WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 29 November 2019

After the match, Ziggler gets into the ring and attacks Roman from behind. He gets ready for a superkick, but Roman counters with a Samoan drop. Corbin comes in but Reigns blocks him and sends him into the corner. Roode comes in with a scepter shot to the back, dropping Reigns. Roode sets up a steel chair in the ring and puts Reigns’ head on it.

Roman avoids the scepter and nails Roode with a Superman Punch. Reigns is angry after seeing the dent on the steel chair due to the scepter’s impact. He puts Roode him through the barricade with a Spear and throws a desk chair on top of him. Corbin is watching from the ramp as Roman whacks Ziggler over the barricade. He flips over the announce table on top of Roode to end the segment.

Firefly Fun House!!

After the break, Cole and Graves are discussing what just happened with Roman Reigns. They move to Universal Title match at Survivor Series. We get extended highlights from Daniel Bryan vs The Fiend match, leading into Firefly Fun House. Bray Wyatt wishes everyone Happy Thanksgiving. He is thankful for the WWE Universal Championship this year. He says, “Sharing is caring” and since he has one title belt, the Fiend should have one too. He loves his new toy, Universal title and had absolute fun playing with Daniel Bryan. He wants to do it again and asks us if we want that. We need to tell Bryan that if he wants to play again, Wyatt is game for it.

Sheamus gets a pre-recorded promo. He says that SmackDown use to be the land of the opportunity and home to some of the fiercest competitors. In his time outside, he got to see the lay of the land and the current state of SmackDown is pathetic. All he see is a bunch of misfits, cowards, the Fiend, Shorty G, A King, whatever the hell it is. But no one with a backbone, nobody like him. Therefore, its time for the Celtic Warrior to return and ravage anyone who stands in his way. “SmackDown will be mine!”

Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak

They lock up and Gulak hits a hard elbow to the face. They run the ropes and leapfrog each other before Ali nails a dropkick. The commentary team tells us that their feud started on Twitter when Gulak did some Powerpoint presentation on Ali. Gulak throws Ali off the turnbuckle onto his back. Gulak applies a single-leg crab in the middle of the ring. Ali breaks free and sticks him with a superkick for two. Ali hits the 450 for the pin and the win.

Winner- Mustafa Ali

The Woman Wants to Become A Leader!

We see Daniel Bryan pacing around backstage. But we don’t get anything from him and cut right to Sasha Banks and WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley making their way to the ring. Sasha says she is not here for a “Ra-Ra” speech like the one Rollins gave at RAW. She and Bayley go on making excuses about Sunday’s pay-per-view, saying Team WWE NXT is not better. Bayley says SmackDown lost because the entire locker room let them down. The crowd chants “You tapped out” at her. Bayley shrugs it off and tells us that SmackDown lost because of the complete locker room.

Sasha talks about how you are the strongest as your weakest link. But in his case, the weakest link was the whole team. She trash talks all her team members from Survivor Series. This brings out Lacey Evans. She goes on and says it’s time that we get a real woman to be the locker room leader. “Lacey Evans!” chant breaks out as Evans taunts Bayley to tap out. Banks gets in her face and Evans drops Banks with a Woman’s Right. She leaves to the back while Bayley checks on Sasha.

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