WWE RAW August 7, 2023 Preview & Match Card- Summerslam Fallout

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WWE RAW episode of August 7, 2023, will be the fallout episode from Summerslam 2023, and will start a quick build-up for Payback 2023.

The tension between Judgment Day has increased and it remains to be seen what it leads to. What is next for Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes after their wins at SummerSlam? How will Becky and Trish build-up for their trilogy bout? Check below for preview and match card for WWE RAW August 7, 2023 episode.

Tension in Judgment Day!

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor put up another one of their classics at SummerSlam. Damian Priest was out with his MITB Briefcase but that only enraged Balor. Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley also came out to help Balor. But, Rollins still managed to come out on the winning side after capitalizing on another confusion between Balor and Priest.

Something similar played out at Money in the Bank also, but Balor and Priest sorted out their differences. Will Balor listen to Priest this time around? Also, Rollins will want to look past Judgment Day as his next challenger. But, will it be the case? There are already rumors that a triple-threat match is set for Payback between Rollins, Balor and Priest.

What’s Next for Cody Rhodes?

We saw a different side of Brock Lesnar as he raised Cody Rhodes’ hand after Cody beat him at SummerSlam. The trilogy came to a satisfying conclusion for Cody with a big win. Now, it begs a question again – what is next for Cody? He tried to engage with Rollins over World Heavyweight Championship before Lesnar engaged him again. Will he turn his focus towards the World title now?

Becky & Trish!

Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus are set to clash on August 14 episode of RAW after months of back and forth. Trish and Becky outsmarted Becky last week and beat her up. What will they try to do to Becky this week?

New Challenger for IC Title

Gunther managed to retain his title against Drew McIntyre with some questionable turn of events. Drew will likely ask for another shot at the title. However, another challenge awaits for Gunther. Chad Gable survived 5-minute challenge against Gunther last week. He also eliminated Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci from the Battle Royal at SummerSlam. We can surely expect that Alpha Academy will continue their rivalry with Imperium, and in turn, Gable will continue his rivalry with Gunther.


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