WWE Survivor Series 2022: Women’s WarGames Match Result

Team Belair(Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Mia Yim & Becky Lynch) vs Damage CTRL(Bayley, Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky, Nikki Cross & Rhea Ripley) Survivor Series 2022

Women’s WarGames match at WWE Survivor Series 2022 will see a contest between Team Bianca and Team Damage CTRL.

RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair was confronted by a returning Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky SummerSlam 2022. Becky Lynch stood up to them with Belair but got sidelined due to an injury. Bianca got support from Asuka and Alexa Bliss in the fight against Damage CTRL, who have been trying to get control of the women’s division.

Bliss & Asuka even won the WWE women’s tag titles from Kai & Sky. But in the rematch, Nikki Cross got involved and cost them the titles. On the November 7 episode of Raw, Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka challenged Damage CTRL for a WarGames match which was accepted by the latter. They instantly revealed Nikki Cross as the fourth member of their team. 

Damage CTRL offered Mia Yim a spot in their team, but she went on to join team Bianca. Rhea Ripley offered to join team Bayley to counter Mia Yim in the WarGames match. On the November 21 episode of RAW, Rhea Ripley also defeated Asuka to win the WarGames match advantage for their team. On the last SmackDown before Survivor Series WarGames, Becky Lynch returned and revealed herself as the fifth member of team Belair. 

Live Updates

Team Belair was the first one to make their entrance started by the Man Becky Lynch. She was followed by Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Mia Yim. All four of them are locked up in a cage, and then Raw women’s champion Bianca Belair gets to the ring to start of WarGames match for her team. 

On the other hand, Rhea Ripley came first followed by Nikki Cross, and then Damage CTRL’s Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky. Dakota Kai who is appearing for the fourth time in WarGames matches starts off the match. 

Bianca and Dakota started the match by locking arms but Belair overpowered Dakota. The latter tried to outsmart Bianca but she failed as Belair attacked using a clothesline. Soon, Bianca sends her into the cage followed by a backbreaker. Soon, Dakota finally manage to shift the momentum to her side and delivered a boot to Bianca’s face. After a while, Bianca fights back and hits Dakota with a suplex.

There is a back-and-forth when Bianca tries to use her braid but Dakota dodges it. Dakota hits a kick to the face of Bianca. Belair counters her next move and there is a face first. Bianca sends her to the cage several times before Iyo Sky came running down the ring and hits the champion with the dropkick. 

Damage CTRL has the handicap advantage now and they begin to toy with Bianca. The tag team champions are going for the double suplex but Bianca comes with the reversal and hit them with the same move. However, soon Iyo Sky hits her with the missile dropkick. 

Asuka comes running to the running and hits Dakota with the German Suplex. She finally comes face to face with Sky and there is back and forth of action between them. Asuka finally hits her with a combination of strikes followed by a running knee. Dakota climbs the top rope but Bianca lifts her onto her arms and sends her to the cage. Meanwhile, Asuka hits Sky with the missile dropkick.

Nikki Cross finally enters the match and she starts to collect weapons in the ring. She slams the door to Asuka’s face and hits Belair with the garbage can. She also uses her jacket to hit both of these women. All three of them start toying with Belair and Asuka. 

Alexa Bliss enters the match and starts by hitting a dropkick to Dakota Kai. Team Bianca finally gets control of the match again, but it doesn’t last long. Nikki tries to use kendo stick on Bianca but she breaks it. Nikki climbs to the top of the cage and when Bianca was following her, Sky and Kai hit her with the kendo sticks. Bliss and Asuka also use kendo sticks to attack the tag-team champions. Bianca uses her braid as a weapon to attack Sky & Kai. Nikki Cross jumps from the top of the cage and attacks everyone with the crossbody. 

Bayley enters the match and brings a ladder along with her. She goes out of the ring again and brings a table too. She then attacks Bianca Belair and sends her to the corner. Damage CTRL pinned Bianca in between two rings using the table. All three of them then target Alexa Bliss and then Sky hits her with the moonsault. Asuka’s next in line as Bayley hits her with the suplex and then Kai double-stomps her.

Team Bianca is down and then Michin Mia Yim enters the ring. She also brings a trash can along with her. She clears the ring using the trash cans and even throws one at Dakota in the ring. Nikki Cross holds her in the sleeper hold but Michin fights back. Two teams begin to fight all across both the rings on the turnbuckles. Belair hits Bayler with the superplex. Mia Yim does the same to Dakota, Alexa hits it to Nikki, and Auska hits Sky with the superplex. 

Rhea Ripley finally enters the match and starts dominating the opponents. She also hits Bianca with the german suplex. She then counters Alexa’s crossbody and hits her with the suplex. Team Belair is in control of the match again and they begin to toy with team Belair. Sky runs between the ropes before hitting Asuka with the basement dropkick. Mia Yim finally counters Rhea and puts trash can on her face before hitting her with the rolling cannon ball. Bayley catches Yim and Dakota hits her head with the trash can lid.

Becky Lynch enters the match and the WarGames officially begins. Lynch completely shifts the momentum of this match, and attacks everyone. Nikki was trying to hit Becky with the garbage can but she accidentally hits Sky. Lynch makes Sky wear the trash can and then hits her with the leg drop from the second rope. Lynch come face to face with Bayley and starts trading strikes with her.

Ripley then confronts Lynch and then hits her with a headbutt. Ripley managed to hit Bayley with the Riptide but Asuka saved the match. Soon, Asuka catches Ripley with the poisonous mist and Becky hits her with the DDT. The moment doesn’t last long as team Bayley was in control again. Bayley hits Becky with Roseplant between the two rings but Asuka saved the match again. Everyone starts climbing to the cage, and when Bianca goes there Nikki hits her with the kendo stick. She then hits Alexa Bliss with the neck breaker. Everyone is down again except Iyo Sky. She climbs to the top of the cage and hits Mia Yim and Bianca Belair with the moonsault. 

Nikki Cross tries to handcuff Alexa Bliss to the corner of the ring, but Bliss ends up handcuffing her with Nikki. She then picks up Cross and hits her with the backdrop. However, Bliss was the one to crash into the trash can. Ripley is finally back and she begins to clear the ring again. She crashes Mia Yim into the ladder breaking it. 

Bianca and Becky take control of the match again as they hit Damage CTRL with their signature moves. They set up a table and puts Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky on it. Becky starts to climb the cage and Bayley follows her too. However, Bianca picks up Bayley and hits her with the KOD to the cage. Becky Lynch hits Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky with the leg drop through the table from the top of the cage to get the pinfall for her team. 

Team Belair earns a hard-fought victory in the first WarGames match.

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