SmackDown Results 17 September 2019

WWE SmackDown Live Results & Updates- 17 Sept 2019 – Page 3

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

Charlotte corners Banks and busts her face onto the turnbuckle and sends her to the outside. Flair gets distracted when Bayley tries to remove the bottom turnbuckle. It allows Banks to deck Charlotte and is drive her into the ring post as we head to a break.

Flair with a kick combo from the apron, a lariat, big chops, knocking Banks down. She catches Banks during a crossbody and hits a fallaway slam. She locks Banks in a Boston crab but Sasha is able to counter for a two count. She levels Charlotte with a right hand but Flair hits a big boot to knock her off the apron. After a failed distraction from Bayley, Flair locks in the Figure Four. Bayley attacks her to cause a disqualification.

Winner- Charlotte Flair by Disqualification

Post-match, Boss and Hug Connection put boots to Flair until Carmella makes the save. Mella superkicks Banks out fo the ring. She shoves Bayley aside and runs her into a big boot from Charlotte.

The Coronation of King Corbin

Baron Corbin comes out after the break to be crowned King of the Ring which is set up with Corbin’s King of the Ring throne and robe. Someone places the robe on Corbin and hands him the crown. Corbin takes the mic and says he knows most everyone wanted anyone but him as the king, but now they realize he’s the king they needed, someone they can believe in. Corbin says if he is not shown the respect he deserves, he will show us that he can rule with an iron fist.

As his first act, Corbin wants to recognize someone. It is his opponent from last night, Chad Gable. Corbin goes on mocking Gable and cracking jokes on how short he is. Gable tackles Corbin into the throne and beats on him. Gable grabs the scepter and nails Corbin with it, then breaks it over his back. Gable destroys everything else as Corbin screams from ringside. Gable rips up the robe next before stomping on the Crown as Corbin could only look from the ringside. Corbin starts crying looking at the destroyed Crown.

The B-Team vs. Heavy Machinery

Tucker and Axel start for their teams. The big man has control for a moment but Axel corners him so he and Dallas can double team him. Axel hits a DDT for a quick one count. Tucky hits a clothesline and makes the tag to Otis. He hits Dallas with a spinning body slam and knocks Axel out of the ring. Bo kicks him in the gut but it just makes Otis dance. Otis hits the caterpillar on Dallas before he tags Tucker so they can hit the Compactor for the win.

Winners- Heavy Machinery

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