WWE Most Liked Video On Youtube from 2019

Ambrose Shield Farewell 8 April 2019
The Shield gave Farewell to Dean Ambrose after RAW

Forbes has published the list of the most liked and most disliked videos from WWE on its Youtube channel for the year 2019. Let’s revisit the segments and matches for which WWE fans have clicked on the thumbs up the most times in the year.

1. The Shield say goodbye to Dean Ambrose after Raw goes off the air

  • No of Likes– 843k
  • Published Date– 8 April 2019
  • Current Views– 42 Million

Dean Ambrose left WWE in April 2019 before joining the rival promotion AEW. With his departure known well in advance, Ambrose was given quite a farewell. One such farewell came on the RAW after Mania episode on 8 April 2019 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

2. Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley: Arm Wrestling Match

  • No of Likes– 1.2 Million
  • Publish Date– 3 June 2019
  • Current Views– 150 Million

Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman had around two-month long rivalry between May to July 2019. Apart from matches, they also competed in many strength and conditioning competition during that time. One such event was the arm-wrestling match between them which is the second most liked and most viewed video of WWE on Youtube.

3. The Undertaker comes to Roman Reigns’ Aid

  • No of Like– 358k
  • Publish Date– 24 June 2019
  • Current Views– 18 Million

After his disastrous match at WWE Crown Jewel, The Undertaker needed another match quickly to cleanse off the memories from Saudi Arabia. WWE built up a simple storyline where the Phenom came to help out Roman Reigns against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

4. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins save Dean Ambrose from 4-on-1 beatdown

  • No of Like– 770k
  • Publish Date– 25 February 2019
  • Current Views– 68 Million

Roman Reigns returned to WWE after his battle with Leukemia. On the same day, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Elias cornered Ambrose for a beatdown. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns then come out to make the save on Ambrose to give one of the last moments of the Shield.

5. Roman Reigns storms into Shane McMahon’s VIP room

  • No of Like– 587k
  • Publish Date– 17 June 2019
  • Current Views– 34 Million

Roman Reigns also had to suffer through a couple of horrendous storylines this year. One of which was against Shane McMahon and his goonies. One night at RAW during that storyline, Roman stormed through Shane’s locker room to take on Shane, McIntyre and others.

6. R-Truth pins a sleeping Jinder Mahal on an airplane to win the 24/7 Title

  • No of Like– 214k
  • Publish Date– 6 June 2019
  • Current Views– 11 Million

The 24/7 Championship was quite a rage when it was introduced in the month of May. For the first 3 months, R-Truth created some cherishable moments with the title. One such moment came at an airplane at 11,000 feet in the air as R-Truth tried to regain the title from Jinder Mahal. WWE Universe certainly liked the segment as the video in the most like and most viewed segment for WWE 24/7 Championship on Youtube.

7. Cain Velasquez brings the fight to Brock Lesnar

  • No of Like– 303k
  • Publish Date– 4 October 2019
  • Current Views– 19 Million

We were shocked at the way Kofi Kingston lost the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar in 10 seconds or so. However, another shock was on the card with the debut of Cain Velasquez. Flanked with Rey Mysterio, Velasquez hit the ring and took down Lesnar with an MMA style tackle. Whatever he has done in WWE since then does not come even close to the impact of this moment.

8. Roman Reigns returns to WWE

  • No of Like– 301k
  • Publish Date– 25 February 2019
  • Current Views– 13 Million

Roman Reigns’ return to WWE after his battle with Leukemia was a monumental achievement. The fans were surely thrilled with his return and they showed their fondness with the like button on Youtube.

9. Goldberg and The Undertaker meet face-to-face

  • No of Like– 257k
  • Publish Date– 4 June 2019
  • Current Views– 14 Million

The Undertaker and Goldberg never faced off in a wrestling match until this year. While any sort of buildup was hardly required for the match, the two stalwarts came face to face for a brief moment on the go-home SmackDown episode before Super ShowDown.

10. Brock Lesnar brutally attacks Rey Mysterio and his son

  • No of Like– 451k
  • Publish Date– 30 September 2019
  • Current Views– 35 Million

Rey Mysterio was announced to face Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship on the night. But instead, he ran into Brock Lesnar who assaulted him brutally for no reason and started a storyline which stretched until Survivor Series. The video is one of the most liked Youtube video for Brock Lesnar for the year 2019.

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