The Club Reunited on RAW as Heel Faction

AJ Styles and the Good Brothers reunited at the Club on RAW this week after Styles turned heel on United States Champion Ricochet.

The Club Reunion Reunited RAW 1 July 2019

Last night on RAW, Gallows and Anderson were mocking AJ Styles saying that he will not be able to defeat Ricochet once again and Anderson even put his “hot Asian wife” on the line for the bet. They did some bitching to Ricochet and then to Styles also. This led to a confrontational segment with those two slapping each other and Styles challenged Ricochet for the title.

They once again faced off at the main event of RAW. The match was set up short due to the new commercial break concept. After three minutes in the match, Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm for the win. But the decision was overturned after replay clearly showed Ricochet had his foot underneath the ropes.

On the restart Styles continued to dominate, before a spectacular roll-up from Ricochet caught the challenger sleeping and allowed the champion to retain his title. Post-match, Gallows and Anderson looked liked they wanted to attack Ricochet but they were called off by Styles.

However, it was Styles who changed his mind and attacked Ricochet. Styles asked the Good Brothers to hit the magic killer on the United States champion before he himself hit the styles clash from the middle turnbuckle.

AJ Styles, Anderson, and Gallows were earlier part of the Bullet Club before they joined WWE in early 2016. WWE began teasing the alliance between them in April 2016 when Anderson and Gallows attacked Styles’ opponent at the time, Roman Reigns.

After a brief feud with the Usos and Roman Reigns, Styles disbanded the Club but the alliance was back soon once Styles turned on John Cena. However, the faction could not have a long run as AJ Styles was drafted to SmackDown as part of WWE Draft 2016. The reunion of the Club was teased in the last two weeks as AJ Styles tried to motivate the Good Brothers to get their act together.

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