WWE SmackDown Results 9 July 2019: Finn Balor vs Nakamura

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Roman Reigns is with Sarah Schreiber backstage after we get the recap from last night’s Main event. Roman says he is ready for Dolph Ziggler tonight and does a less spooky version of “Rest in Peace”.

Tag Team Summit

The New Day’s Big E and Xavier Woods come out and start doing some comedy. They joke about three ways and other stuff and say they are looking forward to becoming 6-time Tag Team Champions as the whole New Day could be the champion at the same time.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan come out and say that much like they destroyed Woods and Big E last week, they are going to do the same to them again. Woods questions Rowan, asking him why he always comes out with a new leader – Bray, Harper, and now Bryan – and asks him who his daddy is.

Rowan gets agitated and was going to attack New Day but is stopped by Bryan. Bryan tells them that every time New Day won the titles, its reputation went down and they are not seen anything other than a comedy act.

Tucker and Otis interrupt Bryan and Rowan and remind them how they took them to the limit at Stomping Grounds. Tucker says that the New Day will have to wait to be 6-time Champions, as Otis says they are going to be the new WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions(while gyrating his hips like Big E does). Otis announces a triple threat match between him, Bryan and Woods next.

Otis defeated Xavier Woods & Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match

Bryan rolls out of the ring to avoid his opponents right after the bell. Woods puts Otis in a headlock but he pushes him away and knocks him down with a shoulder. Bryan jumps on Otis’ back and Otis just rams him into the corner. Woods tries to suplex Otis to no avail. Bryan tries to help only for Otis to vertical suplex both of them.

Otis throws Woods around from corner to corner a few times before Bryan comes in once more. Rowan clotheslines Otis and Woods from the apron. Tucker and Big E go after him and shove him over the announce table. Woods run Bryan into a barricade. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick on Bryan for a two count.

Bryan puts him in the Lebell Lock but Otis breaks it up. Bryan hits Otis with the No Kicks until Otis counters and hits a spinning body slam. He counters a DDT from Woods and hits a suplex. Otis hits the caterpillar on Bryan but Woods takes out Otis with a Superkick and then Gorilla Presses Bryan into a Gutbuster. Otis hits a popup body slam out of nowhere for the win.

We head to a backstage segment where Drake Maverick is hiding under the table cloth on the buffet line. Sonya and Rose take shots at Ember. They challenge her to a tag team match next week with a partner of her choosing.

Another promo video from Ali where he talks about how evil only wins when the good stand by and do nothing. So it doesn’t matter what evil looks like, he’s seen them all and fought them all. Every night as a police officer he saw evil amongst the people he swore to protect and serve and amongst the people who swore that same oath. So no monster scares him.

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