WWE Extreme Rules 2022: Which Titles are Defended on The Show?

Liv Morgan vs Ronda Rousey WWE Extreme Rules 2022
Liv Morgan vs Ronda Rousey at WWE Extreme Rules 2022, Image Credits – WWE

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 event will be airing tonight from Philadelphia, PA. Checking the match card, one can easily say that the event is going to be truly extreme with several different stipulation matches.

It is rumored that this might turn out to be the last Extreme Rules event before a change in WWE PPV schedule from next year. And WWE management is trying to make it truly memorable and therefore, the card will feature a Fight Pit match, a Strap match, a Ladder match, a Donny Brookhouse match, an “I Quit” match, and finally also an Extreme Rules match. But, which titles will be on the line at WWE Extreme Rules 2022 event?

Two titles will be on the line on the card, and both will be the women’s title matches. Liv Morgan defends SmackDown Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey while Bianca Belair will defend RAW Women’s Championship against Bayley.

Liv Morgan vs Ronda Rousey Extreme Rules Match

Liv Morgan won the SmackDown Women’s title from Ronda Rousey at Money in the Bank event by cashing in the MITB briefcase. She went on to defend the title against Ronda at Summerslam which also ended in a controversial fashion. Ronda got suspended in the aftermath of that match before making a return and becoming the #1 contender for the title once again.

Morgan and Ronda have been at each others’ throats and have been involved in several brawls. With a threat over her title, Liv Morgan proposed that their next clash be an Extreme Rules match, justifying the build-up.

Bianca Belair vs Bayley Ladder Match

Since her return at Summerslam, Bayley has been trying to take over the control of the women’s division and targetted RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair in particular. After Bayley pinned Bianca in a tag team match at Clash at the Castle, it was just a matter of time before she would get a title shot. She finally chose to challenge for the title at Extreme Rules in a Ladder match.

Initially, everyone thought that the ladder match stipulation is due to the fact that Bianca hit Bayley with KOD from a ladder in their last singles match at Hell in a Cell 2021. However, Bayley explained that the ladder signifies her journey where she took one step at a time in WWE towards winning the title. Will she be able to take the final step and dethrone Bianca?

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