WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 26 March 2019

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Charlotte Flair Become New SmackDown Women’s Champion

WWE SmackDown episode of 26 March 2019 will be live from Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut tonight. Check this blog for complete results and live updates from the show.

1. Another Gauntlet Match

The New Day trio are out. They are quite happy if you consider all the quitting talk they have been doing. Xavier Woods and Big E take the mic talking about how incredible their journey has been for the past 5 years. They now mentioned that they have thought of moving away from WWE considering what has happened with Kofi in the last few weeks, and not just recently but for the past 11 years. Woods then says they can not decide on their future until they get some answers from Mr. McMahon. They called him out and after some waiting, he comes out.

McMahon takes the mic and was about to start but Daniel Bryan comes out and tells McMahon to not waste any time with New Day and let them quit. He called them a stale novelty act that can be created again with any three guys. He reminded that Kofi lost last week, at Fastlane and at Elimination Chamber and McMahon was right about him all along. Xavier calls Bryan hypocrite and they started arguing when McMahon asks everyone to shut up. He talks about all the power of positivity being gone if Kofi quits. He then announces that if the Xavier Woods and Big E can win the Gauntlet match tonight, Kofi can go to WrestleMania.

Backstage interview with Becky. She says that Ronda is the champion and she has won the Royal Rumble but what has Charlotte has done to get into the Women’s championship match and the main event at WrestleMania. Charlotte’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring in her ring gear and tells us she would show what she is to every

2. Asuka(c) vs Charlotte Flair- SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

This is a shocker: Title match out of nowhere. Lock in, Flair throws Asuka to the ropes. They trade wristlocks before Charlotte takes Asuka down, and puts her in the headlock. Asuka reverses it to put Charlotte in the headlock. Charlotte fights out but eats knee in the midsection.

Back from the break, Charlotte is in control and hits a knee at the back of the head. Asuka counters to put Flair in an octopus stretch. Charlotte converts it into the pinning combo and Asuka takes her down after with knees after a lariat. She continues with quick strikes and gets a near fall. More kicks at the back of Flair but she moves away from a hip attack and hits a big boot on Asuka’s face. Asuka avoids a moonsault splash to put Flair in Asuka lock. Flair quickly gets out of it and Asuka hits another kick.

Charlotte with a series of chops and goes for the body slam but Asuka counters in an attempt to pin. Charlotte in unsuccessful attempts for figure four when Asuka lands a huge kick to get a near fall. Asuka goes to the top and Charlotte takes her down with the Spanish Fly to get a near fall of herself. Charlotte is about to weep, she throws some punches before Asuka puts her in the triangle hold. Charlotte converts it into a powerbomb to get another near fall. Asuka tries to put her in another submission move but Charlotte finally puts her in figure four, bridges it to Figure Eight and gets the submission win.

Winner- Charlotte Flair with a submission, New SmackDown Women’s Champion

3. Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

AJ Styles cut a short promo backstage before the match before heading to the ring. They shake hands before locking up, in what would be their first and last match in a WWE ring. Angle hits a German suplex but AJ avoids the Angle Slam and rolls into the Calf Crusher. Angle counters it into the Anklelock. Styles reaches the rope to force a break when Randy Orton appears out of nowhere to hit Styles with an RKO to cause a disqualification. Kurt hits Orton with an Angle Slam before checking on Styles.

Rey Mysterio is with his son Dominic backstage. The Mysterios are confident that Rey will beat Samoa Joe at WrestleMania and become the new WWE United States Champion.

4. Falls Counts Anywhere for the Miz!

The Miz talks about how Shane has awakened anger in him he didn’t know he had. He says he wants everyone to see what he is going to do to Shane at WrestleMania in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Shane’s music hits and a team of security and other SmackDown stars come out and stand before him. Shane comes out and tells Miz that the security is for The Miz to be saved by him.

Shane McMahon calls The Miz as dumb as his father. He says the more he watches video footage of his attack on Miz’s father, the more it makes him feel better. Shane agrees to the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation at WrestleMania. Shane continues to insult Miz’s father. Miz attacks security and then the WWE Superstars who were working as a wall between him and Shane. Miz tries to take them on but the number game was too much for him.

We get a pre-recorded video from the IIconic Duo about being in the Women’s Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania.

5. Xavier Woods and Big E vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson – Tag Team Gauntlet Match-Part 1

Woods with a dropkick out of the blocks but Anderson comes back with some punches. Woods with a superkick on Anderson, Big E puts away Gallow and Woods and E double team to hit the UpUpDownDown on Anderson to get the pin.

Good Brothers have been eliminated by pinfall

6. Xavier Woods and Big E vs Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura – Tag Team Gauntlet Match Part 2

Duck, lariat, duck and lariat and a scissor takedown by Woods on Nakamura. Rusev distracts him and Naka takes advantage. Naka puts Woods on the top turnbuckle and hit a running knee strike. Rusev is tagged in and throws Woods outside the ring. Woods is still being punished by Rusev and Nakamura. Naka hits a knee on his face to get a near fall. Naka with a headlock, Woods fights with some punches in the midsection but Naka prevents the tag and put him in another headlock. Woods takes down Rusev at the apron and hits the reverse neckbreaker. E gets the tag, takes down Nakamura with some belly to belly suplexes and a running splash. Naka counters the Big Ending attempt to send him out of the ring. Rusev gets the tag and E sends him into the steel steps. Nakamura hangs Big E up on the top rope. He and Rusev hit a double team combo but Woods breaks up the pin. Woods with a missile dropkick on Rusev on the outside. Big E avoids the Kinshasa and sends Naka into the ring post, tags Woods to hit another UpUpDownDown to pin Nakamura.
Rusev and Nakamura have been eliminated by a pinfall

BTW, Kofi is backstage watching the match with Becky, R Truth among the other superstars.

7. Xavier Woods and Big E vs The Bar – Tag Team Gauntlet Match Part 3

Both Sheamus and Cesaro are working on Big E as we come back from the break. Sheamus has locked in his legs. E hits some punches but Sheamus tags in Cesaro who started the swing and puts E in the sharpshooter. As E tries to powers out, Cesaro leaves the hold and E kicks him out of the ring. E was going for the tag when Cesaro comes back to prevent it. Sheamus and Cesaro corners E where he sends Sheamus out with a back body drop and throws out Cesaro to finally tag Woods. Woods comes in hits some quick moves on Cesaro and sends him out. Sheamus gets the same treatment and Woods hits a top suicide on both of them at the ringside. Woods takes back Cesaro and hits leg drop but Sheamus breaks the pin.

Cesaro has Big E in the calf crusher, tags in Sheamus who first hits a basement dropkick on Woods and goes for the clothesline from the top but E ducks it and tags in Woods. Cesaro also gets the tag and keeps control over Woods. Woods rolls up Sheamus after some distraction and gets the pin. The Bar has been eliminated.

Sheamus continues stomping on Woods after the match. Big E comes in but is taken down. The Bar takes the table into the ring and sends Big E through it. The Usos are in next. But Big E is down and out. The Usos say that Kofi Kingston deserves a WWE Championship match and that he has earned their respect as well as the respect fo other Superstars in the locker room. The Usos forfeit the match. Daniel Bryan is angry over this and he throws stuff around along with Rowan.

8. Xavier Woods and Big E vs Daniel Bryan and Rowan – Tag Team Gauntlet Match Part 4

Back from the break, it is announced that Woods and Big E will face one more team. Daniel Bryan and Rowan enter and before the bell could ring, they attack both Woods and E. Bryan is focusing on Big E’s left leg and Rowan has taken out Woods at the ringside. Big E tries to fight out at the corner but Bryan puts him in calf crusher. Woods hits a missile dropkick on Bryan, low bridges Rowan and takes him out with a suicide dive. Big E also slams Bryan in the middle of the ring and hits the big ending.

Rowan comes in to break the pin, throws Woods at the barricade, gets the tag but Big x`E kicks out of the pin. Bryan asks Rowan to clear the announce table. Woods hits the tornado DDT on Bryan at the ringside. Rowan goes for the faceslam on Woods but he counters to send him to the ring post. Big E also hits Rowan in the post, hits a clothesline over the announce table and crashes the table over him. Big E comes back to the ring, the referee counts down to 10 on Rowan and the New Day wins the match.

Kofi runs down to the ring and the New Day starts celebrating. Charlie Caruso catches Mr. McMahon as he was getting into his car and asks him as the New Day has won the Gauntlet Match whether Kofi is finally going to WrestleMania. McMahon gives a smirk and confirms KofiMania. Back to the ring, Kevin Owens, Becky Lynch, R Truth, and many other superstars come out to celebrate with Kofi and the New Day.

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