WWE NXT May 23, 2023 Results, Live Update, Winners

WWE NXT May 23 2023

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT May 23, 2023 show which was the go-home edition for Battleground 2023 PLE.

2 semifinals for NXT Women’s Championship Tournament were set for this show. Roxanne Perez took on Tiffany Stratton while Cora Jade took on Lyra Valkyrie in these semifinals to earn the spot in the final at Battleground.

Noam Dar was in action once again as he took on Nathan Frazer in a singles match just days before his match against Dragon Lee for Heritage Cup. Two more singles matches were announced for May 23 NXT in Tyler Bate vs Eddy Thorpe and Hank Walker vs Tank Ledger.

We also heard from Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker before their showdown at NXT Battleground. Tune in below as we posted results and live updates from WWE NXT May 23, 2023 with winners and live updates.


  • Lyra Valkyrie defeated Cora Jade in the semifinal of NXT Women’s Championship Tournament via pinfall.
  • Dabba Kato defeated Axiom in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Tyler Bate defeated Eddy Thorpe in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Nathan Frazer defeated Noam Dar in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Hank Walker defeated Tank Leder in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Luca Crosifinho defeated Von Wagner in a singles match via disqualification.
  • Tiffany Stratton defeated Roxanne Perez in semifinal of NXT Women’s Championship Tournament via pinfall.


Cora Jade vs Lyra Valkyrie -Semifinal of NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

They start with some back-and-forth action. Lyra unloads with rights before a missile dropkick from the second rope. Lyra hits a northern lights suplex and gets a two-count with the bridge. Jade counters with a front headlock. She throws Lyra to the corner. Lyra counters her in the corner with one more northern lights suplex. More back-and-forth action before Lyra hits a reverse roundhouse kick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Lyra Valkyrie

After the match, Cora hits Lyra with a chop block to her knees. She also hits Lyra’s knee with a kendo stick before crew and referees intervene.

We hear from Bron Breakker on his NXT title shot at Battleground.

Dijak is entering the arena. Ilja Dragunov hits him with a pump kick and goes on throw him around.

Dabba Kato vs Axiom

Axiom ducks Kato and hits some calf kicks. Kato catches him but Axiom slips out and hits more kicks to his legs. Kato drops him with a big blow before throwing him to the floor. He hits a big shot to the chest before throwing Axiom back into the ring. Axiom hits him with a chop block as he was returning to the ring. Kato hits a clothesline and a double-handed powerbomb to get the pinfall.

Winner – Dabba Kato

Kato continues his attack after his celebration. Scrypts jumps into the ring and hits a punch. He uses a low bridge to send Kato to the floor. Referees stop Kato from engaging in the brawl.

Tony D’Angelo is interviewed in police custody. The officer shows him a video and asks if he is the one committing the crime. Tony says the footage is too dark and unclear. Another officer comes in and asks the interrogator to check new information that has come to light.

Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey & Wolfgang are in the ring with Joe Coffey. They discuss no challenger standing up to them. They mock Tony D’Angelo getting arrested and The Creed Brothers not calling them for the title shot after proclaiming it last week. The Creed Brothers come out for some argument before Joe throws a punch at Julius. A brawl breaks out with Gallus boys getting the numbers advantage. Stacks runs out to even the odds.

NXT North American Champion Wes Lee is backstage for an interview. He says he does not know whom to trust anymore after Tyler Bate has turned to be after a title shot after pretending to be his friend. Bate comes in but Lee is not shaking his hand. Lee tells him that he will watch his match closely.

Eddy Thorpe vs Tyler Bate

Wes Lee is on the commentary. Back and forth start with side headlocks and takedowns. Thorpe gets Bate down to the mat. Bate gets back and hits a dropkick. Thorpe comes back with a jumping clothesline. Bate gets a two-count with an inside cradle. Thorpe hits a big kick to his back. Thorpe works on his arm before putting on the abdominal stretch. Bate breaks free and hits a big boot from the second rope. He hits a standing shooting star press to get a two-count. Thorpe blocks Tiger Driver 97 before hitting a big boot. Bate blocks a German suplex and hits a clothesline. He hits Tiger Driver 97 to get the pinfall.

Winner – Tyler Bate

Joe Gacy attacks Bate after the match. Lee runs into save Bate but Gacy takes them down with a double clothesline.

Lyra Valkyrie is checked backstage and says her knee is bruised and they can only tell anything after swelling goes down. When asked upon, she says she would like to face him Roxanne Perez in the final as she considers her the best.

Noam Dar vs Nathan Frazer

Dar starts with an arm wringer. Frazer throws him over using the arm before countering to put on a side headlock. Dar reverses the headlock. Frazer avoids a kick before taking down Dar to the mat with a side headlock takedown. More headlock takeovers from Frazer whenever Dar gets to his feet. Dar hits a knee to midsection. Frazer misdirects Dar as he runs the ropes a few times before hitting a dropkick to send Dar to the floor. We cut to a break.

Dar avoids Frazer in the corner. He hits a kick when Frazer tries to springboard from the ropes. Dar hits a kick to the face to get a two-count. Dar starts to work on Frazer’s arm. Dar continues to be in control but draws warning from the referee. Frazer fires back with punches before Dar hits a pump knee to his face. Frazer springboards into an inverted DDT. Frazer hits more punches after blocking Dar’s shots before a springboard double ax handle, a clothesline and a twisting neckbreaker to get a close two-count. Dar grabs the ankle lock.

Frazer breaks free but Dar hits a kick to his face. Dar puts on an armbar and Frazer has to get to the ropes. Frazer nails Dar with a superkick to get a close two-count. Frazer hits some quick punches before Dar gets him inside cradle for a two-count. Dar hits a back elbow for another two-count. Dragon Lee comes out and goes on check Heritage Cup. Dar comes out to argue with him. Frazer hits Dar with a suicide dive and takes Dar back to the ring to hit Pheonix splash to get the pinfall.

Winner – Nathan Frazer

Ilja Dragunov is in the locker for an interview and says he wanted to give Dijak a taste of what to expect in their match at Battleground. Dijak runs in to start a brawl.

We see NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes in his hometown Boston, giving interviews and attending Boston Celtics games.

Tank Ledger vs Hank Walker

Tank starts with a side headlock. They both no-sell shoulder tackles from each other. Tank throws Walker to the corner for a couple of shots. Walker turns it around and nails his punches. Tank hits a body slam for a two-count. They trade more punches. Walker hits a body slam. They clash in the middle and Walker rolls up Tank to get the pinfall.

Winner – Hank Walker

Walker gives his hand to pick up Tank. Bron Breakker hits Walker with a spear followed by a spear on Tank. He looks into the camera and says he will see Carmelo Hayes at Battleground.

Diamond Mine are backstage with Stacks and thank him for helping out against Gallus. Stacks offers to help them against the numbers game from Gallus. The Creeds turn him down and say when Tony gets out they can have the first shot at the tag titles.

Gigi & Jacy

Gigi Dolin comes out to the ring and starts to talk about her family. She rants on Jacy Jayne for turning her back on her and vows to take her down. Jacy appears in the stands and says their time as the tag team was so good but she was carrying Gigi in every match and wanted to move on to the bigger and better things. Gigi retorts by saying that she has been Jacy’s center of attraction since she kicked her face. Jacy says she beat her last time they were in the ring.

Gigi says Jacy has to get stitches and that she also has 1 win over Jacy, and challenges for a rubber match. Jacy says she will love to get past her and challenges her for a match next week. Jacy also adds that the match has to be the steel cage match. Gigi continues with some trash talk before saying it has to be a weaponised cage match. Jacy agreed.

Luca Crusifino is on courthouse steps telling Von Wagner that he would regret not to let things be settled in the court and instead it will be settled in ring tonight.

We get a video package about the history of NXT Heritage Cup and a breakdown of the British Rounds rules.

NXT Anonymous has posted a footage of Noam Dar begging Oro Mensah to be in his corner at Battleground. Lash Legend was walking by them and mocked Dar for his cup.

Von Wagner vs Luca Crosifinho

Wagner starts with big shots before hitting a clothesline. Wagner misses in the corner and Luca gets some shots going. Wagner turns it around to hit more punches, a slam and a clothesline. Luca sends him to the floor. He goes to snatch Wagner’s childhood pic from Mr. Stone. Wagner gets angry and starts unloading with punches on the ropes. The referee warns him and gives him 5 count before calling for a disqualification.

Winner – Luca Crosifinho

Wagner throws Luca into the barricade before he looks for a powerbomb. Mr. Stone calms him down but Wagner goes on to drop Luca onto the announce table with a powerbomb.

Roxanne Perez vs Tiffany Stratton – Semifinal of NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

They start with a show of strength. Stratton has the power advantage and she gets a two-count. Perez gets on the waistlock and dodges back elbows before getting a two-count with a pin attempt. Perez sweeps the leg. Tiffany lands on her feet from a hurricanrana. More back and forth action. Perez hits an armdrag and puts on an armbar. Tiffany hits back with a big punch and stars to work on Perez’s arm. Perez hits a hurricanrana to send Tiffany to the floor. Tiffany catches her suicide dive but Perez slips out from her shoulder. Perez sends Tiffany into the apron. She goes to the top and Tiffany trips off the ropes. We cut to a break.

Perez counters a powerbomb attempt and kicks Tiffany to the floor. She hits a couple of suicide dives on the floor. Tiffany catches her crossbody as they get into the ring before hitting a rolling driver. Perez avoids a moonsault before hitting a couple of running uppercuts. Tiffany hits a spinebuster to get a two-count. Tiffany takes Perez to the top. Perez fights back and hits a hurricanrana to bring Tiffany down from the top.

Perez hits some body shots. Tiffany counters a Russian Leg Sweep. Perez counters another powerbomb with a sunset flip to get a two-count. Perez hits Russian leg sweep to bring Tiffany down for a two-count. Tiffany drops Perez to the ropes as she blocks Pop-Rox. Tiffany hits a rolling slam before hitting Most Beautiful Moonsault to get the pinfall.

Winner – Tiffany Stratton

Lyra Valkyrie is out to have a face-off with Tiffany after the match. Perez is attacked by a hooded figure. Lyra runs to Perez to check on her.

Dijak comes out to sign the contract for the last man standing match that is with the commentary team. Ilja Dragunov attacks him from behind. They brawl and go towards the commentary table. Ilja crashes into the steel steps as Dijak sidesteps. Dijak throws him into the barricade and goes to sign the contract. He fights off security before Ilja batters him with chops. A big chop puts Dijak over the barricade. Ilja also signs the contract. Dijak hits a big boot and goes to dismantle steel steps. Ilja kicks Dijak and Dijak’s face fall onto the steel step. Ilja screams as the referee holds him at bay.

We get a video package for Battleground before the show goes off the air.

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