Tatum Paxley & Javier Bernal Announced Their Engagement

Tatum Paxley & Javier Bernal

WWE NXT officially has a new couple. 

Tatum Paxley said yes to Javier Bernal as the couple officially announced their engagement by sharing a couple of pictures on their social media handles. 

In one of the pictures, Tatum was seen flaunting her engagement ring while kissing Javier at the same time. Javier wrote, “There’s no death, no end of time when I’m facing it with you.” You can check Javier’s tweet below. 

Both Tatum Paxley and Javier Bernal are currently signed to WWE NXT and they are active performers on NXT Level Up. 

Tatum Paxley even betrayed her tag team partner Dani Palmer in the most recent edition of NXT Level Up. 

Team ITN WWE wishes Tatum Paxley and Javier Bernal a prosperous and happy life together. 

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