Tyler Bate & Joe Coffey Added to NXT Global Heritage Invitational

Tyler Bate and Joe Coffey
Tyler Bate and Joe Coffey, Credits- NXT

WWE NXT has officially announced the first participants for the NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament.

On their Twitter post, NXT announced that Joe Coffey(Scotland) and Tyler Bate(England) will be part of NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, where Tyler Bate will be in group A and Joe Coffey will be in group B.

The competition will adopt a round-robin format consisting of two groups: Group A and Group B. Each group will consist of four participants. The matches will have a time limit of 12 minutes. Winner contestants will earn two points, while a draw will grant each participant a single point in this scoring system.

The tournament is set to begin on August 29 episode of NXT, and the final is set for the September 26 episode of NXT.

The winner of the NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament will face Noam Dar at NXT No Mercy 2023 event for the NXT Heritage Cup. Noam Dar has won the NXT Heritage Cup by defeating Nathan Frazer at NXT Heatwave 2023 event.

Tyler Bate has defeated Noam Dar last week on NXT in a British Round Rules match.

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