WWE NXT May 2, 2023 Results Live, Updates, Highlights

Wes Lee vs Drew Gulak WWE NXT May 2 2023
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Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT May 2, 2023 episode which was live from WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL, on the road to NXT Battleground 2023.

A stacked card of 8 matches was announced for the show starting with Dragon Lee taking on JD McDonagh who was departing to main roster after this match. The same goes for all 4 women in NXT Women’s Tag Team title match where Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn took on Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.

Axiom vs Scrypts was a clash of high-flyers while Drew Gulak would try to dethrone NXT North American Champion Drew Gulak. Joe Gacy took on Joe Coffey with The Dyad’s tag team title shot on the line.

Gigi Dolin took on Jacy Jayne in a grudge rematch with Dolin’s younger brother present in the front row. Dani Palmer made her in-ring debut on the show while Eddy Thorpe would take on Damon Kemp in a singles match. Tune in below as we post results from WWE NXT MAy 2, 2023 episode with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Wes Lee(c) defeated Drew Gulak in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT North American Championship.
  • Jacy Jayne defeated Gigi Dolin in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Axiom defeated Scrypts in a singles match via pinfall.
  • JD McDonagh defeated Dragon Lee in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Joe Gacy defeated Joey Coffey in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Dani Palmer defeated Tatum Paxley in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn(c) defeated Katana Chance & Kayden Carter in a tag team match via pinfall to retain NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.


We see main rosters call-ups recap from NXT from Draft 2023.

Wes Lee(c) vs Drew Gulak – NXT North American Championship

Wes Lee comes out with Tyler Bate to open the show. Drew Gulak has Charlie Dempsey in his corner. Lee starts with a dropkick. Gulak rolls to the floor quickly. Lee wanted to hit a suicide dive but Dempsey gets on the apron. Gulak rolls up Lee for a two-count. Lee counters with a sunset flip to get a two-count. Gulak also gets a two-count with a sunset flip. Lee hits a dropkick on the back. He whips Gulak to the corner and sets up Gulak on the top. Gulak blocks a superplex and pushes Lee back to the floor. He hits a flying clothesline from the top to get a two-count.

Gulak goes for a leg lock but Lee grabs the ropes before the lock can come into affect. Gulak slams his face into the mat to get a two-count. Gulak puts on a hammerlock. Lee gets to the ropes and starts to trade punches. He brings down Gulak with a snap mare before a kick to the back of the head. Gulak holds onto the ropes to block a German suplex. Gulak hits a back elbow and gets to the floor. Lee hits him with a suicide dive. Dempsey drops Lee on the floor. Bate attacks Dempsey to counter. Lee drops Gulak’s face on the ropes and hits Kardiac kick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Wes Lee

We see Bron Breakker’s vicious spear taking Hayes last week.

We get a pre-recorded promo from NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn where they say they will extinguish the last flames of Katana Chance and Kayden Carter. They also say that they will defend the titles on all three brands.

Trick Calls Out Breakker

Trick Williams comes out and calls out Bron Breakker. He says he and Hayes use to go to the same high school and bonded, and that was the reason why he did not even think before taking the spear from Breakker. Breakker comes out and says Williams is tougher than Hayes as he is still standing after taking a spear last week while Hayes is nowhere to be seen. Breakker adds that it will be easier to humiliate Hayes at Battleground than he previously anticipated. Williams asks if he is accepting Hayes’ challenge for a match at Battleground.

Breakker says he would hate to represent these stupid people once again but he does not like the idea of Hayes as the champion. Breakker says he will humiliate Hayes in his hometown. They continue to trade words until Williams challenges Breakker for a match. Breakker says he is calling the shots here and the match will be next week.

JD McDonagh is interviewed backstage before his last match at NXT tonight. Noam Dar comes in and asks him to do one last favour for the old time’s sake and take out Dragon Lee before he could come for Heritage cup. McDonagh says the slimy Dar loves nothing more than his Heritage cup.

Gigi Dolin vs Jacy Jayne

They argue before starting. Gigi ducks a clothesline and hits punches. Jacy hits a knee to the midsection. Gigi throws her to the floor. Jacy trips her on the apron and hits a senton on the floor. Jacy talks trash with Gigi’s brother. She hits a senton back in the ring. Gigi goes for a half and half but Jacy blocks it and hits a superkick. Gigi hits back with a superkick of her own. More kicks from Gigi follow before a Russian Leg sweep to get a two-count.

Gigi hits a big clothesline. Jacy slips to the floor and Gigi throws him into the barricade. She slams Jacy’s face into the steel steps before hitting some kicks to the face. Jacy pulls Gigi’s shoulder into the ring post. She hits a roundhouse kick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jacy Jayne

Jacy has blood on his forehead. She continues to beat up Gigi after the match who is selling her shoulder. Jacy takes Gigi in front of her brother and continues to beat her up.

Axiom vs Scrypts

Scrypts sneaks in but Axiom leapfrogs over to avoid a dropkick. Scrypts is able to hit a dropkick in second attempt. The bell rings and Axiom is able to bring Scrypts down for an armbar. Scrypts gets to the ropes and slips to the floor. Axiom comes out and Scrypts hits him with a dropkick off the announce table. Back to the ring, Scrypts hits a big clothesline. Axiom gets a sleeper choke on but Scrypts snaps his arm on his shoulder.

Scrypts hits a moonsault off the top to get a two-count. Axiom fires back with chops and a dropkick. He hits an enzuigiri and a German suplex. Scrypts hits back with a dropkick as Axiom jumps off the top. Scrypts goes for his finisher but Axiom hits a knee strike to get a near fall. Scrypts blocks golden ratio and hits a spinning heel kick. Axiom counters with superkick as Scrypts comes off the top. Axiom hits Golden Ratio to get the pinfall.

Winner – Axiom

After the match, Scrypts tries to attack Axiom but he blocks it and exposes Scrypts by removing his mask.

Brooks Jensen comes to Fallon Henley’s bar to apologize to Henley and Josh Briggs. They say he is family and it’s all good. Jensen says he has learnt a few things from Kiana and Henley’s parents could be set for life by selling the land around the bar. Two girls tap Brooks on the shoulder and ask him if he wants to have a drink. Brooks says he is having a good time with his friends.

JD McDonagh vs Dragon Lee

JD kicks away Lee’s handshake. They start with a quick cover and kickout. Lee goes for an arm wringer. JD tries to counter it but Lee holds onto the grip even after an armdrag. JD takes him to the corner and hits a shot at midsection. Lee breaks free of a side headlock and hits a dropkick. Lee hits a kick to the corner before a springboard kick in the corner. Lee hits a couple of dropkicks in the corner. Noam Dar is out on the floor.

Lee gets distracted by him and JD counters with a dropkick of his own. JD puts Lee in a tree of woe but Lee gets up and JD misses a low dropkick, crashing his groin into the ringpost. Lee hits some quick shots. He hits a back body drop and an inverted atomic drop before hitting a back body drop to send JD to the floor. We cut to a break.

JD has leg scissors on Lee and keeps him grounded. Lee hits back elbows to break free. JD hits a big shot on Lee’s back. He tries to remove Lee’s mask after putting on the top. Lee fights him off and hits a crossbody off the top. Lee hits some forearm shots before a tijeras to send Lee to the floor and hits a tope suicida. Lee gets to the top and hits Coupe de Grace to get a near fall.

Lee and JD get to the apron and trade big chops. JD hits a death valley driver on the apron. Both men are down on the floor now. The referee starts the countdown. They get up at 7 but JD slams Lee onto the announce table and runs into the ring. Lee beats the count at 9 and a half. JD nails him with a punch. Lee hits back with a knee, German suplex, a ripcord knee and a reverse hurricanrana. JD hits back with a clothesline.

“This is awesome” chants from the crowd as they trade more punches and kicks. Lee counters a powerbomb and hits one of his own to get a near fall. Lee gets to the top but JD trips him using the ropes. Lee brings him into a tree of woe. JD gets up quickly and hits a Spanish fly. He hit a brainbuster but Lee kicks out again. Lee counters JD with a dragon destroyer. JD slips to the floor. Lee brings him back but has to deal with Naom Dar on the floor. JD hits a head butt and Devil’s Inside to get the pinfall.

Winner – JD McDonagh

After the match, Lee attacks Naom Dar on the floor and they brawl to the back.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are hanging out backstage and talk about how unique it is for a Raw tag team and a SmackDown tag team to be fighting for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Joe Gacy tells the Dyad that he is going to put his body on the line and endure punishment for Schism. The Dyad assures him that they will bring tag team gold to Schism if Gacy brings them the opportunity. The Dyad leave. Ava Raine tells Gacy to remember to do this for The Dyad and then get something for himself.

We see the recap of all the mysterious attacks on Nikkita Lyons. Wendy Choo and Sol Ruca in the past two months.

Joe Gacy vs Joey Coffey – Dyad Gets Tag Team title match if Gacy Wins

Both factions are ringside as the match starts. Coffey hits uppercuts in the corner before Gacy hits back with short clotheslines. Forearm shots from Coffey before a clothesline. Gacy drops him and then hits a twisting slam. Gacy goes for a senton but Coffey gets his knees up. Gacy hits a clothesline to drop him. Coffey breaks free of a chin lock and hits an uppercut. Coffey hits a flying shoulder tackle before a belly-to-belly suplex.

Gacy nails him with a right before hitting a belly-to-back suplex. Gacy nails a big left and goes to the top to hit a missile dropkick. He hits a corner splash before a running tackle. Fowler puts Gacy’s leg on the ropes to break the pinfall. Gallus boys start to brawl with The Dyad. Reid gets into the ring and Coffey drops him with a clothesline. Ava gets into the ring and acts like Coffey has hit her. Coffey tries to tell the referee that he has not, but Gacy hits him with a handspring clothesline to get the pinfall.

Winner – Joe Gacy

Dani Palmer is stretching backstage while talking to Sol Ruca on a video call. Tank Leder and Hank Walker come in and hype her up. She leaves for her match. Oba Femi comes in and they ask if he will be ringside for Dani’s match. Femi does not reply.

We see Eddy Thorpe earlier today talking to the camera when Damon Kemp hands him a water bottle to throw away. They argue for a while.

Dani Palmer vs Tatum Paxley

They lock up and Paxley puts Palmer in the corner. She goes to throw Palmer but Palmer uses her gymnastics to land on her feet. Palmer goes for a submission but Paxley counters it quickly. Palmer gets a side headlock on. More gymnastics from Palmer before she hits a dropkick and gets into a cover to get a two-count. She puts on a chin lock and keeps Paxley on the mat. Paxley breaks free and hits a big shot at her back.

Paxley hits some kicks in the corner before hitting a suplex. Paxley slams her to the mat and hits an elbow drop to get a two-count. She puts on a crossface and changes into an abdominal stretch. Palmer counters it before Paxley puts it on again. Palmer hits some quick moves before a neckbreaker and bulldog. She hits a splash from the top to get the pinfall.

Winner – Dani Palmer

Andre Chase is late for his class at Chase University and sends a message that he is not feeling good after his match against Breakker last week. Thea Hail gets freaked out about the class. Duke Hudson steps and says he will take the class today and they will learn about WWE Draft. One student asks him if there is going to be a pop quiz today. Duke asks everyone to get their quiz sheets up and rip them apart.

Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn(c) vs Katana Chance & Kayden Carter – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Fyre and Dawn attack KCs before the bell adn take them to the floor. KCs fight back on the floor. Chance and Fyre start the match. Chance counters Fyre with a sunset flip to get a two-count. Fyre nails a big shot. Chance skips past her to tag in Carter. Carter throws out Dawn to the floor and then does the same to Fyre. Carter hits a senton on her opponents on the floor to take us to a break.

Chance is fighting back against Fyre. She tags in Chance who knocks off Dawn from the apron before hitting a hurricanrana on Fyre. She hits a corner clothesline before taking down Fyre once again. Carter tags in and they both hit a springboard splash on Fyre to get a close two-count. Fyre hits a big boot and gets her knees up on a moonsault from Chance. Carter is moved to the floor. Dawn hits a senton from the top and Fyre holds Chance on her knees. Carter breaks the pin.

KCs fight back and repeat the move on Dawn. Fyre breaks the pinfall. They trade shots in the middle. Fyre clears Carter from the ring. She goes to the top. Dawn goes for a kick on Chance but Chance pushes her into the ropes to trip Fyre on the top rope. Carter and Chance hit a double Spanish fly from the top rope but Fyre kicks out. Dawn and Fyre fight back and Carter is thrown to the floor. Fyre and Dawn hit a sister abigail type finisher via double team to get the pinfall.

Winner – Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre

Dijak cuts a promo backstage and says he warned Ilja Dragunov about clashing with him. We see footage of Dijak beating up Dragunov backstage. Dijak says he has left some pieces of Dijak to finish next week.

We see NXT Women’s Champion Indi Hartwell walking on crutches backstage. We will hear from her after the break.

Champion Moving to RAW

Indi Hartwell is in the ring and talks about when she came to NXT over 1000 days ago. She says she was a fan of black and gold era and of Bayley, Sasha and others. But people kept discarding her until she found The Way. She recalls all her famous moments and getting married in this ring. She then reveals that she had an ankle sprain before her title defense last week but still went ahead with the match. She talks about being drafted to RAW and will be her home starting May 8.

Indi announces that there will be a tournament to crown the new champion, culminating at NXT Battleground. Indi gives a motivational quote to end her promo. She says the only thing left to do is to figure out how to get out of the ring now. She puts the title in the middle of the ring and gets to the apron. Dexter Lumis appears from underneath the ring. Lumis carries Indi to the back.

The camera cut back to the ring where Tiffany Stratton picks up the title. Cora Jade tries to snatch it away. Lyra Valkyrie attacks them. A big brawl breaks out as the whole women’s locker room comes out to attack each other. The show goes off the air with the brawl continuing.

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