WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 7 May 2019

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Who will face Kofi Tonight?

AJ Styles is on RAW now but is using the Wild Card rule to make an appearance on SmackDown. Styles is glad to be back in SmackDown and explains the Wild Card rule. He is interrupted by Sami Zayn. Zayn tells Styles that his toxic ego has gone out of control. They are interrupted by Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Kofi tells Styles that he does not live here anymore and asks him what he’s doing on SmackDown tonight? Kingston and Styles look like they may face off tonight, but Sami Zayn tells Kofi to not offer Styles a shot at the WWE Championship. Kofi says that he is a fighting champion and that he will put the title on the line tonight against Zayn or Styles.

Just announced, Kofi Kingston will face Sami Zayn and AJ Styles in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship tonight.

Andrade(w/ Zelina Vega) vs (Mustafa) Ali

Ali lands a superkick and then a kick. They reach the timekeeper’s area where Zelina Vega’s interference helps Andrade bring Ali to the floor as we head to break. Andrade and Ali are on the top now. Ali hits a Spanish Fly from the top. Randy Orton attacks Ali out of nowhere to cause DQ. Ali rain down punches on Orton but Orton lands an RKO on both Andrade and Ali.

Result – Double Disqualification

New SmackDown Tag Team Champions?

Shane McMahon comes out to crown new SmackDown Tag Team Champions. But before that he wants to talk about The Miz’s attack on him last night on RAW. Shane says that he will win at Money in the Bank. Shane announces the tag team worthy of being SmackDown Tag Team champions and the team is Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Shane was handing out the title belts to them but the Usos interrupt them. They are not happy at Shane McMahon handing over the tag team titles to Bryan and Rowan and demand a match for the SmackDown Tag Team titles. Shane gives them the match and it will happen right away.

The Usos vs Daniel Bryan and Rowan – SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

Bryan and Jey start the match. Bryan gets backed to the corner so Jimmy can tag in and hit a double team. They continue to dominate with a double elbow drop but Bryan kicks out of the pin. Rowan is now tagged in and Jimmy lands a few blows but Rowan gets a big boot on Jimmy followed by a huge splash. Bryan gets the tag again and Rowan and Bryan double team against Jimmy. Bryan goes to work on Jimmy’s left hand before tagging back Rowan. Jimmy tries to mount a comeback by is taken down from a crossbody splash from Rowan.

The Uso have started to build some momentum as we return from the break. Bryan blocks a splash with his knees and puts Jimmy in the Lebell Lock. He rolls Uso to the middle of the ring and it allows Uso to roll him into a pin for two. Jimmy nails Bryan with a superkick. Rowan tags in and both Usos work together to hit a series of superkicks. Jimmy climbs up and hits the Superfly Splash on Rowan for a near fall. Bryan prevents a double splash and Rowan catches both Usos during a suicide dive. Bryan takes out one with a flying knee while Rowan finishes off the other with the Iron Claw for the pin and the win.

Winners- Daniel Bryan and Rowan(new SmackDown Tag Team Champions)

Shane, Miz and the Miztourage!

Shane was about to announce something important about MITB Ladder matches in the ring when the Miz comes out of the crowd to attack him. He beats up Shane as they move up the ramp before Axel and Dallas come to help McMahon. Miz gets better of Dallas and Axel but Shane has got a steel chair by then. He takes out Miz with chair shots.

Backstage, the Heavy Machinery and the new Tag Team Champions have a staredown.

Carmella and Ember Moon vs Fire and Desire(Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose)

Mella takes down Sonya with a spinning headscissor. She knocks Rose off of the apron before Deville nails her with a spear for another near fall. Moon gets the tag and takes control of Mandy. She hits a springboard crossbody but Deville breaks up the pin. Moon avoids the double knee and sends Mandy out of the ring. Deville takes a suicide dive for Rose so she can hit a knee to the head followed by her finisher on Moon for the pin and the win.

Winners- Fire and Desire with a pinfall

After the match, Paige comes out with Asuka and Kairi Sane. She tells Sonya and Mandy that her team is gonna rip through the tag team division and it starts next week with them.

Lars Sullivan is a vicious man!

Kayla Braxton is with Matt Hardy backstage and is discussing Lars Sullivan. Matt tells us that Jeff has had a successful surgery when R Truth strolls in. R-Truth came to tell him something but he forgets it. R-Truth remembers when Hardy mentions Sullivan and says that Sullivan is a vicious man. Braxton looks frightened and runs away as Lars Sullivan enters. He tosses away R-Truth to the corner. Matt unloads on him with punches but he sends him through a door and picks Truth to hit a powerbomb on the table.

Kofi Kingston(c)(w/Xavier Woods) vs AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn – Triple Threat Match, WWE Championship Match

Styles surprises Kofi with a kick to the face after the bell and throws Zayn out of the ring. Kofi hits Styles with a dropkick and a splash before Zayn comes back in. Sami gets knocked back out right away and AJ goes after Kingston with a backbreaker. Every time Zayn comes back in, someone sends him right back out. Kofi hits a splash to AJ’s back for two. Zayn prevents Kofi from hitting Trouble in Paradise. He also thwarts Styles springboard attempt and sweeps his leg to thrash him face first into the apron.

Zayn hits a huge superplex to Kingston for a near fall. All three men are down after being involved in a DDT/SOS combo. Kofi ends up dropping AJ from the apron with Trouble in Paradise. Kevin Owens comes out of the crowd and attacks Woods at ringside. Zayn takes advantage when Kofi gets distracted by this and hits him Kofi with the Blue Thunderbomb for a nearfall. Sami hits another Blue Thunderbomb for another near fall. Sami hits Blue Thunderbomb for the third time but Kofi still finds a way to kick out. Sami lines up for the Helluva Kick but runs right into Trouble in Paradise. Kingston makes the cover and gets the win to retain his title for the second night in a row.

Winner- Kofi Kingston with a pinfall

The show ends with Kofi celebrating his win with Woods at ringside. Woods is selling a shoulder injury after being sent into the steel steps by KO. Kayla Braxton interviews Kofi in the ring. Kofi says Owens is not messing his head and Owens will pay hell at Money in the Bank this Sunday.

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