Things you missed from RAW: 4 Feb. 2019

Things you might have missed from this week’s RAW episode

A Moment of Bliss with EC3 and many more

EC3 faced Dean Ambrose in his debut match on RAW tonight. But before that he was actually the guest on Alexa Bliss’ talk show segment EC3. Alexa was obiously and unabashedly flirting with Carter and make a pun joke when she said- “You have got everything going for you. You are young… You are good looking…And from what i have heard you have a very large……Bank Account.” Another attempt to spice up the things after her topless segment few weeks earlier. She then asked her which Brand is he gonna end up with- RAW or SmackDown but before he can answer Nia Jax interrupted to gloat over his accomplishments in past week. If that was not enough Dean Ambrose came out to claim that Nia Jax has a crush on him and went on play a rapid fire with EC3 without letting him answer anything. So basically nobody wanted to let EC3 speak. Catch the full segment below.

Apollo Crews to enter a feud with Drake Maverick/Rezar?

A feud between Apollo Crews and Drake Maverick/Rezar was also teased. Crews was giving an interview over Kurt Angle’s match later in the night when Rezar and Drake Maverick confronted Crews and told him that Angle doesn’t stand a chance. Crews replied with a comment on Rezar being the Maverick’s puppet. Rezar got in his face but Drake calmed him down and they left after that.

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