Kevin Owens Helps Street Profit on their RAW Debut

The Street Profits RAW Debut Match
The Street Profits RAW Debut Match against the OC

The Street Profits were able to defeat the OC in their RAW debut match with some help from Kevin Owens on the 21 October episode of Monday Night RAW.

Last week, AJ Styles and the OC started a storyline with the Street Profits- Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Anderson and Gallows were booked for the Street Profits’ debut match on RAW this week. While AJ Styles was supposed to be in The OC’s corner, the Street Profits did not reveal their partner.

During the show, Ford and Dawkins hyped their partner during a segment mid-show and told us that he also hates AJ Styles and his partners. Although, as the Street Profits entered during the main event match, their partner was not with them. AJ Styles took a shot at them asking if their partner is invisible.

The OC used the tag team tactics to take back the advantage in the match time and again during the match. At one point, the referee caught Styles and was booting him from the ringside. Kevin Owens came out to a huge pop and hit the stunner on Styles. With the field level, the Street Profits hit their finisher on Anderson to get the win.

Kevin Owens was drafted to Monday Night RAW during the WWE Draft 2019. It looks like Kevin Owens will now feud with AJ Styles and the OC for the WWE United States Championship going forward.

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