WWE NXT New Year’s Evil January 2, 2024 Preview & Match Card

Ilja Dragunov vs Trick Williams WWE NXT New Year's Evil 2024
Credits – WWE

WWE NXT January 2, 2024 episode will be the NXT New Year’s Evil 2024 TV special show. The show will feature NXT Championship and NXT Women’s Championship matches as highlights.

Dragon Lee & LWO will face No Quarter Catch Crew in a trios match. Fallon Henley and Tiffany Stratton will clash with the stipulation that the loser becomes a servant of the winner. Roxanne Perez takes on Arianna Grace while Oba Femi and Riley Osbourne will clash in the final of NXT Breakout tournament. Check below for the complete preview and match card for WWE NXT January 2, 2024 episode.

Iron Survivor Winners Get Their Title Shot

Trick Williams and Blair Davenport won the men and women Iron Survivor Challenge matches which ensured them a title shot at New Year’s Evil. Davenport and Lyra Valkyrie’s showdown take us back to NXT UK days from where both these women come. Roxanne Perez won NXT Women’s Championship from Mandy Rose after winning Iron Survivor Challenge. Will Blair repeat her success?

Trick Williams has emerged as one of the most favorite of NXT fans coming out of 2024. But, will this support be enough for WWE to pull the plug on Ilja Dragunov’s NXT Championship reign?

Breakout Star

Oba Femi and Riley Osbourne are the latest in line to become the latest breakout star as they clash in the final of NXT Breakout Tournament. Femi has rolled over his opponents while Osbourne has shown tremendous temprament in the tournament. Which man will prove to be a superior competitor here though?

Women’s Division Galore

Two women’s singles matches are announced for the show. Roxanne Perez and Arianna Grace will continue their rivalry as Perez tries to shut down Grace’s beauty queen shenanigans.

Fallon Hanley and Tiffany Stratton will clash in a trilogy bout with a big stipulation attached to the match. If Hanley wins, Stratton has to become Hanley’s Ranch hand for a day. If Stratton manages a win, Hanley will have to become Stratton’s servant for a day.

Trios Clash

Dragon Lee will get some assistance from his main roster buddies from LWO in his clash with No Quarter Catch Crew. Jaoquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro will team up with Lee to face Drew Gulak, Damon Kamp and Myles Borne. Will Lee end this rivalry here or will Gulak and company get a win to continue their pursuit for North American Championship?

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