WWE NXT March 28, 2023 Results & Live Updates

WWE NXT March 27 2023

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT March 28, 2023 episode as we get into the final build-up for Stand & Deliver 2023 event.

Two qualifiers for Stand and Deliver are set on this show. A men’s battle royal will find out the final participant in North American Championship fatal 5-way match. A triple-threat match is set between Ivy Nile, Sol Ruca and Indi Hartwell and the winner will be added to NXT Women’s Championship Ladder match.

We will also see the debut of Eddy Thorpe. Grayson Waller is set to sign a contract for an unsanctioned match against Stand & Deliver, but he has the condition that Gargano should not be on tonight’s show. Will Gargano be able to keep himself away from NXT this week?

What else will happen on the final show before the WrestleMania weekend? Tune in below to find out as we post results from WWE NXT March 28, 2023 episode with live updates, winner & highlights.


  • Axiom wins 20-man Battle Royal to qualify for North American Title Match.
  • Tyler Bate defeated Von Wagner in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Elektra Lopez defeated Valentina Feroz in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Eddy Thorpe defeated Myles Borne in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Indi Hartwell defeated Sol Ruca & Ivy Nile in a triple threat match via pinfall to qualify for NXT Women’s Championship Ladder Match.
  • Drew Gulak defeated Hank Walker in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo defeated Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs in a tag team match via pinfall.


20 Men Battle Royal to qualify for North American Title Match

The bell rings and Quincy Elliot is thrown to the floor to be eliminated. Daba Kato is fighting Odessey Jones. Axiom is fighting Scrypts. Chan is sent ot the apron and Dijak boots him to eliminate him. Xyon Quinn eliminates someone. Nathan Frazer eliminates Damon Kamp after hitting a superkick on the apron. Blade and Enofe work together on Dijak. They throw him together but Dijak hangs onto the ropes. Jones hits a tackle to break his grip and Dijak gets eliminated.

Dijak pulls Jones out and throws him into the ring steel steps. Jones is thrown back into the ring. Jinder Mahal sees the opportunity to eliminate Jones easily. Blade and Enofe fight Mahal. Mahal hangs onto the ropes and gets them both to the apron. Crews knocks Blade and Enofe off the apron to eliminate them. Scrypts eliminates himself as he tries to show some athleticism. Javier Bernal is thrown out by Kato as we cut to a break.

Hank Walker puts Drew Gulak on the apron and puts on a waistlock. Charlie Dempsey puts Walker over the ropes which eliminates both Walker and Gulak. Kato throws Apollo Crews out. Axiom and Frazer work together to eliminate Jinder Mahal. Dempsey joins them to eliminate Daba Kato with a series of quick kicks. Dempsey, Axiom and Nathan Frazer are the last three in the match. Dempsey hits a deadlift German suplex on Axiom. Frazer hits springboard dropkick on Dempsey. Axiom trades some shots with Dempsey before finally pushing him off the apron.

Frazer and Axiom are the final two. Quick action but they both dodge or block moves. Frazer finally hits a superkick. Axiom replies with an enzuigiri. Frazer springboards to hit an inverted DDT. Frazer hits some punches but Axiom gets him to his knees and hits a low superkick. Frazer cuts off his charge with a superkick. Axiom gets up in the corner. He fights off Frazer and gets to the top. Frazer hits a superplex but Axiom blocks falcon arrow. Axiom throws Frazer to the apron. Axiom hits a dropkick but Frazer hangs on and returns to the ring. Axiom throws him to the floor to win the match.

Winner – Axiom

After the match, Wes Lee gets into the ring to congratulate Axiom. Dragon Lee comes out to shake hands with both of them. Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh also come out to complete the line-up from the match.

Pretty Deadly gives us a special preview for NXT North American Championship match.

Tyler Bate is backstage as Andre Chase and Thea Hail hype him up for a match against Von Wagner. Duke Hudson is just standing lifeless in the corner.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are backstage when Kiana James walks in with Fallon Henley. James informs them that she has got them a chance to get into the tag title match at Stand & Deliver if they win tonight’s match. Henley asks James why she dod not confess about Sebastian. Josh Briggs is just happy to get the opportunity and tells Fallon to keep quite for a while.

Tyler Bate vs Von Wagner

Bate steps aside to avoid a charge and nails an enzuigiri. Bate hits some uppercuts to take Wagner to the corner. Wagner throws him into the corner but Bate escpaes from the corner and hits a diving uppercut. A lariat from Bate before more quick moves. Robert Stone runs an interference. Bate goes to the floor and brings Stone into the ring. Thea Hail hits Stone with a Thesz press. Wagner gets in and nails a forearm on Bate. Bate ducks Wagner and hits a suicide dive on Stone as Duke Hudson holds Stone. Bate hits a dropkick on Wagner before hitting a Senton off the top to get the pinfall.

Winner – Tyler Bate

Roxanne is Cleared!

We see Roxanne Perez searching for Shawn Michaels backstage as we cut to a break.

Roxanne Perez goes to meet Shawn Michaels in his office. Perez tells Michaels that she was cleared to compete by the doctors today, and that her diagnosis was a combination of anxiety and exhaustion. Perez says she wants to defend her title in the ladder match at Stand & Deliver. Michaels asks her to take it easy and gets some matches under belt before challenging for the title after Stand & Deliver.

Perez says she suffers with anxiety about not being a champion and peaking at 21. Michaels says she is better physically but mentally, she is not ready yet, and that she has a long, wonderful career ahead of her to take care of. Perez asks Michaels if he also use to think about Wrestlemania and say, “well there’s next year.” Michaels gives up and he wants tests and meetings with doctors. And if she is good to go, she will defend the title at Stand & Deliver.

Valentina Feroz vs Elektra Lopez

Lopez nails a big shot to start the match. Feroz hits a back elbow after Lopez corners her. Feroz fires some punches before Lopez trips her. Lopez works on her ankle. Lopez misses an elbow drop on the ankle. Lopez sends her to the corner and hits some arm drags. Lopez hits Electra Shock to get the pinfall.

Winner – Elektra Lopez

Eddy Thorpe vs Myles Borne

Eddy Thorpe is making his NXT debut. Thorpe starts with an arm wringer. Thorpe hits a jumping crossbody. Borne hits back with a dropkick. Borne hits some punches before he hits a back elbow to drop him. More punches from Borne before he hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Thorpe brings him down with dragon screw leg. He hits some kick before an enzuigiri and a big boot in the corner. He hits a hip toss and an elbow drop to get a two-count. Thorpe hits a brainbuster to get the pinfall.

Winner – Eddy Thorpe

We get a special preview for Johnny Gargano vs Grayson Waller match from Pretty Deadly.

Sol Ruca vs Ivy Nile vs Indi Hartwell – Qualifier for Women’s Championship Ladder Match

Some quick back and forth between all three of them. Ruca hits a body slam on Ivy. She uses a low bridge to send Indi to the floor. Ivy hits some bodykicks but Ruca hits her with a dropkick to send her to the floor. Ruca hits a moonsault on her opponents on the floor. Ivy hits hurricanrana after jumping from the top. She hits dropkicks on both opponents. Indi kicks her and gets her to the ropes to hit a rope-hang DDT. Ruca breaks the pin.

Ruca blocks a DDT and hits a springboard splash after setting up Indi in the middle of the ring. Ruca and Ivy fight now. Ruca is able to hit her with a corner splash. Indi hits Ruca with a spinebuster. Ivu puts on a headlock on Indi. Ruca hits Nile with Sol Snatcher as she gets near the corner. Indi kicks Ruca to the floor and hits a big hammer elbow on Nile to get the pinfall.

Winner – Indi Hartwell

After the match, we see all the participants in the match coming out one by one. Roxanne Perez appears on the sky box with her NXT Women’s Championship.

Pretty Deadly gives us a special preview for NXT Women’s Championship ladder match. They confirm that the match is turned into a title defense for Roxanne Perez.

We get an update from Grayson Waller who says the security is doing one last sweep of the facility to check for Johnny Gargano and he will get into the arena once he gets the clearance.

We get a special prime target vignette for NXT Championship.

Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre get a vignette where they say Kiana James and Fallon Henley do not deserve to be tag team champions due to the turmoil between them.

Hank Walker vs Drew Gulak

Walker starts with a some punches and back elbows. Walker hits a clothesline, a back body drop and an arm drag. He goes for an armbar. Gulak counters with a Camel Clutch. Walker reverses it. Gulak puts on a stretch mufler before Walker reverses it. Gulak puts on a single-leg crab. Walker counters with a single-leg crab of his own. Gulak reaches the ropes to break free. Gulak drops Walker’s hand on the ropes and then hits a neckbreaker.

Gulak stomps on Walker’s arm. Gulak hits a corner clothesline and a blow to the back to drop Walker. Gulak hits a clothesline off the top. He puts on a crossface. Gulak changes it into a chinlock. Walker gets to his feet and breaks free. Walker lands quick punches before a Thesz Press. Walker hits some corner splashes and a body slam. Walker takes a running start and hits a shoulder tackle. Gulak kicks out of the pin.

Gulak counters with a crossface. Hank breaks free and goes for an armbar. Gulak locks his hands but Walker manages to get the armbar on. Gulak gets his leg on the ropes to break it. Dempsey takes a cheap shot at Walker as Drew engaged the referee. Gulak gets Walker into an inside cradle to get the pinfall.

Winner – Drew Gulak

Pretty Deadly now previews the three-way tag team championship match.

Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs vs Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo

Jensen starts with a roll-up on Stacks. Stacks counters with a pin attempt himself. Jensen hits a suplex. Stacks hits a body slam. Jensen gets a side headlock on. He tags in Briggs and hits a bulldog. Tony takes a tag and hits a German suplex on Briggs. Tony hits a couple of waistlock takedowns. Briggs hits a shoulder tackle before Tony fires back with an elbow. Tony and Stacks hit some double team moves.

Henley and James are arguing backstage. Henley says she will tell Jensen the truth. Briggs fights off a headlock from Stacks. Jensen tags in and joins Briggs to fight off both Tony and Stacks. They hit stereo punches from the floor. We cut to a break.

Tony has Jensen in a headlock as we return from the break. Henley and James are ringside now. Tony hits a backbreaker and blow from behind. Tony tags in to hit some punches to Jensen’s ribs. Tony and Stacks hits Doomsday Device on Jensen for near fall. Tony knocks off Jensen with a back elbow.

Briggs hits quick moves on Tony and Stacks after the tag. Briggs gets Stacks on his shoulder and Jensen hits a spinning heel kick. Tony breaks the pin. Tony and Briggs trade punches now. Tony ducks a big boot from Briggs and sends him to the floor. Tony and Stacks hits a double team back body drop to get the pinfall.

Winner – Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo

After the match, Henley and James get into the ring. Henley wants to tell Jensen the truth about Sebastian but James goes on to kiss Jensen.

Grayson Waller makes his entrance with security all along the ramp and around the ring. Waller takes the contract from the commentator. Waller gets into the ring and reads the contract before he starts his promo. Waller continues to talk trash for a while before Gargano’s music hits. Waller waits for Gargano to appear but Gargano is already in the ring disguised as a security guard. Gargano attacks Waller to start a brawl. They continue to brawl on the floor while the security try to separate them. The show goes off the air.

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