Friday Night SmackDown 11 October 2019 Live Results: Start of the Draft 2019

WWE SmackDown 11 October 2019- Live Results & Updates – Page 3

The OC vs New Day

The New Day gets on the stage with a breast cancer survivor. They give WWE Title belts to the survivor and her sister. They head to the ring and the OC follows them shortly. The bell rings as Gallows starts off with Woods. Gallows immediately levels him with a big boot. Styles and Anderson end up sending Woods into the steel ring steps at ringside as the referee orders Kofi and Big E out of the ring while Gallows taunts them.

Kofi gets the tag. He brings the fight to AJ with a flurry of quick strikes. He hits the Boom Drop and lines up for Trouble in Paradise. Gallows distracts him but Kofi is able to hit a crossbody for a near fall. Xavier takes out Anderson and Gallows at ringside with a dive. Styles misses a Phenomenal Forearm. They counter each other several times before Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise for the pin and the win.

Winner- New Day

WWE Draft 2019 Round 3

  • Alexa Bliss to RAW
  • Lacey Evans to SmackDown
  • Kevin Owens to RAW
  • The Revival to SmackDown
  • Natalya to RAW

WWE Draft 2019 Round 4

  • The Viking Raiders to RAW
  • Lucha House Party to SmackDown
  • Nikki Cross to RAW
  • Heavy Machinery to SmackDown
  • The Street Profits to RAW

Charlotte Flair vs Bayley – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring as we head to commercial. Back from a break and we get more Draft hype from the NFL on FOX crew with some inside scoop. The stars injured are currently not drafted and will be signed up soon. Bayley comes out for the match. She stops on the stage and her music also stops. Bayley looks deadly serious. She takes her jacket off and picks up an ax handle with blades sticking out of it. She starts slaughtering the inflatable tube men who are part of her entrance. She is leaving the Hugger gimmick.

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