Update on The Usos & Naomi Not Being in WWE Draft 2019

The Usos Tag Team Champions
The Usos have signed a new contract with WWE

As per a report on F4Wonline.com, The Usos and Naomi were not involved in the WWE Draft because WWE Creative currently has no plans for them.

WWE held the Draft 2019 process in the last episodes of Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown. A total of 71 wrestlers were part of the pool for being drafted to either RAW or SmackDown brands. 13 of them like went undrafted but what was worse that WWE did not include many of their contracted wrestlers in the draft itself. The Usos, Naomi and Matt Hardy are the example of such wrestlers.

The report on F4Wonline mentions that WWE does not have any new angle or storyline for them at this point in time. The Usos were actually on the verge of returning to WWE at Friday Night SmackDown’s Fox premiere episode. But those plans were nixed for some unknown reason and currently no return date is set for the Usos and Naomi.

Even the decision on which brand The Usos and Naomi will be going is not currently made. All three of them were earlier part of the RAW roster. The Usos were taken off TV after Jimmy Uso’s recent arrest for DUI back in July.

Jimmy Uso was arrested for the second time this year with the DUI charge after the first arrest coming in February. The Usos also signed a new deal with WWE in March. Naomi revealed in late September that she has been away from WWE due to some health and family issues.

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