WWE NXT Great American Bash Results & Live Updates(July 5, 2022)

NXT Great American Bash 2022

Welcome to the results blog for WWE NXT Great American Bash 2022 specail episode on July 5, 2022.

A decent match card is announced for this NXT weekly special show with Bron Breakker defending his NXT Championship against Cameron Grimes. NXT Tag Team Championship will also be on the line as The Creed Brothers try to show that they are better than Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp.

Carmelo Hayes will not be in good mood as Grayson Waller tricked him into signing a contract for North American title match for this show. Toxic Attraction has new challengers for the women’ss tag team championship in the form of Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade.

Wes Lee will take on Trick Williams after some bitter comments from Williams. Wendy Choo will try to put Tiffany Stratton in her place in another singles match on the card.

Tune in as we bring you the live results from WWE NXT Great American Bash 2022 with updates, complete coverage, winners and video highlights.


  • Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade defeated Toxic Attraction(Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin)(c) via pinfall to win NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • Trick Williams defeated Wes Lee in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Tiffany Stratton defeated Wendy Choo in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Carmelo Hayes(c) defeated Grayson Waller via pinfall to retain NXT North American Championship.
  • The Creed Brothers(Julius Creed & Brutus Creed)(c) defeated Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp via pinfall to retain NXT Tag Team Championship.
  • Bron Breakker(c) defeated Cameron Grimes – NXT Championship

Live Coverage

A video package starts the show. NXT Women’s tag title match is the first match of the night.

Toxic Attraction(Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin)(c) vs Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Jade and Jayne start with a lock-up. Back and forth blocks and counters until Jade hits a snapmare takedown and a dropkick. Dolin comes in and so does Perez. The referee misses the tag between Perez and Jayne and Toxic Attraction take advantage of the confusion to take Perez to their corner to take control. We cut to a break.

After the break, we see Dolin working on Perez. Jaynce comes in and Perez rolls out and hits a dropkick. Both women catch each other with dropkicks and tag out. Jade hits a hurricanrana, enzuigiri and a knee in a corner for a two-count. Dolin nails her with an elbow and Jayne tags in. Jade hits a snapmare and tags in Perez for a double team move on Jayne. They nail Jayne with double superkick and Rose has to pull out the referee to stop the pin. Jayne drops Perez and brings in Dolin to hit Hi-Low. Jade breaks the pin. Jade takes Jayne to the floor. Perez hits Code Red on Dolin to get the pin.

Winners – Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade(new NXT Tag Team Champions)

Tony D’Angelo is backstage with rest of his crime family. He tells them that he has put Santos Escobar on shelf. He warns others from Legado Del Fantansma to prove their loyalty towards him and will give them one last chance next week.

Wes Lee vs Trick Williams

Williams slams Lee to the mat after they lock up. Williams tosses Lee acrpss te ring before Lee trips him and slams his face to the mat. Both miss roundhouse kicks until Lee hits an enzuigiri and a dropkick. Williams hits a pumphandle slam to get a two-count. Williams puts on a shoulder lock. Lee counters it with an armdrag. Some combination offense ends with an enzuigiri and dropkick to the face. Lee knocks Williams to the floor and Hayes distracts Lee and the referee. Williams puts on rubbing alcohol on his hands. He rakes Lee’s face with the rubbing alcohol and then nails him with a pump kick to get the pin.

Winner – Trick Williams

Tiffany Stratton vs Wendy Choo

Tiffany Stratton was getting her makeup done backstage when Wendy Choo came in and threw powder at her face. Choo slams Stratton into a door. Stratton scrambles and leaves the room. Choo beats up Stratton backstage as we cut to a break.

Stratton turns the control around in the match as we return from the break. Stratton hits dropkick and a snapmare takedown. Choo comes back with a belly-to-belly throw. She hits a knee to send Stratton to the corner and follows up with a crossbody. Stratton counters with a powerbomb to get a near fall. Choo nails some elbows before Stratton goes for another powerbomb. But Choo counters to drop her to the mat. Choo puts on a rear naked choke. Stratton gets to her feet and Choo hits a suplex to get a near fall. Stratton lands on her feet from a German suplex. Stratton hits a double stomp to get the pin.

Winner – Tiffany Stratton

Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez are interviewed backstage for their tag title win. Perez announces that she will cash in the breakout tournament contract next week against Mandy Rose.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker is backstage. Cameron Grimes comes to check on his injury. Grimes says he will do everything to win the NXT title tonight.

Apollo Crews comes out and reveals that his kids stopped watching him on TV after his character change, but they have started watching him again since he has returned to NXT. He talks about young and hungry talent in NXT right now. Giovanni Vince interrupts him and pointed out that Crews did not list his name in NXT talent when he can outperform him in every way. A match is setup between them for next week.

Ivy Nile is interviewed backstage where she says Diamond Mine is Forever despite their egos. Tatum Paxley and Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are arguing nearby. She tells Tatum to see her at the dojo next morning.

We get another video package for JD McDonaugh.

Carmelo Hayes(c) vs Grayson Waller – NXT North American Championship

Hayes and Waller start with lock-up to go back and forth. Hayes blocks a stunner. He hits a leg drop by hanging Waller on the second rope. Waller hits him with a backdrop suplex. Hayes rolls to the floor and Waller slides to hit a big clothesline.

Waller kept control for a while after the break. Hayes makes a comeback before some more back and forth action. Williams distracted Waller when he gets to the floor. Wes Lee attacks Williams. Hayes catches Waller with a codebreaker/recoil. He hits a leg drop from the top to get the pin.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

Mandy Rose is getting interviewed and says Roxanne Perez is gonna regret challenging her to a title match after her adrellaine comes down.

The Creed Brothers(Julius Creed & Brutus Creed)(c) vs Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp – NXT Tag Team Championship

Strong starts against Brutus for some grappling. Brutus counters his tackle by dropping him to the mat. Julius and Kemp come in and Julius hits a suplex. Julius gets distracted by Strong and Kemp hits him with a German suplex. Strong and Kemp keep Julius under control with some quick tags. Julius takes Kemp to his corner and work on him with Brutus. Kemp gets hit with a back body drop and a dropkick. Kemp rolls to the floor but Strong throws him back in. Julius throws him to the other side with a back body drop. Brutus dives on Kemp after he gets a tag. We cut to a break with Brutus and Kemp on the floor.

Kemp has Julius under control as we return. Strong tags in and Julius nails him with a couple of shots. Strong hits a few chops before bringing in Kemp. Julius hits a gutwrench suplex on Kemp to bring in Brutus. Brutus manhandles him for a while. Strong comes in and takes a cheap shot at Julius. This distraction allows Strong to nail Brutus with a couple of jumping knee shots.

Kemp hits a slingshot spear on Brutus to get a two-count. Brutus counters a slam with a cradle to get a two-count. Kemp misses in the corner. Julius and Strong come in. Julius takes control with big moves in quick succession. Kemp comes in and Julius hits a spinebuster to get the pin.

Winner – The Creed Brothers

Robert Stone was ranting against Von Wagner not being on Great American Bash card and blames it on fans. Solo Sikoa takes offense to start an arguement. Wagner wants a match between them next week.

Bron Breakker(c) vs Cameron Grimes – NXT Championship

Bron pushes Grimes to the corner. Grimes does the same after they break. A bit of back and forth. Grimes blocks a suplex and bring down Bron in an armbar. Bron hits a corner splash. He hits a big clothesline to take us to a break.

Bron hits a suplex as we return from the break. Grimes throws him to the floor and hits a penalty kick and senton. Grimes stomps on him on the floor for a while. He hits a big kick to the chest as they return to the ring. Grimes hits more kicks and this starts to hype Bron. Bron slams Grimes to the corner and then hits a spinebuster. Bron is selling his shoulder injury.

Breakker hits flying shoulder tackles and spinebuster. Grimes nails Bron with a superkick and a standing Spanish fly for a near fall. Breakker hits a hurrincanrana from the top. Grimes puts on a shoulder lock. He sends Breakker into the turnbuckle shoulder first and hits Cave In. Breakker kicks out of the pin. Grimes goes for the Cave In from the second rope but Breakker catches him with a spear midair to get the pin.

Winner – Bron Breakker

JD McDonagh attacks Breakker on the ramp and sends him through a table to close the show.