the ringside and the crowd is booing him. Finally, Buddy Murphy is dropped by Owens with a DDT. Rezar tags in and Owens is kept quiet for a while again. Murphy comes in and sends Owens into the corner. Owens knocks AOP off the apron, rocks Murphy, hits a cannonball on Akam and sends Rezar into the steel steps.

Back in the ring, Owens hits a Swanton from the top but Murphy gets his knees up. Murphy and Owens trade strikes and Owens hits Pop-Up Powerbomb for the pin. Akam comes in and takes down Owens after taking him back down. Owens counters a tackle in the corner and hits Akam with Stunner and pins him for elimination.

Rollins hypes up Rezar and sends him into the ring. Owens welcomes him with some blows. He hits a superkick and a running cannonball. Owens hits a Senton from the top but Rezar kicks out at 2. Rollins provides a distraction from the apron and Rezar takes down Owens. Rezar hits two back to back Spinebusters on Owens for the pin and the win.

Winners- Authors of Pain and Buddy Murphy

Aleister Black vs Erick Young

Young takes the fight to Black to start with. He stomps on him in the corner before Black pushes him away and hits a couple of moves. Black hits a knee as Young comes from the ropes. Black continues to toy Young around until a roundhouse kick. He finishes the things off with Black Mass and a win.

Winner- Aleister Black

Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza

Humberto Carrillo enters for a match. Angel Garza has come to RAW and is accompanied by Zelina Vega. Carrillo and Garza are cousins. Vega reminds us how Carrillo dropped Andrade last week and will pay for meddling in their affair. She also tells us that Garza is a former champion in NXT, the hottest Latin prospect, and Humberto’s cousin.

Garza takes the mic in the ring and cuts a promo saying he is the leader of their family, so Humberto answers to him. He also says Carrillo disgraced the family just before Carrillo snatches the mic from him. Carrillo answers him in Spanish. Vega slaps Carrillo and Garza also drops him.

Garza drops him in the ring with The Wing Clipper as fans boo Garza. Vega instructs Garza to send Carrillo to the floor. Garza sends Carrillo into the steel steps at the ringside. Vega pulls the mat from the floor and exposes the concrete. Before Garza could drop Carrillo, Rey Mysterio comes out to make the save. Garza enters the ring with Vega and keeps taunting Mysterio. Rey checks on Humberto as we go to break.

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