SmackDown Results 17 September 2019

WWE SmackDown Live Results & Updates- 17 Sept 2019 – Page 2

Interview with Erick Rowan

A recap of Luke Harper’s return at WWE Clash of Champions to help Erick Rowan win over Roman Reigns. Michael Cole is with Rowan for an interview. Rowan is surprised Cole knows his name. Cole asks why Harper returned at Clash of Champions. Rowan says Cole needs to go ask Harper if he wants to know something about him and this interview is about him only. Cole asks Rowan about the attacks on Reigns. Rowan says they were just done to scare Reigns. Cole Cole accuses Rowan of attempted manslaughter against Reigns.

Rowan does not like Cole’s tone and asks him to lower his tone. No one is allowed to speak to him like that. Rowan says he’s been over-looked, under-appreciated and disrespected. Rowan says people like Cole, Reigns, Daniel Bryan and the rest of WWE may think he’s just some good in the background, but he’s not a puppet. Rowan says he’s not a follower, he’s a leader. Cole asks why Rowan betrayed Bryan after all he did for him. Rowan says Bryan’s biggest mistake was thinking they’re intellectual equals when he is better than Bryan and Reigns, and says everyone will learn to never disrespect him again.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ali

Ali makes his way to the ring for the match against Nakamura. After the break, Sami Zayn comes to the stage and is still wearing his neck brace. Sami mentions being hurt and goes on to talk about demanding respect for Nakamura. Shinsuke Nakamura comes out and Sami talks Nakamura up on the mic as they head to the ring. Ali rocks Nakamura as he gets closer to him. Sami tries to grab Ali from behind and the double team starts as they set Ali up. Sami yells at Ali some more as Nakamura waits in the corner. Sami continues to talk Nakamura up as he hits the Kinshasa on Ali. The match could never start.

The camera shows Kevin Owens walking through the crowd. He takes a seat as we see Shane McMahon watching backstage. A referee walks in and tells Shane that someone is here to see him. He walks out of the office and a man hands him legal papers. You’ve been served, the man says. Shane reads the papers and doesn’t look thrilled.

Shane is Served!!

Shane McMahon makes his way out, holding the papers he was served with earlier. Shane calls for security to come out. He points out Owens in the crowd and security marches over to him. Shane says it’s no coincidence that he was served these papers tonight. Shane calls Owens to come to the ring so they can discuss these papers. Owens comes to the ring. Shane tells security they can leave so he and Owens can do this man-to-man.

Shane says he’s holding the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history, worth $25 million. Shane goes on and Owens interrupts him, telling him to shut his stupid mouth and let him talk. Shane says he barely read the papers and Owens’ case is weak, just like him. Owens says he has a strong case and he goes on about how Shane fined him for attacking special referee Elias. But then Shane attacked him when he was the referee for Shane’s match against Chad Gable.

Shane didn’t get fined and he fired Owens. Owens goes on and gets a “you tapped out!” chant going at Shane. Owens says he’s tried to reason with and fight Shane, he even tried to help him last week, but now all he wants to do is hurt him, and hit him in his wallet and his pride. He has a legitimate case and he can tell Shane knows it. Owens says that the papers also read that when he wins, look Shane in the face in front of everyone, and say: Shane McMahon, you’re fired!. Owens drops the mic and exits the ring, hopping back over the barrier and walking through the crowd. Owens stops on the stairs and looks back at Shane in the ring.

Daniel Bryan is shown backstage before we see Charlotte Flair with Ric Flair alongside her.

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