WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 30 July 2019

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Firefly Fun House

We go to the latest Firefly Fun House segment. Ramblin’ Rabbit welcomes everyone and mentions how he’s Finn Balor’s biggest fan. Balor is extraordinary but he made a very big mistake when The Fiend was unleashed. Finn just doesn’t understand what the Fun House is all about. Bray Wyatt appears and Rabbit leaves. It looks like Wyatt is about to transform into The Fiend, but he doesn’t. He also praises Finn Balor and the segment ends as he laughs and asks to be let in.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Finn Balor

After a few counters, Balor nails Ziggler with a kick and a standing elbow drop for a two count. Ziggler hits an Irish whip but eats an enziguri from the top turnbuckles. Dolph Ziggler hits the famouser on Balor for a two count. Balor regains his momentum and knocks Dolph out of the ring and prepares to hit a dive when Bray Wyatt’s new music play. The lights go out and he appears on the entrance. The lights go out once again and he disappears. Finn turns around and eats a superkick. Ziggler gets the pin and the win.

Ali defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

Ali looks to be in a hurry as he knocks Nakamura out, hits a suicide dive, sends him to the barricade, and hits a senton off the top to get two-count. Nakamura hits a few kicks to gain the upper hand. Ali hits a kick to the face and a rolling X-factor. Nakamura yanks him off of the top rope and hits an exploder suplex. He lines up for the Kinshasa but he only runs into a superkick. Ali goes for the 450 but nobody is home. Naka goes for the Kinshasa when Ali just about rolled him up. Nakamura turns it into a DDT and goes for the Kinshasa once again. Only this time, Ali successfully rolls him up for the pin and the win.

The announcers lead us to a special video package to hype Randy Orton vs. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam, narrated by The Viper where Randy Orton revisit how every time he has come on top against Kofi. And how, if didn’t injure Ali before the Elimination Chamber, Kofi would not have ever got his WrestleMania moment.

The New Day is backstage with Kayla Braxton now. They hype up tonight’s main event of AJ Styles vs Kofi. Kofi Kingston declares that SmackDown is no longer The House That AJ Styles Built, it’s now The Palace of Positivity. We see Big E perform The New Day’s trademark intro as they head to the ring. The OC makes their way after the break. The two stables have a brief quarrel before the match.

Kofi Kingston defeated AJ Styles

They lock up and Kofi puts AJ in a front face lock. Styles gets his foot on the rope to force a break. He scrambles to take Kofi down into a headlock. Kofi hits a springboard dropkick out of the corner but misses Trouble in Paradise. He knocks Styles out of the ring with a clothesline. Anderson and Gallows block him from hitting a suicide dive. Big E and Woods confront them and AJ uses the distraction to take control with a knee from the apron. He throws Kofi into the ring post and then into the timekeeper’s area as we head to a break.

AJ is in control after the break and slams Kofi onto the mat before putting him in the front face lock once more. Styles takes him to the corner to hit a few more strikes. Kofi gets some strikes of his own and hits a tornado DDT off the top. Kofi builds the momentum with a flurry of strikes, flying clothesline and the boom drop. He gets ready for the Trouble in paradise but misses it. He takes down Styles with a kick and gets a two-count. AJ stops the Trouble in Paradise once more but Kofi counters to hit SOS to get a near fall.

Styles nails a knee and an enziguri. Kofi hits a splash to the back of AJ for a near fall but Anderson and Gallows pull AJ out of the ring to prevent the pin. Big E and Woods confront them again and a brawl breaks out. Kingston brings Styles back into the ring and AJ hits him with a fireman’s carry neck breaker. Kofi counters the Phenomenal Forearm with Trouble in Paradise for the pin and gets the win.

Roman Reigns is walking towards Kayla Braxton to announce his SummerSlam opponent. But someone pushed the steel racks on him. So many of the large production crates also come down crashing. The chaos ensues as the cameraman also drops the camera, I guess. Kayla is running and shouting for help. Things settle and it seems like Roman has moved out of the way in time. Some production crew is checking on him now and he seems fine. He walks out as the show comes to an end.

SmackDown 30 July 2019 Quick Results

  • Kevin Owens defeated Drew McIntyre
  • Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated Bayley & Ember Moon
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Finn Balor
  • Kofi Kingston defeated AJ Styles

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