SmackDown Results 10 Sept 2019- Undertaker Returns

Welcome to the Live Results and Updates Blog from WWE SmackDown of 10 September 2019 (9/10/2019).

  • Location- Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, US
  • Time- 8 PM EST(11 September 2019 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)
Undertaker SmackDown 10 September 2019
The Undertaker to appear at SmackDown 10 September 2019 episode

It will be night 2 of WWE TV return to Madison Square Garden with this week’s SmackDown. As Stone Cold Steve Austin was the center of attraction for RAW, the Undertaker will be the one for SmackDown. Also, this will be the last show before WWE Clash of Champions PPV and WWE will need to hit big going into it. Apart from the second semifinal of King of the Ring between Elias and Chad Gable, WWE is also advertising Kofi Kingston-Randy Orton’s story to continue, and Roman Reigns accident saga. For the full preview, please check the below link.

The Undertaker Passes the Torch??

Undertaker’s gong opened the show tonight. The lights go down and his music hits as The Undertaker makes his way to the ring. He heads to the ring and fans are ecstatic all this while. Undertaker takes the mic and says he wanted to come out and absorb all of this since he doesn’t know how many more times he’s going to come home anymore. He continues with saying that the Titans that were born here, the Legends and heroes that made were made, and it’s rewarding for him to know that he took a piece of each of those souls with him.

The music interrupts and it’s Sami Zayn who come out to the stage. Sami calls for the music to stop and starts his promo calling the Undertaker a Legend and that MSG has been Taker’s yard for 30 years. Sami enters the ring and says he has the utmost respect for Taker, however, even Taker can admit that tonight, the show should’ve been opened by Sami. Taker takes another step and backs Sami up. Sami continues that 30 years is a long time and since Taker is paving the way for the future, the future is Sami Zayn.

Sami says he’s here out of respect and he’s here to ask Taker to turn around, and leave the ring while also promising Taker that the future of MSG and WWE will be in good hands with him. Taker nods and hands the mic to Sami. Sami is shocked but excited. Taker keeps walking out of the ring but stops on the apron. He turns around to see Sami showing off like usual. Undertaker returns to the ring and gets in Sami’s face. Taker grabs Sami and delivers a big chokeslam in the middle of the ring. He stands tall over Sami as his music starts back up. Taker makes his exit and stops on the ramp to raise his hand.

Shane McMahon is watching from backstage. Chad Gable walks in and Shane calls him “shorty” and talks about his King of the Ring performance. Shane brings up Elias being injured and pulled from the tournament. He says he will compete tonight, against someone from RAW or SmackDown, and Gable will know as soon as he’s decided on the match. Shane thanks Gable and he walks off.

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