WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 24 June 2019

RAW Live Results and Updates- 24 June 2019 – Page 3

Ricochet, the new United States Champion, thanks his family and the entire WWE Universe for the support he got and vows to be a fighting champion. And he will start proving it from tonight when he takes on AJ Styles.

The Impromptu KO Show

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring and Charly Caruso gets inside the ring for an interview. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out to interrupt them and they have some questions of their own. 1. Why are you here? 2. Who do you think you are? 3. Why don’t you just get the hell out of here MAN?

Kofi asks a question of his own. He asks Owens if he knows he has a zit on the side of his head that’s bleeding. Sami Zayn asks why Kofi is such a paper champion. Kofi Kingston hits back at Zayn’s accusation that he needs Xavier and Big E to win. Kofi hits back, stating that he beat Owens at MITB all by myself. He beat Zayn all by himself and he beat Ziggler all by himself. Zayn hits back, calling Kofi delusional and he needs a dose of reality and who better to give it than good ol’ Sami Zayn. Kofi Kingston says that it’s not about ego, but perseverance. He says he’s tired of hearing Zayn talk

Kofi Kingston defeated Sami Zayn

Kingston gets a quick two count early to gain the upper hand. Zayn regroups with KO before they lock up again. Sami sends him to the corner and runs into a pair of boots. Kingston springboards in to take him down with a chop. Kofi hits The Boom Drop and lines up for Trouble in Paradise. Zayn ducks it and rolls Kofi up for a two count. Zayn rolls out of the ring and sucker Kofi into an attack. Owens stomps on Kofi while the ref has his back turned. Kofi hits a clothesline to buy some time. Sami suplexes him into the corner for a two count. He hits Kofi with a Michinoku driver for another near fall. Kofi takes him down with a double stomp. Zayn hits a boot to the face for a quick two count. Kofi rolls Sami up and gets the pin out of nowhere.

Kevin Owens grabs the mic and challenges Kofi to fight him right now. Wanting to look like a fighting champion, Kingston accepts.

Kofi Kingston defeated Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens tries to make quick work of Kofi Kingston. He hits a splash but Kofi’s knees go up. He assaults Kinston outside the ring and nearly hits an apron powerbomb, but Kingston flips him over. Kingston lands SOS on the steel. Kofi Kingston runs into the ring and wins by countout.

Zayn tries to throw him out but Kingston counters and hits a suicide dive on both of them. As Kofi was leaving, Samoa Joe attacks him from behind. He crashes Kofi to the screen before hitting the rockbottom on the ramp. As Referees come to help Kofi, Joe again attacks him and put him in the Coquina Clutch.

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