WWE Clash at The Castle 2022 Results: Reigns vs McIntyre LIVE

WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 Results
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Welcome to the Live Results blog for WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 event which will be airing on September 3, 2022, from Cardiff, Wales.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has a new threat for his title reign in the form of Drew McIntyre. This is promoted as the homecoming for Scotland’s McIntyre as this will be the first WWE PLE/PPV event in 30 years in UK. There is high anticipation around the main event as it is believed that Drew McIntyre might end up dethroning Roman after 2 years of his title reign.

On the undercard, we have some high-profile matches as Edge and Rey Mysterio team up to take on Judgment Day’s Finn Balor and Damian Priest. A women’s trios match will see Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka taking on Damage Control’s Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky. SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Shayna Baszler.

Another title match at Clash at the Castle will see Germany’s Gunther taking on Ireland’s Sheamus for WWE Intercontinental Championship. Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle singles match will complete the announced match card so far. It can be expected that we might get a promo from Becky Lynch. Some surprise returns are rumored but take those reports with a pinch of salt.

Whatever happens, we will be here to post results from WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 event with live updates, highlights, winners, videos and more. The action starts at 1 PM ET while the pre-show kicks off at 12 PM ET.

WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 Quick Results

  • Madcap Moss, Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford defeated Austin Theory, Chad Gable & Otis in a tag team match via pinfall(on pre-show).
  • Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky defeated Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Gunther(c) defeated Sheamus in a singles match via pinfall to retain WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • Liv Morgan(c) defeated Shayna Baszler – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
  • Edge & Rey Mysterio defeated Judgement Day(Finn Balor & Damian Priest) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Seth Rollins defeated Matt Riddle in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Roman Reigns(c) defeated Drew McIntyre in a singles match via pinfall to retain Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Live Updates

The kick-off pre-show starts with Jackie Redmond, Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg as the hosts. They go through the match card for the event. Austin Theory & Alpha Academy vs Madcap Moss & Street Profits is added to the pre-show.

Austin Theory, Chad Gable & Otis vs Madcap Moss, Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford

Madcap Moss is the first one to enter, followed by The Street Profits. Alpha Academy are followed by the last entrant for the match in Austin Theory. Dawkins starts against Gable with a shoulder tackle. They run the ropes and show off some athleticism before trading armdrags. Ford tags in and hits a dropkick. Gable picks his leg and puts on an ankle lock. Ford rolls over and Theory tags in. Ford continues to work on Gable, leading to Theory hitting him with a chop block. Theory slams his face on the apron. Back to the ring, Theory nails a big punch before working on him against the ropes.

Theory sends Ford into the ring post now. Otis tags in and hits a splash. Gable comes in to work on his arm. Ford avoids a double suplex and hits a double DDT on Theory and Gable. Moss gets the tag and tackles Theory. He knocks off Gable and Otis before hitting running tackles on Theory. A tackle in the corner before Theory counters a neckbreaker. Dawkins tags in and hits quick splashes before neckbreaker to get a two-count. Theory hits a knee before Dawkins nails him with a punch.

Gable tags in and hits a bridging German suplex. Moss breaks the pin. Otis comes in and tackles Dawkins. Moss hits a fallaway slam on Otis. Theory and Moss go to the floor. Gable tries to hit a German suplex on Ford from the apron. Dawkins picks up Gable on this shoulder. Ford hits Gable with a blockbuster to take him on all the other opponents. Ford quickly brings in Gable and hits a Frog Splash to get the pin.

Winner – Madcap Moss, Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford

We see Roman Reigns coming out of his trailer as the kick-off show comes to an end.

The main show kicks off with a special video package with a dragon theme, highlighting participants at the event.

Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair is the first one to come out on the main show. Alexa Bliss follows her out before Asuka comes out. Damage Control trio come out together.

Bianca and Bayley start the match. The crowd is already signing and Bayley mock them. Bayley takes a shot at Asuka. Bianca takes a shot at Iyo in reply. All six women are in the ring now. Alexa takes a shot at Dakota to start a brawl. Bianca and Bayley are left in the ring. Bianca tackles Bayley. Iyo and Dakota trip Bianca from the floor as she was going for a handspring. Bianca, Asuka and Alexa hit a triple supelx on their opponents. Asuka picks up Dakota’s arm when my streaming gets stuck.

Alexa and Iyo are in the ring now. Alexa blocks a kick and slaps Iyo. Alexa hits knees to midsection before a moonsault. Iyo ducks and tags in Bayley. Bayley kicks at midsection and nails a punch. Bayley takes Alexa to her corner and brings in Dakota. Alexa hits a boot to Bayley. Asuka tags in to drop Bayley with a bulldog. Bayley sweeps her leg. Iyo tags in when Bayley tries to save herself. Asuka hits a dropkick on Bayley but Iyo hits Asuka with a missile dropkick. Asuka gets a two-count with a roll-up. Iyo hits a spinning kick. Dakota tags in now.

Quick tag to Bayley, but she does not want to perform for this crowd. She tags in Iyo who drops with double knees. Dakota tags in but Asuka sends Bayley to the floor. Asuka tags in Alexa who hits a senton to Bayley on the floor. Dakota, the legal woman, hits Alexa with a dropkick on the floor. Dakota hits a suplex in the ring to get a two-count. Alexa is cornered now. Iyo comes in and Alexa starts to trade shots with her. Iyo nails a big shot before hitting a flatliner to get a two-count.

Iyo continues to keep Alexa under control. Alexa hits a jawbreaker on Iyo. Dakota tags in and nails running boot on Alexa as Alexa hits sunset flip powerbomb on Iyo. Alexa hits a hurricanrana on Dakota. Bayley pulls off Bianca from the apron. Dakota hits Bianca with a dropkick to knock her off again. Alexa hits a headscissors on Dakota. Asuka and Iyo tag in. Asuka hits a dropkick on Iyo, knocks off Dakota, and kicks at Bayley. Asuka hits a flurry on Iyo before a German suplex and Bayley has to break the pin.

Bayley hits a Bayley-to-Belly suplex on Alexa. Iyo hits a kick on Asuka. Bayley tags in and keeps the attack going. Asuka hits a dropkick and tags in Bianca. Bianca hits shoulder blocks in the corner. Bianca hits a spinebuster after a leapfrog in the corner. Bayley takes a cheap shot and tags in Dakota. Bianca throws Dakota into Iyo to send them both to the floor. Bayley tries to use Bianca’s braids but Asuka and Alexa hit her with a double superplex.

Iyo hits a suicide dive on Alexa and Asuka. Bianca goes for a powerbomb but Dakota kicks her away. Bianca picks her up in a bench press. She knocks off Iyo by using Dakota. Bianca counters the Scorpion kick. Dakota avoids a splash and nails Scorpion kick. Bianca was going for the KOD on Dakota when Iyo saves her. Bayley holds Bianca’s braids and Dakota nails her with a running boot. Bayley hits Bianca with Roseplant and Iyo hits a moonsault from the top. Bayley stacks and pins Bianca to get the three count.

Winner – Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky

We see Tyson Fury coming and meeting Drew McIntyre backstage earlier today. The meeting was very amicable unlike their jabs in interviews. Fury is in the front row now. We now see a recap of British Bulldog vs Bret Hart match at Summerslam 1992 where Bulldog won the Intercontinental Championship. Davey Boy Smith, Bret Hart are in the crowd. This takes us to the Intercontinental Championship match.

Gunther(c) vs Sheamus – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Sheamus comes out and he has Butch and Ridge Holland with him. Ludwig Kaiser comes out first and asks for some gratitude for Giovanni Vinci. Kaiser then screams into the mic to introduce Gunther. Imperium poses at the entrance before they come down the ring. Sheamus and Gunther face off. Butch & Holland and Vinci & Kaiser start to brawl and go to the floor. Gunther and Sheamus are unmoved though and continue to stare at each other.

The bell finally rings and they start to trade shots. Big shots and chops from both men in the first minute. Gunther drops Sheamus with a big boot. Sheamus hits a suplex now. Gunther hits an uppercut. Sheamus hits a body shot and follows with more punches. Sheamus puts Gunther on the apron but Gunther avoids the 10 beats. Sheamus sends Gunther into the steel steps. Sheamus now tries to trap Gunther’s arms for the 10 beats but Gunther nails him with a punch. Sheamus hits big boots to counter him. Sheamus goes to the top but Gunther drops him to the floor with a big chop.

Gunther drops Sheamus on the steel steps with a body slam. He gets back to the ring and the referee starts to count down. Sheamus breaks the count at 9. Gunther puts him to the corner for some chops. Sheamus hits back with chops but Gunther kicks him down. Gunther stops more chops with another kick. Gunther hits elbows and chops on the ropes. Sheamus manages to be on his feet using the ropes. Gunther drops him with a big boot. Gunther puts on a Boston Crab now. The crowd gets behind Sheamus and Gunther changes to a crossface. Sheamus blocks the crossface. Gunther hits a chop at his back to drop him again.

Sheamus starts to trade blows again. Gunther drops him with another big chop. More chops from Gunther follow. Sheamus catches Gunther’s arm and starts to unload. Gunther takes him to the corner to stop his momentum. Gunther hits a body slam on the floor and then throws him over the announce table. Sheamus slams Gunther’s face into the announce table and hits 10 beats of Bouldron. Back to the ring, Sheamus hits a clothesline. Sheamus hits 10 beats now on the ropes. Gunther is scrambling on the floor.

Sheamus goes to pick him but Gunther sends him over the barricade. Sheamus hits 10 beats by putting Gunther against the barricade. Sheamus goes to the top and hits knee drop. Gunther avoids the backbreaker. They trade punches and chops again. Gunther ducks a punch and hits German suplex. Sheamus nails him with a knee to get a two-count. Gunther puts on a sleeper hold now. Sheamus counters a powerbomb with White Noise to get a near fall. Sheamus signals for the Brogue kick as the crowd gets behind him.

Gunther avoids it and hits a missile dropkick and a powerbomb for a near fall. Gunther now stomps on Sheamus’ back before going to the top. Sheamus joins him on the top and hits several punches and chops. Gunther hits back with shots of his own. Sheamus trips him from the top rope and picks him up for Celtic Cross. Sheamus covers but Gunther kicks out. Sheamus’s back gives out as he was going for Brogue kick. Gunther hits him with a powerbomb again. Gunther then hits a lariat to get the pin.

Winner – Gunther

Vinci and Kaiser come down to the ramp to join Gunther after he gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Sheamus recovers and the crowd gives him a huge ovation.

Liv Morgan(c) vs Shayna Baszler – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

We get an extended video package for this match. Shayna Baszler comes out first. UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards is shown in the crowd and he poses with his title. Liv Morgan comes out now. Liv starts with a roll-up to get a two-count. Baszler goes for kirifuda clutch. Liv counters with one of her own but Baszler comes out of it easily. Liv counters once again with a backslide. Liv hits a couple of dropkicks and step up knee in the corner. Liv hits a boot in the corner. Shayna trips her as she tries to go high risk on the ropes. Liv falls on her injured arm. Shayna throws Liv into the barricade.

Shayna starts to work on the arm as they return to the ring. Liv tries to explode from the corner but Shayna drops her with a clothesline to get a two-count. Shayna goes to work the arm again. Liv hits some punches but gets hit with a German suplex to get another two-count. Shayna kicks at the injured arm before more joint manipulation. Liv hits kicks to the back of her head. Liv hits a jawbreaker and missile dropkick now. Both women are down now. Liv kips up and starts to hit kicks. She hits a step-up enzuigiri before ducking Shayna and drop her on double knees to get a two-count. The crowd gets behind Liv but Shayna kicks at her leg.

Liv avoids in the corner but Shayna catches her with a knee when she comes down from the top. Liv kicks out of the pin. Shayna sets up for a stomp on the injured arm but Liv rolls up and goes for an arm triangle. Liv puts on an armbar. Shayna tries to counter with a pin attempt but Liv holds onto the arm bar. Shayna makes it to her feet and hits stomps. Shayna hits a ripcord knee but Liv kicks out of the pin. Baszler puts Liv on the top. Liv slips out and hits a powerbomb. Shayna counters the pin into a Kirifuda clutch. Shayna changes to an armbar and then into another Kirifuda clutch. Liv makes it to the ropes to break it. Liv hits Codebreaker and Oblivion to get the pin.

Winner – Liv Morgan

Liv poses in the corner and gets the approval from Cardiff crowd.

UK Wrestling Legend Miss Linda and Adrian Street are announced as the camera pans towards them in the crowd.

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Judgement Day(Finn Balor & Damian Priest)

Rey Mysterio comes out with Dominik. Edge comes out in a Lucha Mask. Judgement Day trio come out together. Balor starts against Rey and takes him toe ht corner. A whip is followed by a big chop. Rey catches Balor with a kick. Rey hits a headscissors and Balor is forced to tag in Priest. Priest asks Edge to come in. Edge tags in. Priest nails him with a big right hand after faking a lock up. Priest throws him to the corner and hits big uppercuts. Rey helps out Edge by pulling him out of the corner when Balor comes in. Edge unloads on Priest, kicks at Balor, tackles Priest in the corner, throws him to the floor and drops Rey on them.

Priest catches Rey mid air and drops him to the mat. Balor comes in and continues to work on him. Priest hits a leg drop on Rey as Balor holds him on his back. Rey hits a kick but Priest hits back with pump kick. Priest enrages Edge by kicking at his arm as he was trying to tag in. Balor and Priest double team for some quick attack. Balor hits a suplex to get a two-count. Balor hits a big elbow to neck before he puts on a side headlock. Rey hits a knee and trips Balor when he charges at him. Rey hits an enzuigiri but Priest gets the tag and knocks off Edge.

Priest throws Rey to the floor. Balor tries to attack him but Rey sends him over the barricade with a back body drop. Priest comes to Rey and Rey drops him on the barricade. Rey comes back to the ring and tags in Edge. Edge hits clotheslines and boots. He hits Edgecution DDT on both Priest and Balor. Rey hits Priest with a seated senton. Edge drops Balor on the ropes and hits a 619. Rey hits Balor with a splash and Priest has to break the pin. Priest goes for a chokeslam from the apron. Edge takes him to the floor with a spear.

Balor fights back and brings down Edge. Balor goes for position for Coup de Grace but Dominik runs interference. Rey makes his way back to save Edge from Coup de Grace. Rhea Ripley beats Dominik now. Rey dives on Rhea to save Dominik. Balor drops Rey with a lariat and sends him to the floor with a kick. Dominik trips Balor and Rey hits dropkick to sete up and hit 619. Edge hits Balor with a spear to get the pin.

Winner – Edge & Rey Mysterio

Edge and the Mysterios celebrate the win when suddenly, Dominik kicks Edge with a low blow. Rey pulls him apart but Dominik attacks Edge again. Rey tries to talk to Dominik but Dominik hits Rey with a clothesline. Dominik leaves the ring and throws off his shirt. Edge and Rey recover and Edge tries to console Rey.

The attendance is announced at 62296.

Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle

Riddle enters first. Rollins comes out with Eagle wings, heart googles and a Viking helmet. They start with quick exchange of punches. They continue to go back and forth with strikes. Riddle hits several sidekicks in the corner. The referee separates Riddle but Riddle gets into an argument with him. Rollins hits back with a kick on the floor. Riddle hits a couple of gutwrench suplexes as they return to the ring. Rollins hits a knee and tries to slow down the pace. Riddle brings him down and hits him with sentons.

Rollins trips him to drop him to the ropes. Rollins tries to overpower Riddle as he went for an arm triangle. Riddle sends him to the floor by countering with headscissors. Rollins catches his dive and drops him on the barricade with a powerbomb. Rollins hits a suicide dive when Riddle recovers. Rollins works on Riddle with punches as they return to the ring. Rollins keeps things under control for a whille. Riddle hits some sidekicks but Rollins brings him down for a two-count. Rollins hits a thrust kick and falcon arrow to get another two-count.

Riddle hits a boot in the corner but Rollins quickly trips him as he tries to go to the top. Riddle avoids an inverted superplex. Rollins hits a gamengiri and puts Riddle in a tree of woe. Rollins hits him with a double stomp to get a two-count. Rollins sets up Riddle on the top now. Riddle fights back with punches but Rollins hits superplex but Riddle counters falcon arrow with a fisherman buster. Riddle catches him with a flash knee and hits running forearms in the corner. Riddle hits a suplex.

Rollins rolls to the floor and Riddle hits him with a penalty kick and floating bro. Rollins goes for a pedigree as they return to the ring. Riddle hits Bro to Sleep to get another close two-count. Rollins gets his knees up on floating bro. Back and forth action until Riddle catches Rollins in an arm triangle. Rollins gets up but Riddle brings him down by picking his ankle. Rollins counters the arm triangle by hitting Bro-Derek to get a near fall. Rollins gets to the top now, but he wastes so much of time. Riddle nails him with elbow.

They trade kicks before Riddle hits a Pele kick. Rollins hits rolling elbow shots. Riddle blocks the stomp with a knee. Rollins hits an enzuigiri. Rollins counters again and hits a pedigree to get another near fall. They trade quick punches where Rollins gets the upper hand. Rollins hits a draping DDT. He poses for RKO but Riddle counters and hits vicious kicks. They go to the floor brawling. Riddle slams Rollins’ face into the anounce table. Rollins avoids a chair shot and runs back to the ring. Rollins catches Riddle with a stomp near the ropes. Rollins then hits a stomp from the second rope to get the pin.

Winner – Seth Rollins

We now see that Tyson Fury also met Roman Reigns backstage. Fury is once again shown in the crowd. Karrion Kross is also there in the first row. We go into the video package for the main event.

Roman Reigns(c) vs Drew McIntyre – Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Broken Dreams hits as we get a video package on the big screen. The video package has clips of Drew McIntyre’s first run initially. Drew’s current them, The Gallantary hits now and we wait of his entrance. Drew comes out with his sword to a loud reception from the crowd. Drew raises his sword to set off the pyro on his way to the ring. Roman Reigns makes his grand entrance now. Teh Bloodline is not with him though. They face off in the ring after the announcements. We are ready for the main event.

The bell rings and the crowd berserk. Roman gets tense with crowd chanting for Drew. He nods his head in disapproval. They lock up and Drew gets a sligh advantage by putting Roman to the corner. The referee calls for a break. Roman circles in the ring as he regroups. The crowd gets behind Drew some more. Roman puts on a side headlock. Drew throws him to the ropes and no-sells a tackle. Roman is intimidated by it and retreat to the apron. Roman hits back elbows after Drew switches a waistlock. Drew nails him with Glasgow kiss. Roman rolls to the floor immediately.

Roman takes his time before returning to the ring. He asks the crowd to sit down on his way back. The crowd responds with even louder chants. Roman finally get something going with some punches. He gets on the second rope and unloads. Drew slips out and replies with series of punches. Drew clotheslines Roman to the floor. Drew slams his face into the barricade and apron before whipping him into the steel steps. Karrion Kross throws a water bottle toward them. Drew gets into an argument with Kross and Roman nails him with a big uppercut. Roman throws Drew into the barricade now and gets back to the ring. Drew barely beats the count.

Roman now hits kicks before unloading with more shots. Roman hits several corner clotheslines in succession. Roman throws Drew into the ring post next. Drew drags himself up to the apron. Roman takes shots at him. Drew hits back with a punch and drops Roman’s arm on the ropes. Roman hits jumping clothesline as Drew gets into the ring to get a one-count. Drew hits an uppercut before Roman hits a big boot. Drew kicks out at one count once again. Drew hits chops before Roman reverses a whip. Roman gets enraged again by the crowd. Drew hits him with kicks before Roman drops him with a big shot again. They both block suplex attempts a few times. Roman resorts back to big shots to drop Drew again.

Drew counters a spear with a kick but Roman runs the ropes and hits a spear quickly. Drew kicks out of the pin though. Roman puts on the Guillotine choke now. Drew powers up and sends Roman to the corner. Roman puts on Guillotine once again quickly. Drew once again slams Roman to the corner and to the floor. The referee starts to count down. Drew rolls out and hits a spear through the barricade. Drew gets Roman back to the ring quickly. Roman counters Claymore once again with a spear to get another near fall.

Roman asks for a mic and asks the crowd to acknowledge him. He turns back to a Glasgow kiss from Drew. Both men are down. They start to trade punches as they get up. Drew was building momentum when Roman kicks him. Drew hits short clotheslines before belly-to-belly suplexes. Drew hits a neckbreaker and kips up to get the crowd going. Drew hits a chop after putting him to the top. Roman slips out and counters with big shots. Drew hits a spinebuster to get a two-count. Roman hits Urinage to get his first two-count of the match. Drew ducks the Superman punch and hits Futureshock DDT. Drew goes for the Claymore but Roman cuts him off with a superman punch to get a near fall.

Both men are down for a minute or so. Roman starts to argue with the referee. Drew hits him with a Claymore from behind but he catches the referee also. Austin Theory runs out with a referee to cash in the MITB breifcase. But Tyson Fury knocks him out with a big punch. Roman has a chair now and Drew hits a Claymore against the chair. A new referee runs in but Roman kicks out of the pin.

They trade punches on their knees. They slowly get back to their feet and the slugfest continues. Drew hits a spear and a Claymore kick. Solo Sikoa pulls the referee out of the ring. Drew pulls Sikoa up to the apron but Sikoa drops him to the ropes. Roman hits another spear and Charles Robinson wakes up to count the pin.

Winner – Roman Reigns

After the match, Roman Reigns gets his belt and celebrates. Tyson Fury gets into the ring now and stands in front of Roman. Fury and Roman shake hands before Roman leaves with Sikoa. Fury and Drew are still in the ring. Fury pulls up Drew to his feet and raises his hands. Fury takes the mic and tells Drew that he has done his country and everyone here proud. Fury says this must be an awesome feeling. Fury starts to sing his song. After that is over, Drew McIntyre vows that he will get his hands on those Undisputed titles.

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  1. I have watched wresting for years (and my family thinks I need to see a doctor) However after today I am not watching either show. Roman Reigns is the biggest nothing I have ever seen he wrestles when he wants to and needs his 2 nephews to win. I know I am not a writer but anybody else could do better. i know I am only one person but I will tell everyone I know how Roman reigns sets his own schedule and lets his nephews do the dirty work. He is worthless and I do not respect him as he does nothing. What they did to Drew was completely uncalled for, Sorry I have to leave but you can take so much garbage. Thank you for giving me 5 hours of my life back a week

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