Friday Night SmackDown 11 October 2019 Live Results: Start of the Draft 2019

Welcome to the Live Results and Updates blog for WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode of 11 October 2019(10/11/2019).

  • Date: 11 October 2019
  • Location: T-Mobile Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, US
  • Time: 8 PM EST(12 October July 2019 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)
Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns SmackDown 11 October 2019
Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns on SmackDown 11 October 2019

The episode will see the start of WWE Draft 2019. Many TV celebrities from FOX and USA Network are scheduled to appear at the show as WWE would like to maintain the rating from last week. A blockbuster match between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will start the show tonight but there is little information over how the rest of the show would go. SmackDown Championship rematch is also announced for the show till now.

Some Pyro gets us started with the show tonight. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, before screaming- “Here comes the Big Dog!” Roman Reigns heads down to the ring before Seth Rollins enters. Commentary team announces the New Day vs the OC in a 6 men tag team match.

Seth Rollins(RAW) vs Roman Reigns(SmackDown) – Winner to Get First Draft Pick

They shake hands before locking down. Seth immediately puts Roman in a headlock and gets whipped into the ropes for a takedown. Seth is looking perturbed. Once again a headlock and when Roman tries to get out, Rollins counters into an armdrag and keeps the lock on. They lock for the third time and go to the corner. As they get out of the corner, Rollins rolls him up to get 2, sends him out of the ring but the suicide dive is cut off. Roman goes for the drive-by, but Rollins gets back. Rollins tries to stomp on the apron but this time Roman gets away. These two men know each other too well. Rollins rains some punches and Roman replies with a flying clothesline. Seth goes out for a breather.

They toy for the control over a suplex. Roman finally manages to counter and hits a falcon arrow to get a two-count. Roman goes for the superman punch, but Seth smashes his head onto the turnbuckle. Clothesline sends Roman out of the ring. Suicide dive and springboard knee follow and Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins hits a kick in the gut but the stop is averted. Rollins hits a buckle bomb but Roman comes back with the Superman punch to get a near fall. As they get up, Roman lines a spear which is converted into a pedigree. But he only gets two.

Rollins gets amped up but lights go off. Its the Fiend, and he has emerged from inside the ring to put Rollins into the Mandible Claw. He drags Rollins below the ring as the lights come off. Rollins has somehow come out of the claw and gets out of there. Lights go off once again and the Fiend is shown on the stage now. The match has ended with a DQ win for Seth Rollins, I guess!! And that would mean, RAW gets the first pick??

Winner- Seth Rollins by Disqualification

WWE Draft 2019 – Round 1

War Room for FOX and USA Network team are shown somewhere backstage. The commentary team confirms that RAW gets the first pick before confirming the rules for WWE Draft 2019. Stephaine McMahon comes out to start the draft. She announces the picks from the first round of the draft.

  • RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is drafted to RAW – She is the number 1 pick in the draft
  • Roman Reigns is drafted to SmackDown
  • The OC will remain at RAW
  • Bray Wyatt will move to SmackDown now
  • Drew McIntyre to remain at RAW

FOX team is shown cheering when they get Roman Reigns. Next, we go to the draft panel where Renee Young is with Booker T, Beth Pheonix and a very calm looking Samoa Joe.(Joe is rumored to be injured currently). They will be with us throughout the night.

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