WWE’s Use of Pyro and New Stages Confirmed from Next Week

Pyro Returns to WWE TV from Next Week
Pyro Returns to WWE TV from Next Week

The earlier reports that WWE will start using Pyro once again is now confirmed apart from the news of new stages and theme songs for both WWE RAW and SmackDown.

One of the tweets coming from the New York Post’s Joseph Staszewski was WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn has confirmed new sets, openings, logos, graphics & theme music for both Raw and SmackDown. Apparently, Dunn has also confirmed the use of Pyro on RAW and SmackDown after years. The news was earlier reported by the famous Twitter Handle WrestleVotes.

In more news regarding the use of new theme songs, WrestleVotes recently tweeted that RAW will use “Legendary” by Skillet as its theme song while SmackDown will be using “Are You Ready” by AC/DC. WWE has confirmed the use of Legendary as the official theme song of RAW in the tweet below.

Latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned that WWE is looking to freshen up the stale looking RAW and SmackDown with all these changes. As part of wholesome changes, WWE recently announced the reshuffle of commentary teams in both RAW and SmackDown.

Raw’s new announce team next week will consist of Vic Joseph, NXT wrestler Dio Maddin and Jerry Lawler. Observer also tells us that Lawler is likely only temporary appointment as they seek a full-time announcer for the third spot on commentary.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves will now be on SmackDown in the commentary booth. Renee Young will be a special contributor and also host FOX’s new WWE studio show on FS1. NXT will be continuing with its original commentary team of Mauro Ranallo, Beth Pheonix and Nigel McGuinness.

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