WWE NXT Worlds Collide 2022 Live Results- Breakker vs Bate

Bron Breakker vs Tyler Bate NXT Worlds Collide 2022
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Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT Worlds Collide 2022 event on September 4, 2022.

The theme of this year’s show is title unification due to NXT UK going on a haitus. The main event will be NXT & NXT UK Championship unification match between Bron Breakker and Tyler Bate. Women’s title unification match will be a three-way affair between Meiko Satomura, Mandy Rose and Blair Devonport.

Tag team title unification match will be a four-way tag team elimination match between Gallus, Pretty Deadly, Creed Brothers and Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs. Ricochet is coming to NXT to challenge Carmelo Hayes for the North American Championship. Nikki ASH & Doudrop will challenge Katana Chance & Kayden Carter for NXT Women’s Tag Team title.

Tune in as bring you results from WWE NXT Worlds Collide 2022 with live updates, winners and highlights.

Worlds Collide 2022 Results

  • Carmelo Hayes(c) defeated Ricochet in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT North American Championship.
  • Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince and Kit Wilson) defeated Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs vs The Creed Brothers(Julius Creed & Brutus Creed) vs Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) in a Fatal four-way Tag Team Elimination Match via pinfall to become unified NXT & NXT UK Tag Team Champions.
  • Mandy Rose defeated Blair Devonport & Meiko Satomura in Triple Threat Match via pinfall to win unified NXT Women’s & NXT UK Women’s Champions.
  • Katana Chance & Kayden Carter(c) defeated Doudrop & Nikki ASH in a tag team match via pinfall to retain NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • Bron Breakker defeated Tyler Bate in a singles match via pinfall to become unified NXT & NXT UK Champion.

Live Updates

The main show opens with a video package. We cut to Capitol Wrestling Center to kick off the show.

Carmelo Hayes(c) vs Ricochet – NXT North American Championship Match

They lock-up to start. Ricochet throws Hayes over. He takes down Hayes in a side headlock a couple of times as they go for some quick action. Hayes pushes Ricochet and he replies with a takedown. They trade armdrags and more quick moves until Ricochet hits a big dropkick. Hayes rolls to the floor for a breather. He pulls Ricochet’s arm to the ropes as Ricochet tried to pull Hayes back. Ricochet gets into an argument with Trick Williams on the floor. Ricochet hits punches on Hayes before sending him back to the ring. Williams distracts Ricochet and Hayes hits him with big punches. Hayes hits a body slam. Ricochet’s quick moves are cut off with a superkick from Hayes for a two-count.

They duck some springboard moves before Hayes hits springboard clothesline to get another two-count. Ricochet hits a couple of chops and a double stomp after a roll through. Ricochet hits a clothesline on the ropes. Hayes replies with the same. They collide in the middle with clotheslines before they both hit springboard clotheslines at the same time. Ricochet blocks quick shots and hits punches and kicks of his own. Ricochet nails an enzuigiri but Hayes blocks a Pele kick. Ricochet hits a superkick after a quick exchange. Ricochet hits recoil but Williams puts Hayes’ leg on the ropes.

Ricochet hits Williams with a suicide dive. Hayes drops him as he returns to the ring to get a near fall. Hayes goes to the top rope now. Ricochet jumps to the top to hit a superplex. Ricochet hits kick to chest. Hayes replies with a slap. They trade chops and slaps. Hayes hits a pump kick. Ricochet replies owth a knee. Ricochet hits a suplex and Pele kick. Hayes hits ripcord knee to get a two-count. Ricochet puts him in a crucifix to get a near fall. Hayes hits a chop before Ricochet hits a spinning kick and poison rana. Williams comes to the apron and Ricochet hits him with a springboard kick. Hayes avoids 630-splash and gets Ricochet in an inside cradle to get the pin.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

A video package for Roxanne Perez as she talks about Cora Jade and her betrayal.

A video package for Quincy Elliot introducing himself.

A video package for NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura.

We see how Roderick Strong was found laid out in the parking lot. We see him taken down to the hospital. The Creed Brothers are backstage with Damon Kamp now. They say they currently need to focus on the title match.

Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs vs The Creed Brothers(Julius Creed & Brutus Creed) vs Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) vs Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince and Kit Wilson) – NXT Tag Team Championship and NXT UK Tag Team Championship Fatal four-way Tag Team Elimination Match

A brawl starts before the bell. Wolfgang is hit with a dropkick by Brutus as he was looking to start. Josh Briggs and Brutus start the match. Brutus tackles Briggs a couple of times before Julius comes in. Briggs hits Julius with a side slam before tackling Briggs. Jensen hits a manhatten drop on Julius. He tags in Wilson but Wilson quickly tags in Wolfgang. Briggs and Jensen keep Wolfgang under control with some quick double team. Lash Legends and Fallon Henley start to fight on the floor. Pretty Deadly and Creed Brothers start to fight in the ring.

Pretty Deadly take down the brothers with tackles in tandem. Briggs clotheslines Pretty Deadly to the floor. Jensen hits them with a dive. Wolfgang and Coffey also hit a dive. Brutus goes to the top but Wolfgang stops him from a dive. Wolfgang hits a superplex. Jensen hits Wolfgang with a famouser but Coffey breaks the pin. Wolfgang rolls up Jensen for a two-count before Jensen hits a spinning kick. Wolfgang and Coffey work together and hit their double team finisher to pin Jensen and eliminate his team.

Pretty Deadly and Gallus take one of the Creed Brothers each and start to beat them down. They face off now but Pretty try to bail out. Joe Coffey talks trash with them to intimidate them into the fight. Mark Coffey get in an inside cradle for a two-count. He hits a suplex before Prince rolls him up for a two-count. Coffey hits a sidekick to Prince’s face. Brutus steals a tag from Wilson and tackles Prince to the floor. Brutus takes down Wolfgang with a double leg and unloads on him. Julius tags in for their double team finisher. Julius hits a clothesline to pin Wolfgang and eliminate Gallus.

Brutus and Wilson trade uppercuts and punches. Prince comes in and drops Brutus on Prince’s double knees. Wilson and Prince keep Brutus isolated. Wilson hits a DDT to get a two-count. Brutus kicks away Wilson. Prince tags in to try to stop Brutus, but Brutus jumps to tag in Julius who hits quick moves on both opponents. Prince locks in a sleeper on Julius. Wolfgang and Briggs & Jensen are fighting on the ramp. Julius goes for a delayed vertical suplex, but his knees buckle down. He powers up and hits the suplex. Julius hits a Samoan Drop but he was near the ropes and the referee has to go down to count for a two-count.

The referee gets taken down when the brawling reaches him at the ringside. Julius hits a dropkick on Wilson to drop him off the apron. He hits a Meltzer Driver on Prince and removes his slings. Kamp hits a spear on Wilson as he tries to bring in a chair. Kamp then turns on The Creed Brothers and hits Julius with the steel chair. He throws in the referee who counts as Prince pins Julius to win the match.

Winner – Pretty Deadly

A video package for Blair Devonport.

Tony D’Angelo is backstage with Channing Lorenzo, talking about why he let go off Legado Del Fantasma. Cameron Grimes was passing by and Tony stops him. Tony offers him some food but Grimes says he is not hungry.

A video package for Mandy Rose.

Meiko Satomura vs Mandy Rose vs Blair Devonport – NXT Women’s Championship & NXT UK Women’s Championship Unification Triple Threat Match

Rose and Blair attack Satomura together. Satomura hits them with punches before they drop her with back elbows. They hits a double suplex. Both Blair and Rose try to pin Satomura and stop each other in turn. All three women trade roll ups to get two-counts. Satomura hits a spinning heel kick on Blair. Rose hits a snapmare on Satomura. Blair hits a kick on Satomura from the floor and then drops her to the floor. Rose takes her with a waistlock takedown. Blair hits her with a sunset flip and then nails a dropkick. Rose fires an elbow before hitting a fallaway slam. She hits tackles in the corner.

Satomura trips Rose and pulls her to the floor. She also trips Blair on the apron and hits her with kicks. Rose tackles Satomura to the apron. Blair sends Rose to the steel steps before hitting a double stomp on her back. Satomura takes Blair back to the ring and go back and forth. They trade pin attempts with crucifix. Blair hits big blows to the back. Rose pulls Blair out when she was going for a springboard kick. Satomura and Rose trade shots in the middle of the ring. Rose tackles Satomura down.

Rose kicks her down a few times but Satomura gets back up in defiance. She starts to nail Rose with forearms and uppercuts. Satomura hits a roundhouse kick to get a two-count. Rose hits a spinebuster but Blair breaks the pin. Rose takes Blair to the top and hits a superplex. Satomura hits Blair with a frog splash immediately and Rose breaks the pin. Satomura hits a Pele kick on Rose. She hits running forearms on both opponents in different corners. She hits sidekicks on both of them until Blair and Rose tema up but Satomura hits them with a double DDT.

Satomura hits Satomura special on Rose. Blair kicks her away. Satomura now hits Rose and Blair with sidekicks again before hitting Satomura special. Blair breaks a pin with double stomp. Blair hits a ripcord knee but Satomura kicks out. Rose hits several kicks on Blair. Blair hits a missile dropkick on Satomura. Rose misses the running knee. Satomura breaks a pin with Scorpio rising. Rose catches Blair with a running knee after throwing Satomura out and gets the pin.

Winner – Mandy Rose

We get a video package for Alba Fyre.

Wes Lee is interviewed backstage and challenges JD McDonagh to face him this week on NXT.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter(c) vs Doudrop & Nikki ASH – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Nikki starts with a takedown on Carter. She slams Carter to the mat again and quickly gets a two-count. Chance tags in for a quick double-team. Doudrop tags in and misses Chance in the corner. Chance continues to avoid her attack until Doudrop tackles her. Carter tags in and they double-team to bring down Doudrop to her knees. Doudrop fights back and slams Carter on top of Chance. Doudrop hits a senton and takes Chance to her corner. Nikki and Doudrop work on Chance in their corner. Nikki traps Chance in the apron cloth and unloads with shots.

Doudrop tags back to keep the attack going. She hits an elbow before hitting a body slam. Nikki hits her with a snapmare to get a two-count. Chance counters but Nikki tags in Doudrop and who hits another body slam. Doudrop misses in the corner. Nikki tags in to stop Chance but skips past her to tag in Carter. Carter comes in hot to attack both Nikki and Doudrop. Nikki counters with a tornado DDT. Doudrop tags in for a double-team side slam to get a close two-count. Doudrop hits a superkick now. Nikki tags in but Carter rolls her over. Chance tags in for some double team on Nikki. Nikki slams Carter into the corner and knocks off Chance.

Doudrop and Nikki bring down Carter with some double-team attack, and Chance has to break the pin. Doudrop was going for a superplex when Toxic Attraction come out. Nikki hits them with a suicide dive. Nikki continues to deal with Toxic Attraction on the floor while Chance and Carter counter against Doudrop to hit them with double stomp/backbreaker combo to get the pin.

Winner – Katana Chance & Kayden Carter

Bron Breakker vs Tyler Bate – NXT Championship & NXT UK Championship Unification Match

They lock up to start and come to stalemate immediately. Bron puts on a side headlock as feeling out process continues. Bate has to make some effort to break the headlock. Bron hits a tackle before Bate takes him down a couple of times with arm drag. Quick back and forth action as they both block each other. Bate wrenches the arm and puts on an arm lock. Bate shows off his class with some quick manuevers and ends it with flip over to get a two-count. Breakker overpowers and htis a suplex. He hits a body slam to get a two-count.

Breakker puts on a front chancery now. Bate hits punches to midsection, takes down Bron and hits him with a dropkick to send him to the floor. A Plancha swipes out Breakker. Back to the ring, Bate misses a standing shooting star. Breakker hits a spinebuster. Breakker tackles him to the floor from the apron. Back to the ring, Bate counters with an Exploder suplex and a standing shooting star press to get a two-count. Bate counters a dropkick with a pop-up powerbomb to get a two-count.

Bate goes for an exploder from the top but Breakker drops him to the mat and hits a bulldog. Breakker hits a Michinoku driver to get a two-count. They trade shots while they are on their knees. Bate hits uppercuts before Breakker replies with punches. Breakker puts on an armbar. Bate counters with a backslide to get a two-count. Breakker puts on the armbar again quickly. Bate gets him up and drops him. Bate hits a springboard clothesline to get a near fall. Breakker counters the Tiger Driver 97 and gets a two-count.

Bate hits Tiger Driver 97 to get a near fall. Bate goes to the top. Breakker picks him up and hits a powerslam. Bate gets his legs on the ropes to break the pin. Breakker removes his slings now as he prepares for the spear. Bate blocks the spear with a knee. Breakker blocks Tiger Driver and cuts off Bate with a spear as he goes for the springboard clothesline and gets a pin.

Winner – Bron Breakker

Tyler Bate hands Bron Breakker both titles. Breakker celebrates to close the show.

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