WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 1 July 2019

WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 1 July 2019- Page 5

A Moment of Bliss with Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss to host “A Moment of Bliss” on the stage. She sends her thoughts to Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley to start. She says tonight’s special guest is special because she won Bliss the title shot from SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley at Extreme Rules, plus they are best friends.

Nikki Cross comes out. She wants everyone to know none of this would have happened without Bliss and her guidance. She goes on about how Bliss was the first one to believe in her and she will always be grateful for that. Bliss thanks her but says this is all about giving credit to Cross, this is her moment of bliss. The music interrupts and out comes Carmella.

Carmella wonders why Bliss is getting the SmackDown Women’s Title shot instead of Cross. Bliss and Carmella have words now. Carmella says Bliss is playing Cross and taking advantage of her, and that’s not how friendship works. Bliss says Carmella is pathetic trying to break them up. Bliss says all Carmella is now is R-Truth’s sidekick. Carmella challenges Bliss to meet her in the ring. Carmella marches down the ramp. Bliss is right behind her, with Cross at her side.

Carmella Defeated Alexa Bliss

Carmella and Alexa Bliss face off as the referee calls for the bell. Carmella quickly rolls Bliss up for the easy win out of nowhere. After the match, Bliss immediately retreats from the ring as Carmella taunts her.

Nikki Cross Defeated Carmella

Nikki gets in some offense before Mella takes her down with a head-scissor takeover. Cross traps her in the apron and unloads with forearms to the back. Cross climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps over Carmella. She grabs Mella and hits a swinging neck breaker for the pin and the win.

Drake Maverick and his wife are about to leave the arena. Some wrestlers are in chase of 24/7 Champion but he is nowhere to be seen. As they run off, Truth comes out from hiding. Drake hits him with his trolley bag from behind. A referee emerges and Maverick gets the pin. Drake is off for his honeymoon with the 24/7 Title.

Ricochet(c) Defeated AJ Styles to Retain United States Championship Match

Ricochet and Styles begin with quick moves that end with Ricochet getting a two count. Styles decks him in the face before Ricochet takes him down with a springboard clothesline. AJ blocks a shooting star press with his knees and rolls Ricochet up for two. AJ nails the Phenomenal Forearm and makes the cover. Ricochet had his foot under the bottom rope but the ref did not see it. Styles is crowned the new champion. Another referee is now out and tells the match official about the situation as we go to the break.

The match restarts after the break. Ricochet corners AJ for some chest chops. He hits a series of quick moves for a two count. Styles avoids a Phoenix splash but Ricochet lands on his feet. Ricochet sends Styles out of the ring but AJ manages to switch places with him to hit a Phenomenal Forearm from the ring to the floor. He hits a brainbuster and then a torture rack powerbomb for back to back two counts. Ricochet manages to roll AJ up for the pin and the win out of nowhere.

Styles and Ricochet shake hands after the match. Gallows and Anderson mock Styles after the match. AJ attacks Ricochet and beats him into the mat. The Club has reunited as a heel faction once again. AJ tells the Good Brothers to hit The Magic Killer. AJ hits The Styles Clash from the middle turnbuckle and the trio pose together.

Quick Results

  • Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley Ends in No Result
  • The Viking Raiders vs The New Day ends in Disqualification
  • Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders Beat The New Day
  • Cesaro vs No Way Jose Ends in No Result
  • Lacey Evans Beat Natalya
  • The Miz Beats Elias in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match
  • Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins Defeated Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis in a Mixed Tag Team Match
  • Carmella Defeated Alexa Bliss
  • Nikki Cross Defeated Carmella
  • Ricochet(c) Defeated AJ Styles to Retain United States Championship Match

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