NXT Takeover in June at San Jose confirmed

NXT Takeover Poster
NXT Takeover Poster

NXT Cheif Triple H held a media conference call yesterday and confirmed that a TakeOver event will be taking place at SJSU Events Center in San Jose, California on 8 June this year. For now, no other WWE PPV event is announced for that weekend with Backlash 2019 presumably taking place on 16 June at Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California. If that proved to be the case, then this will the first standalone Takeover event.

NXT has held TV tapings and live events before at the SJSU Events Center in the past and it is not a surprise that they are again experimenting with the standalone Takeover at the same venue. Hunter shared the same sentiments during the call:
“(San Jose) is a place where before we were even doing TakeOvers, we kind of did the first WrestleMania weekend event where we were just testing the waters. It sold out and became this epic event that really set the brand in motion. I’m really excited to go back there on June 8, separate from everything else, and other pay-per-views around it, and put on an event that is epic and say thank you to that location for getting us off to such a great start.”

During the media call, Hunter was also asked if WrestleMania would benefit from having fewer matches and less time. To which he replied with:
“Yeah, that’s a constant battle of giving everybody everything that WrestleMania needs to be making it important, making everybody have something. If you leave somebody off the card, or if you don’t put this on there, you know, people will say it’s disrespectful, or how can they not involve this in the card. But, then again you need to have something for everybody and you need to have it be a reasonable length of time. There are so many factors that go into all of this and we’re constantly evaluating all of them. I like the way Takeovers feel and sit, I like leaving them wanting a bit more with that brand. When you get to the end and you’re feeling like everything was epic, and it wasn’t too much. Then again, WrestleMania is the biggest show that there is. 75,000 people in Met-Life Stadium or so, and it’s epic, and it needs to feel that way. I think it’s hopefully it all delivers but that’s a constant thing that we evaluate and look at, on every level.”

You can check the complete schedule for WWE PPV events here.

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