WWE NXT Results February 21, 2023, Live Updates

WWE NXT February 21 2023
Image Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT episode of February 21, 2023, with live updates as the show builds up to NXT Roadblock 2023 special.

Bron Breakker will defend NXT Championship against Jinder Mahal in a singles match. Mahal, being a former WWE Champion, challenged Breakker after saying that fans have turned on him and he can not continue to carry the load that title comes with.

NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus will be in action in a non-title match as they face Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. The Dyad will take on Chase U’s Duke Hudson and Andre Chase in another tag team match.

Ivy Nile will face Alba Fyre in a singles match. Ilja Dragunov will face Trick Williams in another singles match. Indi Hartwell will take on Jacy Jayne in another announced match. Tune in below as we post results from WWE NXT February 21, 2023 with live updates, winners, highlights and more.


  • Ilja Dragunov defeated Trick Williams in a singles match via pinfall.
  • The Dyad(Jagger Ried & Rip Fowler) defeated Chase U(Duke Hudson & Andre Chase) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Jacy Jayne defeated Indi Hartwell in a singles match via disqualification.
  • Gallus(Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) defeated Edris Enofe & Malik Blade in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Tony D’Angelo defeated Von Wagner in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Alba Fyre defeated Ivy Nile in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Bron Breakker(c) defeated Jinder Mahal in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT Championship.


Ilja Dragunov vs Trick Williams

Trick Williams cuts a quick promo saying Dragunov will feel the pain tonight. Dragunov makes his entrance and Williams decks him from behind. The bell rings and Dragunov counters a charge with a takedown. Williams pushes him to the corner and Ilja hits him with chops. He counters a side headlock with one of his own.

Williams breaks free after a while but Dragunov hits an arm drag and puts on a headlock again. Williams hits a big punch. Dragunov hits more chops before a knee strike in the corner. Williams also hits some punches. Dragunov nails some elbows and chops. He keeps control with more blows. More punches, chops, kicks and forearms from Dragunov.

Williams trips him on the second rope and then throws him off the top onto the apron. JD McDonagh comes out to ringside when Dragunov was on the floor. Williams takes Dragunov back to the ring for a quick two-count. We cut to a break.

Williams is in control with a chin lock as we return. Dragunov gets back to his feet break Williams’ grip. They trade punches before Dragunov comes off the ropes with a lariat. Dragunov hits more chops before nailing some elbow shots. Williams hits some combination shots before Dragunov nails him with an enzuigiri.

Dragunov hits a jumping knee before hitting a knee drop from the second rope. Williams blocks a German suplex and sweeps his leg to trip him. He hits a slam to get a close two-count. Dragunov counters a roundhouse kick with a powerbomb for a near fall. Williams overpowers to break Dragunov’s grip. Dragunov still manages to hit a German suplex. Dragunov signals for torpedo and hits it to get the pinfall.

Winner – Ilja Dragunov

After the match, JD McDonagh stares Dragunov from the floor.

We get a pre-recorded promo from Jinder Mahal who says Bron Breakker got complacent last year before Stand and Deliver and lost the NXT title to Dolph Ziggler. He claims that he has made a career off shock wins, and NXT Championship will be added to that list.

Falon Henley is trying to reach to Brooks Jensen but its going to voicemail. Josh Briggs comes in and have a chat with her. Henley then leaves to talk to Kiana James.

Meiko Satomura is giving a special lesson in the performance center. Roxanne Perez comes in and joins the class. Other trainers give and leave one after the other and Perez remains the last one standing with Satomura. Perez thought the workout was over after 1000 sits up, but Satomura says this is just a warm-up.

Tyler Bate comes out to the ring for a promo. He gives props to the crowd to give him love and support thus far. He says we are about to embark on a mystical journey together. Schism cut off his promo. Joe Gacy says he can not help but overhear Bate, and their mind think alike. Bate says he does not want to drink the same concoction that Schism is drinking.

Ava says after all, their minds do not think alike all the time. Gacy talks about Bate not having a family here in US and Schism surround him. They are about to attack Bate when Chase U runs out to make the save.

The Dyad(Jagger Ried & Rip Fowler) vs Chase U(Duke Hudson & Andre Chase)

The match has already started as we return from the break and Chase U are in control against Fowler. Chase U continue with double team action on Fowler. Fowler takes Chase to their corner and tags in Reid to take over control. Reid keeps Chase on the mat for a while. Chase tries to fight out but Reid tags Fowler back who hits a shoulder breaker.

Chase is kept on the mat once again. Reid tags in again and lands a big forearm short to drop Chase. A shoulder and chin lock is applied now. Chase nails some punches but Reid keeps him off the tag. Chase ducks a clothesline to tag in Hudson. Hudson comes in hot with quick moves against both members of the Dyad.

Running punches, sentons and more quick moves from Hudson. Chase tags in and hits a superkick on Reid for a two-count. Fowler clotheslines Chase to the floor and Hudson does the same to him. Dyad double team to distract Hudson and pull him to the floor. Reid hits a suicide dive to take us to a break.

Fowler has Hudson in a chinlock. Hudson breaks free and tags in Chase. Chase nails punches to both opponents before hitting them with inverted atomic drops. He hits a double DDT on both opponents next. Fowler is booted off the apron before Reid is hit with a cutter by Chase. He hits a senton on Fowler on the floor. Chase hits a crossbody in the ring on Reid but Fowler breaks the pin.

Chase and Reid trade punches for a while. Chase gets the upper hand and also drops Fowler off the apron. Chase hits a Russian Leg Sweep before hitting Chase U stomps. Hudson tags in to hit a German suplex on Reid. Chase goes to protect Thea Hail from Ava. The Dyad hit quick double team moves on Hudson to get the pinfall.

Winners – The Dyad

After the match, Hudson screams that Thea Hail needs to grow up. He asks Chase if this is an University or a charity.

Earlier today, Von Wagner and Mr. Stone were talking backstage. Mr. Stone asked Wagner if he is ready to open up. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks come in to challenge Wagner. Mr. Stome declines the challenge but Wagner gets mad and accepts it.

Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey are interviewed. Gulak says Hank Walker was never his friend. He said he came to NXT to train the next best athlete and just because Walker wants to become one, does not mean he can be. Gulak says Dempsey has all the potential to be that wrestler though.

We get a video package from Sol Ruca who talks about every woman in NXT being very different. She says while she may suck when she attempts a new atheletic thing, but she trains and gets it done.

Jacy Jayne vs Indi Hartwell

They start with back and forth punches before Indi takes control with a big clothesline. She hits short arm clotheslines before Jacy hits back with a kick to midsection. Jacy hits two back-to-back sentons to get a two-count. Jacy drops Indi on the ropes before some knee strikes and combination kicks.

Jacy puts on a chinlock. Indi gets to her feet but Jacy keeps hold on the chinlock and jumps on her back to put more pressure. Jacy holds on the chinlock for more than a minute now. Indi back him into the corner and throws her over to break free. Indi nails quick shots before hitting a spinebuster for a two-count.

Indi hits some chops before a big boot. Jacy throws her into the corner and hits a cannonball. She kicks at her face against the turnbuckle before hitting a running boot. Jacy attempts another kick but Gigi Dolin attacks her to cause a disqualification.

Winner – Jacy Jayne

Gigi unloads with punches. Jacy slips to the floor and Gigi sends him into the barricade before hitting a knee strike. Jacy runs away and Gigi chases her.

Zoey Stark is interviewed backstage and says Sol Ruca can says whatever she wants but she has beaten her and past her. Stark wonders why is Meiko Satomura getting a title shot. She rants on every women in locker room trying to suck up to Satomura.

Gallus(Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) vs Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Coffey and Blade start the match. Coffey avoids a dropkick and hits a back body drop. Wolfgang hits big shots after tagging in. Blade goes for a backslide but Wolfgang throws him over. Coffey tags in fore some uppercuts. Blade fires some shots but Coffey drops him. Two men dressed in baby pink clothes come in to distract Gallus Boys. Blade uses the distraction to counter, and tags in Enofe.

Enofe hits quick moves on both opponents which ends with an elbow drop on Coffey for a near fall. Wolfgang dumps Enofe to the floor after he tags in Blade. Gallus hit powerslam and running elbow finisher combo to get the pinfall.

Winners – Gallus

Two men, who were earlier at ringside, came into the ring and they bring in a cake to celebrate 2 year anniversary of Gallus losing NXT UK Tag Team Championship. Gallus beat them up and send them packing. Pretty Deadly attack Gallus and bring them down. They pose on top of them with the titles.

Daba Kato gets a video package where he says Apollo forgot about him when he returned to NXT. He says he helped Apollo win the Intercontinental Championship, but Crews just abnadoned him.

Stevie Turner is streaming and has a Woman Randomizer system to talk about NXT women’s roster. Randomizer pops up Lyra Valkyrie and Stevie gives us a short introduction for her.

Von Wagner vs Tony D’Angelo

Tony corners Von and unloads with punches. A running tackle from Tony before he hits more punches. Von hits shoulder blocks in the corner. He stops Tony’s momentum with a leg lariat. He continues to nail punches before a big clothesline. Mr. Stone sits at ringside and asks Von to figure it out by himself.

Wagner keeps control of the match with more punches. He hits a body slam and an elbow drop to get a two count. More shots from Von before he slams Tony’s face into the turnbuckle. Wagner hits a clotheslines in the corner after a hard whip. Tony ducks a charge in the corner to send Von into the corner.

Tony hits clotheslines and a belly-to-belly suplex. A spinebuster follows this before Tony hits a twisting Urinage to get the pinfall.

Winner – Tony D’Angelo

After the match, Tony talks about Stacks being the most loyal man. He says Dijak does not understand loyalty. He challenges Dijak for a Jailhouse street fight at Roadblock.

Nikkita Lyons is interviewed and says she was hit from behind and does not know who attacked her. Tiffany Stratton interrupts her and says why are people still talking about her when TV time should be dedicated to the Center of The Universe.

Ivy Nile vs Alba Fyre

Back and forth fight throughout. Tatum Paxley accidentally ends up hitting a superkick on Nile from the apron. Fyre hits Gory bomb on Nile to get the pinfall.

Winner – Alba Fyre

Bron Breakker(c) vs Jinder Mahal – NXT Championship

Jinder starts with a body slam and running boot. Jinder screams at Breakker that he is a former WWE Champion. Jinder fights off a waistlock and hits a big boot to drop Breakker. Breakker finally comes back with a running tackle. Another tackle drops Mahal before Breakker hits a spinebuster. Sanga and Veer pull Jinder out of the ring. Breakker hits a suicide dive to take all 3 of them down.

Breakker drops Jinder with another another clothesline in the ring. Veer and Sanga get on the apron now to distract Breakker. The Creed Brothers attack them to start a brawl at the ringside. WWE crew runs out to try to take things under control. We cut to a break.

Breakker is still in control as we return. He hits a back body suplex next. Mahal counters near the ropes and kicks Breakker to the floor. He slams Breakker’s face into the announce table. He throws Breakker into the steel steps now. He continues to throw Breakker into the steel steps after breaking a countdown. He brings Breakker back in for a two-count.

Mahal nails back elbows on Breakker’s neck. Breakker comes back with a suplex. Breakker fires punches. Mahal replies with body shots. Breakker asks him if that is all he got. They trade more punches before Breakker hits a couple of German suplexes. He hits a big spinebuster next. Breakker removes his sling and signals for the spear, but Mahal slips out to the floor.

Breakker slams his face into the announce table. Mahal hits a jumping knee as they return to the ring. Mahal hits a brainbuster next to get another two-count. Mahal drops Breakker on double knees for another two-count. Mahal hits Breakker with some more punches. Breakker tackles him to the corner. He hits a Frankestiener from the top. He hits another suplex to get another two-count.

Mahal counters a bulldog with a jumping knee. Mahal drops Breakker again before he goes for Khallas. Breakker hits him with a spear to get the pinfall.

Winner – Bron Breakker

Breakker poses with the title until his eyes fall on Carmelo Hayes in the sky box.

We suddenly switch to the control room where Grayson Waller has taken over. Waller says Shawn Michaels did not allow him to be part of the show tonight, so, he has taken over as the main event now. Waller says he will host a special edition of Grayson Waller effect at Roadblock featuring Shawn Michaels.

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