WWE NXT Roadblock- March 8, 2022: Results, Match Card, Preview

WWE NXT Roadblock 2022
Credits- WWE

NXT 2.0 is all set to feature a special pre-Stand & Deliver event in the form of NXT Roadblock on March 8, 2022. The match card for this event is quite stacked as it will feature two championship bouts, and the Last Man Standing match.

In this special edition of NXT, Bron Breakker will defend his NXT Championship against Dolph Ziggler and Tommaso Ciampa. Meanwhile, 2022 Men’s Dusty Rhodes tag-team classic winners The Creed Brothers will challenge the Imperium for the NXT tag-team titles. Also, LA Knight will get a chance to face his rival Grayson Waller in a Last Man Standing match. 

Keep on reading to get all the details on the NXT Roadblock episode of March 8, 2022.

Event Info

  • Show – WWE NXT Roadblock
  • Date – March 8, 2022
  • Location – Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL, US  
  • Time – 8 PM EST

Match Card & Results

  • Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai defeated Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez via pinfall in Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic Semifinal.
  • Fallon Henley defeated Tiffany Straton in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Grayson Waller defeated LA Knight in a Last Man Standing match.
  • Io Shirai & Kyle O’Reilly defeated Kayden Carter & Kacy Catenzaro via pinfall in Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic Semifinal.
  • Imperium(Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel)(c) vs MSK(Nash Carter & Wes Lee) NXT Tag Team Championship Match ended in a no contest.
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker(c) in a triple threat match via pinfall to win NXT Championship.

Live Updates

Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez vs Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai

Choo & Cora start the match. Cora brings down Choo and Choo goes to sleep. Cora tags in Raquel and she misses an elbow drop. Raquel swings Choo in bench press. Choo & Kai take control over Cora. Quick tags between Choo & Kai. Choo hits a side headlock takedown and holds on the headlock. Cora gets to her feet and Choo gets her in a cradle. Round and Round they go in the cradle. Cora is sent to the floor and Choo hits a basement slide dropkick. Dakota Kai starts speaking to her alternate self. Raquel is confused looking at her and gets attacked by Toxic Attraction from behind.

Gonzalez was checked on by medical team during the break. Cora counters with sunset flip. Kai tags to Choo. Cora drops Choo with clotheslines and an enziguiri. Cora hits a rising knee before double knees in the corner. Choo hits an Urinage. Kai tags in for a double team move. Gonzalez returns to the apron and tags in. She hits a powerslam on Kai after dropping both opponents. Kai hits a sunset flip backbreaker.

Kai is in two minds about attacking Raquel as she is talking to her alternate self. Raquel goes for the chokeslam powerbomb but her knee gives up. Wendy and Kai hit moves from the top and Kai pins Raquel to win the match.

Winner – Wendy Choo & Raquel Gonzalez

Tomasso Ciampa cuts a promo backstage, talking about becoming a 3-time NXT Champion and this one will be the biggest of them since he will enter NXT Stand & Deliver with the title.

We cut to parking area where The Creed Brothers are down after being attacked by someone. Medical team has arrived to check them and so has other members of Diamond Mine.

After the break, wee see Creed Brothers being treated in the medical room. Cora Jade also takes Raquel Gonzalez to the room.

Tiffany Straton vs Fellon Henley

Henley starts with a takedown. She counters as Stratton takes her on her shoulders and hits a dropkick. Straton drops Henley on the ropes and hits a knee. Straton has Henley in front chancery. Henley comes out of it after a few seconds and starts hitting move after move. Straton counters a bulldog and hits a Samoan drop. Sarray attacks Straton from behind while the referee was distracted. Henley hits a running knee and gets the pin.

Winner – Fallon Henley

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen come out to celebrate with Henley.

Andre Chase is in his class at Chase U. He is ranting on some of his students to botch his entrance last week, which he says was the reason of his loss. He praises Bodhi Hayward for taking a shot for him. Another student asks him Bodhi should get his eyes checked. Chase shouts at him.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are at barbershop with other friends. Hayes says he has one Golden rule – since he has the gold, he makes the rule. They talk about the North American title match at Stand & Deliver. They finalize on 4 opponents and they will make them qualify.

We cut to Lashing out with Lash Legends. She brings in Nikkita Lyons and takes shots at her. Lyons goes to reply her but Lash cuts her out. They end up arguing and Lash cuts off the segment.

Imperium’s Barthel & Aichner are interviewed. They say the mat is sacred for them and they will never resort to such underhanded tactics. MSK roll up and say they will take on them tonight for the title match. MSK claim to win the match tonight and say they will give The Creed Brothers a title shot when they are ready.

Brooks & Jensen are backstage with Fallon Henley when Legado Del Fantasma roll up behind them. Brooks & Jensen blame them on attacking Creed Brothers. They reply that everyone will know when they attack someone.

LA Knight vs Grayson Waller – Last Man Standing Match

Knight attacks Waller during his entrance and drops him on the barricade. He brings out a trash can but Waller hits a kick at midsection. Knight reverses a whip to send Waller into the steel steps. Knight catapults him into the bottom rope. They are in the ring now and Knight stomps on Waller in the corner before hitting a running knee to the face.

Waller hits a back body drop to drop Knight on the ropes. Waller starts beating up with kicks, punches and knees. Waller hits a rolling cutter. He counters BFT and hits a back elbow as Knight comes off the ropes. A big boot in the corner. Knight hits him with a quick superplex as he climbs to the top. Knight hits BFT. The referee starts counting. Waller gets to his feet on the apron. Knight drops him again before Waller hits a trash can to his face. We cut to a break.

Waller and Knight are on a platform on the upper tier. Knight drops Waller from the platform to the ground with a punch. Knight comes to the ringside and we find out that Sanga has caught Waller. Knight hits Sanga with a chair, but Sanga hypes up and hits Knight with a chokeslam. Waller is back in the ring as Sanga tries to attack Knight’s leg. Knight manages to handcuff Sanga on the ringpost.

Knight drops Waller a bunch of times with clotheslines and big shots. Waller counters BFT but Knight manages to pick him and drop him on an announce table. The referee starts to count but Waller gets up at 8. Knight unloads with more punches. Knight has a chair in his hands and Waller pleads him. Knight instead kicks him and then puts a trash can on his head. Knight slams chair on Waller’s head with trash can still on. Knight hits Sanga with steel chair.

Waller has taken something from Sanga’s pocket as Knight goes to clear the announce table. Waller hits Knight with a piece of equipment and sets him up on the table. Waller hits a splash to put Knight through the table. Both men are down but Waller starts to move and pulls himself up using Sanga. Knight is still down as the referee counts to 10.

Winner – Grayson Waller

Tony D’Angelo is at his cousin’s restaurant and comes to the conclusion that NXT needs to run on his watch.

Io Shirai & Kyle O’Reilly vs Kayden Carter & Kacy Catenzaro – Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic Semifinal

Carter tosses KLR over with a throw. KLR hits back with a chop. Carter also hits a chop. Carter hits a kick to the face before Catenzaro sweeps KLR’s leg. Shirai tags in and go back and forth with Catenzaro. All four women are in the ring now and face off. Carter & Catanzaro send the opponents to the floor and hits them with dives to take us to the break.

Shirai misses an elbow shot in the corner and Carter drops her with a DDT. Kacy comes in and unloads on Shirai. She drops Kacy with a big slam to the mat. A big boot from Kacy before she brings in Carter. Shirai drops her to the ropes for 619 and then hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Kacy and KLR also get involved now. Each one hits moves on each other and everyone is down now.

KLR counters in the corner after some help from Shirai. Kacy Carter sends Shirai to the floor. Kacy hits double team Frankestiener on KLR and Shirai pushes Carter into Kacy to break the pin. Shirai sends Carter into the steel steps on the floor. KLR hits KLR bomb on Kacy. Shirai hits moonsault from the top to get the pin.

Winner – Kay Lee Ray & Io Shirai

Cora Jade attacks Mandy Rose in her booth.

Backstage, Indi Hartwell is watching the replay of Persia Pirrota getting pinned last week. Pirrota walks in with Duke Hudson. Things gets heated between Pirrota and Indi and they decide to settle it in the ring next week. After Indi leaves, Pirrota goes and kiss Hudson passionately.

Imperium(Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel)(c) vs MSK(Nash Carter & Wes Lee) NXT Tag Team Championship

Carter starts with Barthell. Carter kicks him away and hits a headscissors. More quick moves from Carter until Barthel drops him with a back elbow. Carter hits a jawbreaker and tags in Lee for quick double team moves. Lee hits kicks at Barthel. Barthel sweeps his leg and hits a big kick to his chest. Aichner coems in and hits a bodyslam. Barthel starts to work on Lee’s knee.

The match continues until Creed Brothers attack both teams to cause a DQ.

Winner – Kay Lee Ray & Io Shirai

Bron Breakker(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Dolpzh Ziggler – NXT Championship Match

Ziggler moves to the floor after the bell and let Ciampa and Breakker start. Ciampa takes a big shot at Breakker as his focus shifts on Ziggler. Ziggler comes in and unloads on both. Breakker reverses a whip by Ziggler and drops him with a tackle. He misses a flying tackle on Ciampa. Back and forth action continues between the three and Breakker hits a double suplex on both opponents.

Ziggler counters to drop Breakker on the turnbuckle. Ziggler and Ciampa go at it in the ring. Ciampa catapults Ziggler into the top turnbuckle. He hits a dive on Breakker on the floor now. He brings both Ziggler and Breakker in the ring to to hits corner clotheslines. Ziggler hits him with a knee to face. Breakker drops Ziggler with a clothesline to take us to the break.

Breakker hits belly to belly suplex on Ziggler. He slams to Ciampa to the mat before putting him in a Camel Clutch. Ziggler puts him in a sleeper from behind. Breakker lets Ciampa go and then slams Ziggler on his back.

All three men trade strikes. Ziggler unloads on Breakker to send him to the apron and Ciampa knocks him off. Ziggler hits Ciampa with leg drop and zig-zag to get a near fall. Breakker is rocked with superkicks and a DDT from Ziggler. Ciampa hits a backbreaker on Ziggler for a near fall. Breakker hits Ciampa with a spear as he goes for Fairytale Ending. Breakker hits Ziggler with the bench press powerslam but Robert Roode pulls out the referee to stop the pin.

Breakker attacks Roode on the floor. Ciampa hits him with Fairytale Ending as he returns to the ring. Ziggler pushes Ciampa away and goes for the pin on Breakker, but Breakker kicks out. Ciampa throws Ziggler out. He goes for shining wizard on Breakker, but Roode pulls Breakker out of the ring. Ziggler hits a superkick on Ciampa to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler(new NXT Champion)


NXT Championship Match: NXT Champion Bron Breakker will put his title on the line next week against Dolph Ziggler and Tommaso Ciampa. Breakker is not afraid of the odds and is confident that he would walk into the Stand & Deliver holding the NXT title. Will Ziggler be able to capture the NXT title, or will Tommaso Ciampa become the three times NXT Champion? 

NXT Tag-Team Championship Match: Julius and Brutus of the Creed Brothers are all set to challenge Fabian and Marcel of the Imperium for the NXT tag-team championships. The Creed Brothers earned the opportunity to face the champions by winning the 2022 Men’s Dusty Rhodes tag-team classic tournament. 

LA Knight vs Grayson Waller: LA Knight and Grayson Waller will continue their long-standing rivalry as they collide in a Last Man Standing match next week on NXT Roadblock. 

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