WWE RAW February 21, 2022: Results, Card, Preview, Tickets

WWE RAW 21 February 2022
Credits – WWE

WWE RAW episode for February 21, 2022, is the 1500th episode of WWE RAW. This be the fallout episode from Elimination Chamber while also continuing to build up towards WrestleMania 38.

RK-Bro will take on Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens to stop them to get a chance at tag team titles. Brock Lesnar will also appear on the show along with a special Miz TV segment. We will also see the start of build-up towards Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair match for WrestleMania.

Check the complete details here for WWE Monday Night RAW of February 21, 2022.

  • Show – WWE RAW
  • Date – February 21, 2022
  • Location – Colonial Life Arena, Columbia, SC
  • Time – 8 PM EST

Match Card & Results

  • Alpha Academy(Otis & Chad Gable) defeated The Street Profits(Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) in a tag team match via pinfall.(match desciption)
  • Tomasso Ciampa & Finn Balor defeated The Dirty Dawgs(Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode) in a tag team match via pinfall.(match description)
  • Rhea Ripley defeated Nikki Cross in a singles match via pinfall.(match description)
  • Damian Priest defeated Shelton Benjamin in a singles match via pinfall.(match description)
  • Dana Brooke defeated Reggie via pinfall to win WWE 24/7 Championship.(match description)
  • Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop in a singles match via pinfall.(match description)
  • Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens defeated RK-Bro(Riddle & Randy Orton) in a tag team match to earn RAW Tag Team Championship match.(match desciption)

Live Updates

The New WWE Champion

The show starts with the recap of Elimination Chamber event. New WWE Champion Brock Lesnar comes out. He poses from the top of the announce table and shakes hands with the front row before getting into the ring.

Lesnar says it is getting hot in here. He gets the “Suplex City” chants started. He appreciates the ovation from the crowd before being cut off by Paul Heyman. Lesnar warns him against saying anything after Ladies and Gentleman. “You suck” chants from the crowd and Lesnar joins them. Heyman says he is the special counsel for the real Heavyweight Champion in WWE, Roman Reigns. Heyman says he is here to warn Lesnar due to their 20 years history and partnership.

Heyman says he is here to broaden Lesnar’s myopic vision and there is a roadblock for the title vs title winner takes all match at WrestleMania. It is that Lesnar has to defend the WWE title at Madisson Square Garden. Lesnar says he is doing just fine without Heyman and clearly knows where he needs to be. Lesnar then asks where Lesnar would be on Friday. When Heyman says Saskatchewan, Lesnar replies it is wrong since he will be at SmackDown to introduce himself to the knuckleheads.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens are backstage discussing Elimination Chamber. They get annoyed when Kevin Patrick roll up for the interview and asks about their path to WrestleMania. Owens says they are the best tag team on RAW. They bring wins over RK-Bro and Randy Orton over the last two weeks. And when they gets added to RAW Tag Team titles and win them, the possibilities are endless. They also tease a title vs title match against SmackDown tag title winners the Usos.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens are backstage discussing Elimination Chamber. They get annoyed when Kevin Patrick roll up for the interview and asks about their path to WrestleMania. Owens says they are the best tag team on RAW. They bring wins over RK-Bro and Randy Orton over the last two weeks. And when they gets added to RAW Tag Team titles and win them, the possibilities are endless. They also tease a title vs title match against SmackDown tag title winners the Usos.

The Street Profits vs Alpha Academy

Dawkins starts with a shoulder tackle. He next hits an armdrag before tagging in Ford. Ford hits dropkick before Gable turns it around and brings in Otis. Otis drops Ford and hits some body shots. Ford is dropped with a bodyslam. Gable tags back in and takes a cheap shot at Dawkins. Ford low-bridges Otis to the floor and then hits a back body drop on Gable to send him to the floor also. Alpha Academy brings Ford to the floor and beat him up. Dawkins hits them with a suicide dive.

Back from the break, Otis hits a clothesline. Gable comes in and counters Ford’s neckbreaker into a pin attempt. Gable puts on an armbar. Ford fights out of a body slam and tags in Dawkins. Dawkins is fired up and hits quick moves on both opponents. He drops Otis from the apron. A double team neck breaker on Gable and Otis breaks the pin.

Otis drops Dawkins on the floor. Ford hits Otis with a penalty kick. Ford goes for a move on Gable but Otis saves him. Otis tags in before Gable is sent to the floor. Ford goes to pick up Otis but he loses balance. Otis body presses Ford and covers Ford. Gable holds onto Ford’s leg to avoid him to kick out. Otis completes the pin on Ford.

Winner – Alpha Academy

We see the replay from RAW last week where Dolph Ziggler hit a superkick on Tomasso Ciampa. Ziggler vs Ciampa will take place on NXT tomorrow for #1 contender for NXT title. Ciampa is with Kevin Patrick backstage. Ciampa says Ziggler disrespected NXT and he can take on Dolph Ziggler on any day of the week. He has a tag team partner to take on The Dirty Dawgs tonight. It turns out to be Finn Balor. Balor says he may be on RAW now, but he is NXT all the way.

Tomasso Ciampa & Finn Balor vs The Dirty Dawgs(Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode)

Roode starts with a distraction for Ciampa and puts him in a headlock. Roode hits a shoulder tackle. Ciampa hits back with shoulder tackle himself and puts on a headlock. Roode takes him to the corner and tags in Ziggler. A bit of back and forth before Ciampa hits a clothesline to bring Ziggler. Balor tags in before Ciampa sends Ziggler to the floor. Roode is also dropped to the floor. Ciampa lowers the ropes so that Balor could hit a suicide dive over the top rope on the Dirty Dawgs.

Ziggler is in control against Ciampa as we return from the break. Ciampa blocks a punch but gets hit in the midsection. During the break, Roode took control as Ciampa was busy in dropping Ziggler from the apron. Ziggler puts on a front headlock. Ciampa is looking to tag in but Ziggler brings him down. Ciampa counters a neckbreaker and hits a clothesline. Balor comes in hot with an ax handle, a spinebuster and then hits a dumbell drop. Ziggler breaks the pin. Ziggler is clotheslined to the floor.

Roode hits a spinebuster and gets a two-count. Balor hits back slingblade. Ciampa tags in and catches Roode with a flying knee mid-air. Ciampa counters another move from Roode and flip him over for the pin.

Winner – Tomasso Ciampa & Finn Balor

Ziggler is throwing some tantrum on the floor as Ciampa and Balor celebrate in the ring.

The MizTV

Miz comes out to the ring and cuts a promo. He talks about his privileged lifestyle and says he has worked hard for it. He says everyone wants his lifestyle but nobody wants to work for it. So, he has come to a realization that the fans cannot be trusted. So, he has brought on a new tag team partner who is as dashing as him, comes from a fighting family.

The Mysterios interrupt him. Rey says he knows for certain that nobody is interested in tagging with Miz, so, whichever outsider is here to tag with him, he should go back and let someone deserving take the spotlight at WrestleMania. Miz says no one deserves anything – not Rey, nobody at backstage or certainly not these fans. Miz asks Dominik is he deserves a WWE contract or he got it handed down to him by Rey. Dominik says he has been watching this business since he was 7 and trained and made himself better to get a WWE contract. He warns Miz against saying anything against his father.

Miz challenges Mysterios for a match at WrestleMania with new tag team partner. He brings out Logan Paul. Paul comes out and Dominik mocks him. Dominik accepts the challenge for WrestleMania 38 Paul and Miz attack the Mysterios. They unload with some ground and pound. Paul hands Miz both of the Mysterios one by one to hit them with Skull Crushing Finale.

Alpha Academy is backstage and is asked about the main event match tonight. Gable says their chance of winning the title match goes down to 33.333333% if the Rollins and Owens wins tonight and get added to the title match. Gable says Otis does not like and goes on brag about his physical prowess.

Nikki ASH vs Rhea Ripley

Nikki is talking trash with Rhea as the bell rings. Rhea drops her with a tackle. Rhea tosses her across the ring. A tackle in the corner and some punches follows. Rhea charges at her in the corner. Nikki sidesteps but Rhea also stops herself. Rhea hits a delayed vertical suplex.

Nikki goes to the floor and screams at the commentary team. Rhea goes to the floor and slams her face onto the announce table. Nikki catches Rhea with a kick on her way back to the ring. Rhea nails a roundhouse kick and then hits riptide for the win.

Winner – Nikki ASH

We get a special look at The Undertaker’s career.

Damian Priest vs Shelton Benjamin

Shelton rushes Priest and unloads in the corner. Priest hits back with some punches but Shelton kicks at midsection and hits more punches. Shelton counters a chokeslam and sends Priest to the floor where Cedric runs him over with a running kick. Shelton hits an Olympic slam on Priest to get a two-count. Benjamin puts on a headlock to ground him.

Priest comes back with a tackle. Priest goes on the “Damian” side and hits big kicks to the chest. He drops Shelton with a spinning kick. Cedric runs a distraction and Shelton drops Priest with a slam to get another two-count. Priest hits him with spinning kick and a chokeslam. Priest hits reckoning to get the pin.

Winner – Damian Priest

Priest takes the mic after the match and says he has defeated a whole list of World Champions to retain the US title. But now, this is Mania season and he wants his next challenger to be of this calibre. He announces an open challenge for next week, but wants the challenger to be of the calibre.

Priest was about to leave but Finn Balor comes out to the stage to confront him. Balor says when Priest is talking about a serious opponent, a world title calibre challenger, it sounds like he is talking about him. Balor will see Priest next week.

Reggie(c) vs Dana Brooke – WWE 24/7 Championship

WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie is in the ring. He asks former champion Dana Brooke to come out. Reggie says he cares for Dana and helped her defend the title previously, but he lost sight of the purpose last week. But, he has a bug in his stomach since then and wants to apologize.

Reggie brings in a referee and lies down to let Dana pin her. But, just Reggie kicks out at two-count multiple times. Dana get mad at him and hold his arms in the pin. Dana then kisses Reggie and gets the pin to win the title.

Winner – Dana Brooke

R-Truth, Akira Tozawa and Tamina run out. Reggie hits R-Truth with a dropkick. Dana knocks Tozawa off the apron and he lands in Tamina’s lap. Tozawa goes to kiss Tamina but she drops her. Tamina chases Dana and Reggie as they run into the crowd.

Bianca and Becky

EST chants as Bianca Belair takes mic in the ring. She recalls how she main evented WrestleMania 37 and she will go it again this year, but her opponent is Becky Lynch this time around. Bianca says there were tough women in the Elimination Chamber match, but there can only be one tough-EST. Bianca says she is the hardest working women and is working non-stop for another WrestleMania moment. And she will show Becky Lynch that you can’t spell WrestleMania without EST.

Becky Lynch comes out to the ring. Becky congratulates Bianca for earning the title match at WrestleMania 38. Becky says it can’t get bigger than this as two former WrestleMania main event winners to main event once again. Becky also says Bianca was able to do it since she did it first. Bianca says she did it better though. Becky retorts by saying she walked out with two titles. One of those title she is still carrying while she beat Bianca for the other title.

Bianca says Becky told her to get back in the line and she did just that and became the #1 contender. Becky says she is the victim here since the fans use to back her before Bianca. They turned on her since she defeated her. Becky asks Bianca if she saw what he did to Lita. Bianca replies that since Becky is playing the victim here, she might as well make her a victim. Before she could do anything, Doudrop’s music hits and she comes out.

Bianca Belair vs Doudrop

They lock up as Becky takes her place on the commentary table. Bianca pushes Doudrop to the corner. Doudrop puts her in the corner and chokes her. Bianca puts on a headlock and hits a hip attack. Doudrop gets a two-count after reversing a cradle. Bianca hits a dropkick and some shoulder blocks in the corner. She slams Doudrop’s face into the turnbuckle. Doudrop slams Bianca in the corner.

Doudrop nails a few forearms. Bianca counters in the corner once again but fails to get Doudrop on her shoulders. Bianca hits a handspring kick to drop Doudrop off the apron. She hits a crossbody on the floor. Bianca goes to argue with Becky and Doudrop takes advantage to hit her with a crossbody to take us to the break.

Doudrop is in control as we return. She hits a backdrop suplex. Bianca counters with a spinebuster. Bianca follows with springboard handspring moonsault. Bianca goes for a suplex but Doudrop blocks it. She hits it in thirt attempt though. Doudrop catches Bianca’s leg and slams it to the mat. Nobody is home when Doudrop goes for a cannonball.

Doudrop hits Michinoku driver for a two-count. Doudrop goes to the top but Bianca picks her up to hit a powerbomb. Doudrop is struggling and Bianca picks her up once again to hit KOD to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Bianca Belair

Becky Lynch is throwing tantrum on the commentary table seeing Bianca win. Bianca celebrates her win and points to WrestleMania sign. Becky holds her title in the air at the announce table.

Edge Wants a Match at WrestleMania

Edge is out in the ring and talks about how fascinating it was seeing Hulk Hogan defeat Andre the Giant. He then talks about his appearances at WrestleMania, starting from 16, TLC matches at 17 and 18, putting Mick Foley through flames in 22, facing Undertaker at 24 and so on. He main evented last year after working for 10 years for it.

He goes on to talk about how stupendous it is. But, as much as he needs WrestleMania, WrestleMania also needs him. He puts out a challenge for anyone from the locker room to face him at WrestleMania. He claims that he will make his opponent a certifiable legend.

Seth Rollins & Randy Orton vs RK-Bro(Randy Orton & Riddle)

If Rollins and Owens win this match, they will be added to RAW Tag Team title match between RK-Bro and Alpha Academy. Alpha Academy is barred from the ringside. Riddle starts with a waistlock takedown against Kevin Owens. Owens fires back with a shoulder tackle. Riddle gest on his back for a sleeper hold but Owens drops him and beats him up with punches, kicks and chops.

Rollins tags in and hits Riddle with slingblade. He showboats a bit and this gives Riddle a chance to hit him with gutwrench suplex. Orton and Riddle double team against Rollins for a while. Rollins is sent to the floor with a back body drop. Owens tries to save him from slam on the announce table. Orton drops Owens on the table before Rollins hits him with a suicide dive to take us to the break.

Orton hits a clothesline on Rollins as we return. Rollins tags out and Owens drops Riddle from the apron. He stomps on Orton for a while before putting a chinlock. Orton gets to his feet and hits a backdrop suplex. Riddle unloads on Rollins after both get the tags. Riddle with running forearms in the corner. Rollins hits back with elbow before Riddle hits an enziguiri, moonsault and a penalty kick for a two-count.

Riddle goes to the top but Owens trips him while the referee checked on Rollins. Rollins hits him with double foot stomp while he was in tree of woe. Owens hits him fisherman’s brainbuster. Riddle pushes Owens into Orton. Owens hits a senton from the top and Rollins hits a frog splash but Riddle kicks out of the pin. Owens is tagged back for double team. Riddle escapes and tag in Orton.

Ortong drops both opponents with powerslams. He hits draping DDT on Owens. Owens avoids RKO but Riddle tags in. Owens sends Orton to the floor. Rollins hits the stomp on Orton on the floor. Riddle hits floating bro on Owens. Rollins tag in and stops RKO on Owens. Rollins drops Riddle for the buckle bomb. Owens hits him with a stunner and Rollins hits the stomp for the pin and the win.


The tickets price of Monday Night Raw on February 21, 2022 ranges from $31 to $1445. You can check the tickets below.


Tag Team Title Scene: Randy Orton and Riddle have earned themselves a rematch for the tag team titles against Alpha Academy. However, their match could turn into a triple threat match if they end up losing to Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. Will they be able to secure a clear path to the titles?

Brock Lesnar Appears: WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will appear on RAW to hype his WrestleMania Winner Takes All Showdown with Roman Reigns.

Miz TV: The Miz will hold a special segment of his talk show segment as he reveals his tag team partner to take on the Mysterios.

Who Will Be RAW’s Top Star?: Brock Lesnar has won WWE Championship back from Bobby Lashley at Elimination Chamber. With Lesnar being a part-time performer and heading for a clash with Roman Reigns on SmackDown, who will turn out to be the star on the reb brand?

Bianca’s Road to WrestleMania: Bianca Belair has earned himself a showdown with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch by winning the women’s Elimination Chamber match this Saturday. How will she prepare for Becky this time around, given that Becky has managed to outsmart her in the past?

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