WWE NXT Results June 11, 2024- Cody Appears, Singapore Cane Match

WWE NXT June 11 Cody Rhodes
Credits – WWE

WWE NXT June 11, 2024 episode will start the five week build-up for NXT Heatwave 2024 event. The show will feature an appearance from WWE Champion Cody Rhodes as he comes to catch up with some friends. A Singapore Cane match is set between Dante Chan and Lexis King.

Jaida Parker and Michin will continue their rivalry from women’s ladder match this week on NXT. Jevon Evans is set to face Shawn Spears. The returns of Eddy Thorpe and Wendy Choo is also hyped about. Wes Lee will team up with New Catch Republic to take on Gallus. Tune in below for the complete results and updates from WWE NXT June 11, 2024.


Newly crowned NXT Women’s North American Champion Kelani Jordan came out to the ring and said she has to establish prestige to this title as their is no lineage. Jaida Parker interrupted her as she walked out. Michin attacked Parker from behind on the ramp. They brawled briefly and got into the ring before the referee separated them to start their match.

Michin defeated Jaida Parker in a singles match. An even contest saw Parker dumping Michin to the floor. The Good Brothers/The OC came out to check on Michin. Parker brought out a chair after Michin was sent back to the ring. The referee got distracted by Luke Gallows coming to the apron. Karl Anderson snatched the chair from Parker. Michin then pushed Parker into Anderson before rolling up Parker into a bridge to get the pinfall.

In the Chase U classroom, Ridge Holland was arguing with Riley Osbourne and Duke Hudson. Thea Hail had enough of the bickering and shut them up by dropping a f-bomb. She pointed out how everyone got a second change under Chase U and they should all just come to the same page.

Gallus(Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, & Wolfgang) defeated Wes Lee & New Catch Republic (Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne) in a tag team match. Bate, Dunne and Lee hit Gallus with dives on the floor in succession. Joe Coffey then caught Lee with a big lariat to get the pinfall.

OTM’s Jaida Parker, Bronco Nima and Lucien Price were discussing what happened with Parker vs Michin earlier. Nima and Price said they should have been out there.

Malik Blade and Edris Enofe went to Brinley Reece before her match against Wendy Choo. Blade and Enofe had a bad feeling about it, but Reece said she and Enofe would just have fun in the ring.

We got a video package for Sol Ruca preparing for ladder match at Battleground at the weekend.

Wendy Choo defeated Brinley Reece in a singles match. Choo revealed her spooky look as she came out to the ring. She dominated a short match and put on body scissors with a choke to get a submission win.

NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez was caught up for an interview in the parking lot and asked about what she would talk in her State of Women’s Division address. Perez said just like got to know about her opponent last, we all would know about it when she would get in the ring.

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes made his way to the ring and talked about his “I Quit” match against AJ Styles. NXT Champion Trick Williams came out to interrupt in the ring and asked how Cody was dealing with having a target on his back after becoming the champion. Cody said there would always be another mountain to climb until they are champions. Cody then revealed that Trick’s next challenger would be determined via a Battle Royal next week. He also said all the participants in the match might also be from different locker rooms.

Dante Chen was interviewed backstage where he hyped his match against Lexis King.

Some new recruits tried to talk to Wendy Choo in the locker room, but they only got spooked by her look.

WWE NIL Class of 2024 were introduced as they were sitting in the front row.

Lexis King defeated Dante Chen in a Singapore Cane Match. Chen attacked King from behind with a cane before taking King to the ring to start the match. Several canes were set around the ring and came to use from both men. King used a cane to hit his finisher to get the pinfall.

Jacy Jayne and Jasmyn Nyx were talking backstage with Jacy still complaining about her mask. Cody Rhodes handed her his own “dashing” mask.

We got a video package for Eddy Thorpe ahead of his return later tonight.

Eddy Thorpe defeated Tavion Heights in a singles match. Thorpe had a slight altered look with his eyes painted all black. Thorpe was in control for the most of the short match before hitting his finisher to get the pinfall.

Backstage, No Quarter Catch Crew were looking at the match. Charlie Dempsey told Myles Borne to get Tavion Heights as they want to look at him as the new member. Damon Kemp joked a bit about the new member but Dempsey put him in line for losing Heritage Cup match.

Stevie Turner interrupted NXT General Manager Ava and Mr. Stone in Ava’s office. Turner informed Ava that Roxanne Perez was heard talking about asking Ava for an apology in her promo later tonight. Ava thanked Turner for the info before asking them to clear the room as she was getting a call.

Shawn Spears defeated Je’Von Evans in a singles match. Evans missed a dive on the announce table. Spears took advantage by hitting C-5 to get the pinfall.

Backstage, New Catch Republic were with Nathan Frazer and Axiom, looking at all the fun Frazer and Axiom had in Las Vegas at the weekend. The D’Angelo Family came in and they get into an argument over tag team titles.

Shawn Spears, Ethan Page and Lexis King – all confronted Cody Rhodes backstage to reveal that they would feature in Battle Royal next week. Cody said they all seemed to be in good place.

NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez came out to the ring for State of the Women’s Division address. She hyped her win and discussed how she made sure that the title remained in NXT. Then, she asked Ava to come out and thank her. Ava came in and asked why Roxanne wanted a thank you as it was Roxanne’s job as the champion. Jacy Jayne and Jasmyn Nyx interrupted them. Jacy talked about how she was hot in NXT even before Roxanne came to the brand. Lash Legends and Jakara Jackson came out next for their part of promo. Lola Vice came out and brought up her win in NXT Underground match at Battleground. A brawl breaks out ultimately and Roxanne and Lola were the last two standing tall in the ring before the show went off the air.

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