Fight for the Fallen 2019: Young Bucks Defeat Rhodes Brothers

The Young Bucks(Matt and Nick Jackson) have managed to defeat the Rhodes Brother(Cody and Dustin Rhodes) in a gruelling, hard-hitting and entertaining match at Fight for the Fallen 2019 show

The Young Bucks Fight For The Fallen 2019
The Young Bucks Fight For The Fallen 2019

Cody and Nick start the match for their teams with handshakes. Cody goes for a single leg takedown right away but Nick finds his way to the ropes. Nick with some side headlock and counters. Cody claps and looks for another handshake, Nick kicks it away this time. Cody flexes in front of Nick and gets slapped in the face. Nick slides out to the floor, tries to catch Cody with a move but to no avail.

Matt and Dustin get in the ring for a moment. Dustin tags in, facebuster on Nick, uppercut on Matt, Cody does the same, double clothesline sends Matt out to the floor. They drop Nick, but Matt leaps off the top rope for a crossbody, taking out the Rhodes Brothers. Nick with a pop-up dropkick on Dustin. Another kick sends Cody off the apron and to the floor. Nick and Matt with stereo planchas over the top rope. They mock the Rhodes yet again. The crowd starts “older brother” chant.

Dustin back in the ring with Matt, punch to the face, Nick trips up Dustin, allowing Matt to hit a dropkick. Nick with a facebuster, then moonsault off the apron on Cody. Matt with some hard shots in the corner on Dustin. Cody is knocked off the apron. Dustin with a double back body drop on Matt and Nick. Dustin gets to his corner, but Cody isn’t there. Dustin hits a spinebuster on Matt. Dustin looks to tag out but Nick once again trips Cody off the apron.

Nick mocks Dustin and eats a punch in the face. Matt then drops Dustin. Dustin heads to the top rope and hits a twisting crossbody on both opponents. Cody gets the tag, drops Young Bucks and follows with dragon leg screw on Nick. Lifts and dumps Matt to the mat. Cody heads to the top rope and hits a moonsault on Nick. He then slingshots himself and slams into Matt who was at the ramp. Cody takes off the weight belt and hits Matt over the back with it.

The match has slowed down and it looks like Matt Jackson is potentially done with this match. He has had no offence for a while. Cody locks in the Fujiwara Armbar but Matt Jackson reaches the ropes.

Matt Jackson takes back the control. He hits Dustin with a blow to the face and threw Cody to the outside. He hits Cody with a Spear when he comes back in and tries to roll and gets to Nick Jackson. Nick Jackson hits a series of strikes on Cody and Dustin. He Superkicks Cody’s legs and then hits a backstabber on Cody. The Bucks lock in stereo sharpshooters on both Dustin and Cody. The Rhodes reverses and locks in the Stereo Figure Four Leglock.

Dustin Rhodes rolls Nick Jackson into the ring and he sets up Nick for shattered dreams. Matt tags in and hits the Superkick. They were trying for the Meltzer Driver but Cody reversed with a Disaster Kick. The Brotherhood hit the Assisted Cross Rhodes, but Nick Jackson breaks it up! The Rhodes Brothers hit a Double Powerslam and then went and hit the stereo Shattered Dreams. The two hit double Suplexes for the near fall. Cody went for a Crossbody but got hit with a Superkick on the outside!

Dustin Rhodes is outnumbered, but he fights like only he can, knocking them both down. Nick Jackson hits a Superkick and Matt Jackson tries an Elbow Drop for a near fall. Dustin Rhodes hits the Sunset Flip Powerbomb for a near fall and now Cody is back. Cody tries a Cross Rhodes but got caught with a Superkick. The Bucks hit a Double Superkick to the back of the head but Dustin broke it up.

The Rhodes Brothers get up but the Young Bucks hit the Stereo Uppercuts. The Rhodes Brothers come back with Superkicks and then Young Bucks Superkicks them back. Cody is hit with the Meltzer Driver and is now pinned to end the match.

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