WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 11 June 2019

Backstage, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville hand a stack of ‘Her’ magazines to Ember Moon(who was reading a book) which has Mandy on the cover and mocks her. After they left, Ember lets her anger out on the magazine and trash can. They also tell her that Sonya will face Carmella next.

Heavy Machinery defeated Local Talents(YOLO County Tag Team Champions)

Daniel Bryan & Rowan will take on the YOLO Tag Team Champions in a title unification match. They are interrupted by the Heavy Machinery who ask them for the title match that they were promised. They went on to call the champions- “Elitist Cowards’. Bryan says that Heavy Machinery hasn’t done anything to earn their title shot and tells them to face the tag champions of YOLO County instead.

Otis and Tucker immediately take control. Otis hits the caterpillar before he and Tucker hit their finisher for the easy win.

Rowan gets angry and charges towards them but Bryan stops him.

R-Truth and Carmella are discussing Carmella’s match. When they hear someone coming, Carmella puts Truth in a box which gets locked. Carmella is called up for her match as Truth keeps shouting from the box. Jinder Mahal gets the wind of Truth and mimicks Mella to trick Truth. But he is also unable to open the box.

Sonya DeVille defeated Carmella

Carmella tries to finish Sonya early with a kick, but DeVille fights back. Mella counters her into the Code of Silence but Mandy Rose puts DeVille’s legs on the ropes. Carmella chases Mandy Rose into the ring and DeVille intercepts. She kicks out and takes them both down with a suicide dive. Rose’s second distraction sees Carmella hit her with a superkick before being struck with the knees by DeVille. DeVille then pins her.

Big E Returns

The New Day informs us that this is the actual return for Big E. E jokes that if he had a title run for every return of his, he would be Charlotte Flair. They went on to recall how Kofi has defeated each one of their opponents from Tag Team Match from tonight. Kofi was saying that Ziggler will not be able to run away from him in the Steel Cage match when Ziggler interrupts him.

Ziggler takes us to the recap of Super ShowDown where Woods assists Kofi to get the win. New Day makes face when Ziggler again starts it should have been him. Kofi replies that Ziggler kicked Woods in the face first and Woods merely returned the favor. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens enter. Sami called out the crowd on the hypocrisy and tells them if he would have assisted KO to get the win at Money in the Bank, the crowd would have been booing him.

The promos goes on for sometime and the segment ends with the ‘New Day Rocks’ chants.

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