WWE NXT August 8, 2023, Preview & Match Card

WWE NXT August 8 2023
Credits – WWE

WWE NXT episode of August 8, 2023, is set to feature Dominik Mysterio defending the NXT North American Title along with the Heritage Cup match. 

Dragon Lee will challenge Dominik Mysterio for the NXT North American title. Tyler Bate will go one-on-one against Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup. Bron Breakker will face Von Wagner whereas Axiom vs Mustafa Ali is also announced. Read below to check the complete preview and match card of WWE NXT August 8, 2023. 

Dominik Mysterio vs Dragon Lee

After retaining the title at NXT Great American Bash, Rhea & Dominik were boasting about how they restored Mysterio’s family name last week on NXT. Dragon Lee came out and stated that Rey Mysterio is still the greatest luchador in the world and challenged Dominik to a match for the North American title. Dom claimed that he is a fighting champion and accepted the challenge. Rey Mysterio then appeared on screen and revealed that he would be in Dragon Lee’s corner for this match

Noam Dar vs Tyler Bate

Noam Dar is still carrying around the duplicate NXT Heritage Cup trophy even after Nathan Frazer defeated Oro Mensah for the Cup. Mensah replaced Noam Dar in the Heritage Cup match due to his injury. Noam still claims he is the champion, and hence Tyler Bate challenged him to defend the cup against him.

Bron Breakker vs Von Wagner

On the July 25 episode of NXT, Breaker speared Von Wagner after the latter defeated Javier Bernal in a singles match. A week later, Breaker appeared in a pre-recorded segment and called out Wagner which set up a match this week. Who will win the battle of the powerhouses? 

Axiom vs Mustafa Ali

During the August 1 episode of NXT, Axiom confronted Dominik, but he was cut off by Mustafa who started his own argument with Dominik. As a result, Axiom and Mustafa had a dispute which led to a match between them this week.

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