WWE NXT Stand & Deliver 2023

WWE NXT Stand & Deliver 2023

WWE NXT Stand & Deliver 2023 is a special PLE from NXT that took place during WrestleMania 39 weekend. The event aired on April 1, 2023, from Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, CA.

NXT Championship match between Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes headlined the show. An unsanctioned match between Johnny Gargano and Grayson Waller was also on the card.

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  • Date: April 1, 2023
  • Start Time: 1 PM EST(Pre-show at 12 PM ET)
  • Location: Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, CA, US


  • This is the third annual NXT Stand & Deliver event from WWE.
  • This is the eighth NXT special event taking place during WrestleMania weekend.
  • The event was confirmed by WWE on November 3, 2022.
  • Pretty Deadly – Kit Wilson & Elton Prince – were announced as the host of Stand & Deliver 2023.
  • NXT Stand & Deliver Live Results blog


Schism(Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, Jagger Ried & Ava Raine) vs Tyler Bate & Chase U(Andre Chase, Duke Hudson & Thea Hail) – Winner Gets Control of Chase U

Chase U & Tyler Bate vs Schism NXT Stand & Deliver 2023

Ava Raine tried to abduct Thea Hail, which led to Hail getting haunted. Andre Chase and Duke Hudson then faced The Dyad in a tag team match to avenge Thea. However, they ended up losing the match when Hail panicked at ringside and Chase got distracted, leading to Dyad finishing Hudson in a double team. Schism then took over Chase’ lecture, leading to a match between Chase and Joe Gacy. Gacy defeated Chase in that match. Duke Hudson then snapped at Chase over Chase U’s win-loss record.

Meanwhile, Tyler Bate started giving Thea Hail some meditation lessons to help her overcome her anxiety and fear. Ava also offered Duke Hudson to join Schism, but he refused. Schism and Chase U engaged in a debate battle where Tyler Bate came to Chase U’s rescue. After this, Andre Chase challenged Schism for tag team match with Tyler Bate in their side. Gacy replied that they have already beaten them twice. Duke Hudson then offered Gacy the control over Chase U if his team wins. Gacy then agreed to the match.

Winner – Chase U & Tyler Bate

Roxanne Perez(c) vs Zoey Stark vs Gigi Dolin vs Tiffany Stratton vs Lyra Valkyrie vs Indi Hartwell – Ladder Match for NXT Women’s Championship

NXT Women Championship Ladder Match Stand & Deliver 2023

NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez collapsed after her title defense against Meiko Satomura at NXT Roadblock. She was hospitalized where doctors could not find the reason for her collapse, but she was not cleared for action. Shawn Michaels then announced that a ladder match at Stand & Deliver would determine the new NXT Women’s Champion. Zoey Stark defeated Sol Ruca and Gigi Dolin defeated Kiana James in qualifying matches. Tiffany Stratton beat Indi Hartwell in third qualifier while Lyra Valkyrie beat Ivy Nile.

Roxanne Perez returned on NXT March 28 episode and inform Shawn Michaels that she is cleared by the doctors. While Michaels hesitated to put her in the match, Perez gave an impassionate speech to convince Michaels to put her in the match. Indi Hartwell defeated Ivy Nile and Sol Ruca in a triple threat match to complete the line-up for the match.

Winner – Indi Hartwell

Gallus(Wolfgang & Mark Coffey)(c) vs The Creed Brothers(Brutus Creed & Julius Creed) vs Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo – 3-Way Tag Team Match for NXT Tag Team Championship

Gallus vs Creed Brothers vs D'Angelo Family NXT Stand & Deliver 2023

Tony D’Angelo told Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo on March 14 episode of NXT that it was time to get Stacks some gold in the form of tag team titles. On March 21 NXT episode, The Creed Brothers confronted Gallus in their club. Gallus beat Creeds in a snooker game while Creeds won a game of darts. Gallus then agreed to settle their competition with tag team title match at Stand & Deliver. Tony and Stacks also confronted Gallus and Creed Brothers while exiting the club. The trio then continued engaging in competition before Gallus finally announced that they would defend the tag team titles against both Creed Brothers and D’Angelo Family.

Winner – Gallus

Wes Lee(c) vs Dragon Lee vs Ilja Dragunov vs JD McDonagh vs Axiom- Fatal 5-Way Match for NXT North American Championship

North American Championship Fatal 5 Way NXT Stand & Deliver 2023

Wes Lee’s open challenges had led to a chaotic situation backstage with several locker room members getting involved in brawls to get ahead of each other to challenge for North American Championship. In exchange for open challenges, Shawn Michaels told Lee to pick up 4 challengers himself to defend the title at Stand & Deliver. Lee announced Dragon Lee as the first opponent. JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov were also added to the match after a brawl with Wes Lee and Dragon Lee. Axiom won a Battle Royal to qualify for the match.

Winner – Wes Lee

Johnny Gargano vs Grayson Waller – Unsacanctioned Match

Johnny Gargano vs Grayson Waller NXT Stand & Deliver 2023

Grayson Waller attacked Johnny Gargano after his last address to NXT fans in December 2021. Gargano left NXT after that and only joined WWE RAW eight months later. After his loss at NXT Vengeance Day, Grayson Waller interrupted Shawn Michaels’ press conference. Waller was suspended from NXT for one week for his actions. Waller continued to insult Michaels until he agreed to meet him face-to-face at Grayson Waller Effect segment at NXT Roadblock. Michaels and Waller had a heated argument at Roadblock and Waller challenged Michaels to face him at Stand & Deliver. Michaels instead brought out Gargano, who attacked Waller.

A match between Waller and Gargano was then confirmed for Stand & Deliver. The following week, Gargano was cutting his promo in NXT when he got to know that Waller was streaming live outside Gargano’s home. Gargano ran back to his home and got assaulted by Waller. On NXT March 21 episode, Gargano challenged Waller to face him in an unsanctioned match. Waller said he would sign the contract for the match the following week only if Gargano remains absent from NXT. Waller signed the contract on the go-home episode of Stand & Deliver only for Gargano to reveal himself disguised as a cameraman and attack Waller.

Winner – Johnny Gargano

Kiana James & Fallon Henley(c) vs Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Fallon Henley & Kiana James vs Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn WWE NXT Stand & Deliver 2023

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn won a #1 contender triple threat match against the teams of Katana Chance & Kayden Carter, and Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley to set up a match against Kiana James and Fallon Henley at Stand & Deliver. Another storyline was ongoing between James and Henley as Henley was investigating James’ cheating on his friend Brooks Jensen. Fyre and Dawn attacked James after his match against Gigi Dolin while Henley was busy in investigating James. Next week, Henley confronted James on his betrayal but Henley let it go when James saved her from another attack from Fyre and Dawn.

Winner – Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre

Bron Breakker(c) vs Carmelo Hayes – NXT Championship

Bron Breakker vs Carmelo Hayes NXT Stand & Deliver 2023

Bron Breakker vs Carmelo Hayes match for NXT Championship was teased a few times by both men. But, they were both interrupted before they could address each other on separate occasions. Finally at NXT Roadblock, Breakker called out Hayes to come meet him in the ring where they agreed to a match at Stand & Deliver.

They signed a contract for the match on March 14 episode which was hosted by Pretty Deadly. Pretty Deadly tried to get them fighting but they worked together to put Pretty Deadly through the table. On March 21 episode, Breakker and Hayes defeated Pretty Deadly in a tag team match.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

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