WWE SmackDown Live Results & Updates- 5 June 2020- Jeff Hardy, Women Tag Titles

WWE Women Tag Team Title Match SmackDown 5 June 2020

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates blog for WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode of 5 June 2020(6/5/2020).

Location- WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL, US
Time- 8 PM EST(6 June 2020 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

Jeff Hardy’s Truth

The commentators welcome us to the show and go through the lineup for tonight. We see Jeff Hardy mingling with other people backstage. We cut to the recap of last week’s car accident outside Performance Center, Jeff Hardy’s arrest and him coming back at the end of the show. Hardy makes his way to the ring now.

Jeff Hardy takes the mic and says everyone witnessed something awful last week, the show was thrown into chaos and Elias walked away with serious injuries. He says he pulled up to the Performance Center parking lot, got out of the car but was then hit with something big. When he came back to conciousness, police were everywhere and he reeked of alcohol. He started to question everything he’s fought for in recent months.

Hardy says it’s all good because he is here for a reason and in WWE for a reason. He then tells us passing all tests the police threw at him, and then a witness came in to say that the culprit had red hair and a red beard. Hardy was released and couldn’t wait to get back to SmackDown because we all know who fits that description. He addresses Sheamus and says he will be damned if he lets Sheamus get away with what he did. The music hits and out comes Sheamus to some boos.

Sheamus says Hardy has been blaming others for his problems all his life. Sheamus goes on and accuses Hardy’s fans of lying to the police. He says they are enablers and asks Hardy to admit he was wrong. Sheamus says Jeff won’t do that because he’s not a man, he’s just a junkie. Jeff leaves the ring to attack Sheamus at the ramp. Sheamus gets the upperhand on the stage and beats him down. Sheamus sends Jeff into the Plexiglas barriers over and over again. Sheamus stands over Hardy at ringside as referees check on him.

Otis is backstage with Mandy Rose. They see the cape and crown of King Baron Corbin and Otis puts the crown on for some fun. We cut to Corbin, who is furious about his crown going missing. A crew member tells him Otis had it. Corbin is furious as he heads to the ring for their match.

Otis vs King Baron Corbin

Corbin unloads to start the match. Otis comes back and sends Corbin to the floor. Corbin comes right back in but Otis sends him right back out. Otis follows but Corbin knocks him into the apron and then sends him face-first into the ring post as Mandy cheers her man on. Corbin brings it back in and sends Otis into the corner, then runs out and back in. Otis side-steps a clothesline but Corbin comes right back with a big side-slam for a close 2 count. Corbin keeps control and rocks Otis with strikes in the corner.

Corbin with body shots and more offense in the corner. Otis kicks out at 2. Corbin keeps Otis in the corner and manhandles him some by the neck now. The “fans” chant for Otis now. Otis keeps fighting and looks to turn it around but Corbin kicks away. Otis just takes them and hulks up. Otis starts to mount some offense now. Otis with a big overhead suplex. Otis goes on and hits a corner splash. Otis calls for the Caterpillar but Corbin rolls to the floor. Corbin stalls some as Otis approaches. Corbin grabs a steel chair and sends it into Otis’ gut for the disqualification as the referee calls the match.

Winner- Otis via Disqualificatino

We see The Miz and John Morrison outside in some type of surveillance or production fan. They’re going to mess with WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman tonight. They watch Strowman drive into the parking lot and park his car. Strowman gets out and wheels his luggage into the building as Miz and Morrison watch, laughing at what they have in mind. We go to a commercial.

Back from the break and we see The Miz and John Morrison outside in their van. They talk about how everyone has criticized them since they challenged WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman to a Handicap Match. It comes as no surprise because these same people have doubted them for years. They go on and say Strowman came to work without a care in the world tonight but that’s about to change. They warn that some people won’t like what we’re about to see, some will think it’s low brow and juvenile, but it’s actually strategic. By the time they get to Backlash, Strowman’s life will be a living hell. The camera shows Strowman inside filling up his cup with water but it sends liquid flying everywhere. Was that milk? Strowman fumes as Miz and Morrison laugh in the van. “Wash these hands!” That’s the end of the segment.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Shorty G, congratulating him on last week’s win over Cesaro. Mojo Rawley appears and taunts Shorty. He says we have bigger things to talk about this week, like his boy Rob Gronkowski getting robbed for the WWE 24/7 Title. Mojo picks on Shorty’s height and he’s not impressed. He turns to leave but Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura attack him. Mojo joins in until SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day make the save.

Lacey Evans vs Sonya Deville

We go back to the ring and out comes Lacey Evans. Sonya Deville suddenly attacks her before she can get to the ring, dropping her at ringside. Deville enters the ring and is all smiles as Evans recovers at ringside. Back to commercial.

Sonya goes into the waistlock. Evans tries to stop any move but Sonya manages to slam her into the floor. More action and Sonya is in control. Sonya with a kick to her chest. She picks Evans and Evans counters in the corner. A leg sweep by Evans and hits a few knees from the apron. Evans springboards for a roll-up and they end up hitting the referee in the leg. The referee is apparently injured and calls for some help from the backstage.

Sonya is again in control as we return from the break. She puts Evans in the chinlock. Evans gets up and tackles Sonya into the corner. Sonya with a hair pull slam to take back the control. She bulldogs Evans on the floor and then rakes her head into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Evans avoids a move and runs down Sonya with a clotheslines. They get up and more clotheslines from Evans. Some kicks, running knee and then double knee in the corner. Evans hits the split legged moonsault to get a near fall.

Sonya hits a few forearms and then uses ropes until the referee warns her. A running knee strike in the middle of the ring to get a two-count. Deville is frustrated now. Mandy Rose now appears on the screen and tells Sonya that she is a failure. Sonya shouts at the screen now. Evans recovers and turns Sonya around to hit her with the woman’s right to get the pin and the win.

Winner- Lacey Evans

Back from the break and we get a Matt Riddle vignette. He says he is at the top of the food chain and we will never forget his name.

The Miz and John Morrison are back in their van and they have another prank for Braun Strowman while he’s with Kayla Braxton. Slime falls from the ceiling but covers Braxton instead. Strowman apologizes and says he knows this was meant for him. Miz yells at Morrison for rigging it up wrong. Braxton is furious as she walks off – “Those bastards!” Strowman is also upset as he walks off.

We go to the ring and Renee Young is out with a mic. She introduces her first guest for tonight and out comes Daniel Bryan to a “Yes!” chant. AJ Styles is out next. Bryan and AJ will do battle for the vacant WWE Intercontinental Title on next Friday’s show. The title is on display on a podium in the middle of the ring.

They have some words over last week’s tournament finals. AJ says if Jeff Hardy didn’t interfere last week, Sheamus would’ve won and be where Bryan is standing tonight. AJ says Bryan will call him a coward for taking the bye in the tournament to get to next week’s finals. Renee asks Bryan if AJ is a coward. Bryan says AJ is but they both have different ways of thinking. AJ says he did the smart thing when Renee asks if he took the bye because he’s never been Intercontinental Champion. AJ says he sees himself as a champion, the greatest WWE’s ever had. Bryan is all heart. Yeah he’s doing the right thing but it’s stupid.

Bryan says AJ is trying to get under his skin and it’s not working. They’ve known each other for a long time, long enough to know they both have different world views and views of what it means to be Intercontinental Champion. Bryan says AJ would probably only defend against a select few that he felt worthy. Bryan goes on and calls AJ a coward. Bryan says he would defend the title every single week, whether it’s against a veteran or up & comer. Bryan goes on and gets fired up for a pop. AJ says it sounds like Bryan just wants him to give a hand out, which he doesn’t believe in. AJ believes in earning an opportunity.

AJ says speaking of opportunities, how did Drew Gulak get the chance to be Bryan’s coach, or even work in WWE at all? AJ says that sounds like a handout. If they can’t agree on what their visions are, AJ believes it’s a handout and Bryan believes it’s an opportunity, how about AJ reach across the aisle and do something unexpected – give Gulak an opportunity tonight. AJ knows Gulak is in the back and calls him to come to the ring to get his handout, aka his ass whipping. The music hits and out comes Gulak as AJ and Bryan have words in the ring. Gulak immediately hits the ring and attacks AJ, taking him down. AJ retreats and goes right to the floor as we go back to commercial.

AJ Styles vs Drew Gulak

Back from the break and AJ Styles takes control of Drew Gulak early on. AJ works Gulak over as Daniel Bryan watches from ringside. Gulak turns it around and grounds AJ in a shoulder submission. AJ gets free but Gulak keeps control. AJ rocks Gulak with forearms and kicks into the corner now. AJ takes Gulak down and kicks him in the back. Bryan tries to rally the crowd for Gulak. AJ goes on and drops Gulak with a backbreaker for a 2 count. More back and forth now. AJ runs into a boot in the corner but Gulak runs into a huge clothesline.

AJ grounds Gulak in the middle of the ring now. Gulak fights up and out with shots to the gut. Gulak unloads on AJ in the corner with punches. AJ ducks a shot and chops Gulak into the corner. AJ misses a big right hand into the corner. Gulak comes back with clotheslines, a back elbow and a clothesline to get fired up for a pop. Gulak with a running clothesline in the corner and a big overhead suplex.

Gulak waits for AJ to get up and drops him with a Michinoku Driver for a close 2 count. Gulak takes AJ up on his shoulders but AJ rakes at the eyes and gets free as the referee was unable to see. AJ goes on and drops Gulak with the inverted DDT in front of Bryan. AJ goes for the Styles Clash while staring at Bryan but Gulak counters and stacks him into the bridge for the surprise pin out of nowhere.

Winner – Drew Gulak

After the bell, Gulak immediately goes out to the floor to celebrate with Bryan as a shocked AJ looks on. AJ yells out at Bryan and Gulak as we go to replays.

A security camera and regular camera shows The Miz and John Morrison outside walking over to Braun Strowman’s car. We also see security outside of the door. They walk over to Strowman’s car with weapons in hand. Miz says it’s a good thing he’s been working on his golf game. He yells “fore!” and smashes Braun’s windshield with a golf club. Morrison pulls out a wooden baseball bat and does more damage to the windshield as Miz cheers him on. They celebrate the damage and go back to their van so they can wait and watch the look on Strowman’s face when he comes back out. Back to commercial.

Shorty G & The New Day vs Mojo Rawley, Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

The two teams have words as the bell rings. Cesaro and G start off. G charges but Cesaro catches him and lifts but G slides out for a roll-up 2 count. Cesaro powers up again but G takes him down again. Cesaro levels G with a knee. G avoids the abdominal stretch with a leg whip. Big E tags in but Cesaro uppercuts him. Mojo tags in and levels Big E with a crossbody for a 2 count. The New Day end up turning it around on Nakamura. G tags in and keeps Nakamura down. Big E tags in for a splash on Nakamura. Kofi follows up with a splash from the middle rope on Nakamura but he kicks out at 2.

Kofi runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Cesaro down on the floor. Kofi clutches his leg and sells a knee injury off the landing. Mojo runs over and runs through Kofi while he’s trying to recover. We go to commercial with Kofi back down on the outside with Cesaro.

Back from the break and Cesaro has Kofi grounded in the ring. Kofi fights out but Cesaro slams him over his knee to stop the tag. Kofi kicks out at 2. Mojo tags in and stomps on Kofi while talking trash. Mojo works Kofi over and taunts his other opponents for boos from the crowd. Mojo ends up on the floor but he comes right back in and knocks Big E off the apron while G ducks. Kofi takes advantage and drops Mojo on his head. G tags in and goes at it. G knocks Nakamura off the apron and unloads on Mojo with strikes. Cesaro runs in but G back-drops him and he rolls to the floor.

G with the rolling kick to Mojo in the corner. G charges again with a running neckbreaker. G goes to the top for a moonsault to Mojo but he kicks out just in time. More back and forth. G blocks Mojo’s Hyper Drive and applies the ankle lock in the middle of the ring. G drops down on it but Nakamura runs in with a sliding knee to break it up. Nakamura counters the Big Ending from Big E. Cesaro uppercuts G to break his Sleeper on Mojo while the referee is distracted. Kofi leaps off the steps on the outside to take down Nakamura on the floor again.

Mojo goes on in the ring and nails the Hyper Drive but G still kicks out at 2. G knocks Cesaro off the apron to prevent him from interfering. Mojo tries to capitalize but G ducks and tags in Big E. G leaps out but Cesaro and Nakamura catch him. Kofi and Big E hit the big double team on Mojo while G holds the legs of Cesaro and Nakamura, preventing them from running in. Mojo gets dropped with the double team for the pin.

Winners- The New Day and Shorty G

We see The Miz and John Morrison in their surveillance van again. Braun Strowman comes out and is furious after seeing his windshield destroyed. He screams out about wanting to know where Miz and Morrison are. He asks a security guard where they are and he points to the van. Strowman, still wearing some of the slime from earlier, marches to the van as they lock the doors. Strowman yells for them to get out and starts beating on it. Strowman looks at the camera and says they are dead men. They laugh and think they’re protected by the van. Strowman starts rocking the van and they’re screaming out afraid now. Strowman tips the van up on its side. The camera shows Miz and Morrison falling all over the van as Strowman tips it over. Strowman says they’re not funny, that’s funny. He screams out and walks off as we go to commercial.

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs Sasha Banks & Bayley – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

The bell rings and Cross attacks Bayley to start. Cross goes right to work and tags in Bliss. Bliss slams Bayley to the mat and drops knees to the gut. Cross comes back in for a basement dropkick and a 2 count. Cross sends Bayley into the corner and keeps control. Bliss tags in and mocks Banks, then slaps Bayley to the mat in the corner. Bayley blocks a suplex and talks some trash to Bliss. Bayley rams her into the corner and in comes Banks.

Banks goes to work on Bliss now. Bayley tags back in and slaps Bliss in the face while she’s being held. Bliss rolls Bayley up for a 2 count at one point. Bliss rams Bayley into the corner and tags in Cross. Cross drops Bayley again for a 2 count. Bayley goes to the floor for a breather but Cross stays on her, then sends Banks into the ring post. Cross with a crossbody from the apron to Bayley on the floor. Bayley and Banks end up sending Cross to the floor from the apron. Banks tags in and delivers a Meteora to Cross on the floor. We go to commercial with Banks standing tall.

Banks and Bayley with a big double team to Cross after the break. Bayley covers for a 2 count. Bayley keeps control as Bliss tries to rally for her partner. Bliss finally gets the hot tag and unloads on both challengers. Bliss takes them both down with strikes and a dropkick. Bliss with knees and more knees to Bayley while she’s down. Bliss goes to the top for Twisted Bliss but Banks runs over on the apron. Bliss kicks her away but Bayley uses the distraction to rock Bliss up top.

Bayley climbs up and talks trash, then delivers a Bayley-to-Belly from the second rope. Banks comes in with a running knee to Bliss but she still kicks out at 2. Banks shows some frustration. Bliss turns it back around on Banks, sending her into the turnbuckle. Cross runs interference and ends up dropping Bayley on the floor with a big tornado DDT. Bliss drops Banks on her head with a Sunset Bomb for another close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Cross tags in and goes to the top for a crossbody on Banks. Banks kicks out at 2. Banks crawls for a tag but Bayley is still down on the floor.

Banks blocks Cross’ slingshot neckbreaker.. Banks with a Backstabber after Bayley tags in. Bayley comes in and there’s some miscommunication with Banks. Banks goes to the floor and looks shocked at Bayley as she tries to make Cross submit. Cross gets out and drops Bayley for a 2 count as Banks makes the save. More back and forth now. Banks with the Backstabber on Cross in the middle of the ring. Bayley stops Bliss from coming back in the ring. Cross and Banks tangle on the mat and it ends with Banks rolling Cross up with a Crucifix for the pin to win the titles.

Winners- Sasha Banks Bayley, new Women’s Tag Team Champions

After the match, Banks and Bayley celebrate with the titles as the music hits. Bayley runs around with both titles and yells at the announcers like a fool. Bliss asks Cross what happened and she’s frustrated. Banks and Bayley continue celebrating with the titles. Banks holds her title in the air while Bayley screams about her titles being too heavy. SmackDown on FOX goes off the air.

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