WWE NXT 2.0 Results September 6, 2022, Live Updates

WWE NXT 6 September 2022
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Welcome to the WWE NXT Live Results blog for September 6, 2022 episode which will deal with the fall out from Worlds Collide and start to integrate NXT UK players into the fray.

Axiom and Nathan Frazer will start their best of three series this week. Wes Lee will take on JD McDonagh in another singles match. Roxanne Perez has respectfully challenged Meiko Satomura for another singles match, but Cora Jade was not happy with this setup at all.

Also expected is a new feud for Bron Breakker as he starts the journey as Unified NXT Champion. Who will step up to Mandy Rose now after her big win at Worlds Collide? What will be Joe Gacy’s next mind game to manipulate Cameron Grimes?

Find out everything as we post results from WWE NXT 2.0 September 6, 2022 episode with live action, updates, winners, and highlights.

Live Updates

Tyler Bate comes out and talks about Worlds Collide and being the first and the last NXT UK Champion. Gallus interrupts him and asks him why he failed to win the title unification match. Bate tells them that they also lost the unified tag team titles match. Gallus outnumbers Bate and beat him up until Bron Breakker runs out to make the save. Breakker challenges Gallus for a tag team match with Bate as his partner.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly are backstage when Lash Legends comes in and tells them that people are crediting their win to Damon Kamp. Pretty Deadly rant on nobody being satisfied on anything they do.

We see the recap of how Meiko Satomura shot down a challenge from Cora Jade as she had already agreed to face Roxanne Perez.

Doudrop & Nikki ASH defeated Toxic Attraction(Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) via pinfall after Doudrop hit a crossbody on Gigi Dolin.

Apollo Crews gets a video package where he talks about Grayson Waller raking his eyes twice during their match two weeks back. He says his vision is hazy, but he is not afraid of unknown like Waller.

JD McDonagh defeated Wes Lee via pinfall after hitting Saito suplex.

One year anniversary show is announced for NXT 2.0 next week. The commentators tell us that we can vote for the biggest superstar of the last year online.

Meiko Satomura defeated Roxanne Perez via pinfall after hitting rising Scorpio. Satomura kickout out of a near fall earlier in the match after Perez had hit Code Red. After the match, Cora Jade attacked Perez with a stick. Satomura returned to the ring and Jade ran away.

Damon Kamp gets a pre-recorded promo explaining that he did not get to do anything while in Diamond Mine. He reveals how he used to be better than The Creeds during Collegiate wrestling. But, he was disrespected in Diamond Mine.

Ricochet defeated Trick Williams via pinfall.

Tony D’Angelo and “Stacks” Lorenzo are backstage having tea when Cameron Grime was passing by. Tony stops Grimes and asks him what has he decided on joining D’Angelo Family. Grimes gets tea for himself and says the answer will be a “no” always. Tony tells him that the last guys that told him no are not here anymore. Grimes says he is not like those guys. Stacks replies, “Yes, those guys were actually respected.” Grimes throws tea on Stacks and starts a brawl. Stacks takes down Grimes and puts him through a table with an Urinage.

We get a video package for Sol Ruca who is coming soon.

Diamond Mine is backstage and they vow Damon Kamp is a dead man when they get their hands on him. Pretty Deadly come in and are angry at people undermining their title win. So, they will let WWE Universe decide on a stipulation for their title match against The Creed Brothers next week.

Axiom defeated Nathan Frazer via pinfall.

Security is outside of Gallus’ locker room to escort them to the ring. Big Body Javi comes in and toys around with them. The lead of security argues with him and threatens to beat him up anytime, anywhere.

“Super Diva” Quincy Elliott announces he will be on the show next week.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams get interviewed. Hayes is told that he will have NXT North American Championship match next week and his opponent will be picked by the fans in a vote.

Bron Breakker & Tyler Bate defeated Gallus (Joe & Mark Coffey) via pinfall after Bate hits Tyler Driver 97 on Mark Coffey.

After the match, JD McDonagh attacks Tyler Bate and drops him with Saito Suplex. McDonagh runs away when Bron Breakker gets back to the ring.

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